Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities (Bass Cover)

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This is a bass cover of Dark Necessities by RHCP from their album 'The Getaway'. Hope you like it & thanks for watching.

Comments from Youtube

Daniel : Flea would be proud !!!

esutamere : 3:20 that slide is giving me life omg

MlgSoundEffects : Audacity is life XD

Mat Williams : Holy crap that right hand in the choruses.. 👌 : you are amazing. listen to you every day. so many emotions thanks and kindest regards from russia

Constanza Reyes : Oh sweet lord, how I wish I had your bass skills! This was way too good. What an amazing cover. Congratulations, Julia!

blindsleep : excuse my French but, damn kid! I've been playing for 20 years and am still trying to get my technique as clean as yours. Keep on grooving man.

John Doe : where were you when flea broke his arm? nice!

izaacwillson : Ganhou um inscrito,Sem palavras para definir a sua técnica e precisão 👏👏👏

Christina Jana : Your parents must be so proud of you. You're a very talented girl.

luis campelo : Contrabaixo perfeito 👍🏽 muita harmonia e fidelidade com a canção!

Moisés Wandscheer : É impossível que não tenha Br aqui Estamos em todo lugar kkkk

Mingasguei : *OMG* This is the best cover of dark necessities in Youtube Congratulations from Brazil

Victor Hugo Lemos : Ficou perfeito!!! Essa música é uma grande motivação pessoal que eu tenho pra aprender a tocar baixo ^^

Francesco Infantino : hi i'm a bass player and i play bass since 1 year without a teacher so i'm not a very expert of this instrument but i can see your talent, 🖒🖒 very good ( and my favourite group arr the rhcp)

Alexis López : U R AWESOME ! Congrats cool Lady

Doge van Wowe : we don't have to worry if anything happens to Flea.

kevin costner : Parabéns...toca muito....

Nick Toussaint : Incredible. I haven't been this genuinely impressed by a music cover in a while.

anathema2284 : Охрененно играет! Не столько сама песня привлекает, сколько безупречная работа пальцев

Ballin'LikeStalin : Why am I here? - Joseph Stalin

leito :v : Very good you play very nice the bass. i don't good, i am new playing the bass I am from Argentina

Tio : Perfect, i already watched it about 4 times, simply perfect. Congratulations, you are a truly badass bass player. Keep it up

Rocio Guibaud : This made me cry, you’re so amazing at this. Never leave the bass, greetings from Argentina!

Maximiliano Lazarte : Hello Julia! It is admirable the talent that you have in the bass. Did you make any changes to your bass? Or do you have it from the factory? I really like the sound you make with it. Greetings from Argentina

Elie Kh : There is a bright future ahead of you in this domain, keep it up, cheers and respect from an older bassist ;)

Esbe Llisimo : Bien pero con un poco más de calma no jales tanto las cuerdas

Vinay Shakyawar : Why the dislikes? Everything was perfect!

MajKičn • [My•Kitchen] : Briliant 👍. You are my bass guitar idol. I really like your style. Continue with that girl😉.

Bokão Sarkis : Linda!! Toca muito , parabéns !

Sebastian Martinez : Your left hand fingers look like legs running

Sidney Vines : How can people dislike this!? It's freaking perfect! Great cover!

Juh : Muito bom, parabéns! Beautiful

Pepper_Doze : RHCP are one of the few bands that use the full potential of the bass (bruhhhh). And you are amazing! Continue with this!

Gonzalo Collao : that was BAD-ASSSS! congratulations! I loved your cover, you're extremely talented 👌👏

John Frusciante : You are amazing!! Very very very good! Thanks and kindest regards from Brazil

Devil's Offspring : Excellent playing! Very smoothly and expertly executed. Love watching your right fingers while playing the chorus :)

Johnny C : Sweet Jesus very nice technique, don’t stop keep going...

João Alberto Benvindo : Excelente!👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Vitoria Gabrielle : Fiquei sem fôlego!!! Parabéns!

dodi apriya : So Amaze by You Little Girl....You give me A Lot of Spirit to play again with my Bass....Thanks

Diego A Sanchez : Greetings from Costa Rica. You are such a great bass player. Keep it up. You are amazing!!! PURA VIDA!

Diana Saldanha : OMG, why did youtube take so long to recommend you? Stumbling onto your so late. You're so good! :) This is my fav RHCP number. You do Flea justice! <3

Jizus : Hey, awesome cover! What is this bass guitar?

Chris Underwood : Wow, what can I say? You're clearly made to play the bass, and you do it effortlessly. You're the most gifted I think I've ever seen. Me and my missus have just sat mesmerised at you. Never ever give up doing what you do. Hopefully you'll get the recognition you deserve. Just wow...

Thom Bradford : You're amazing! When I see you on stage filling in for Flea I'll remember the 298 people who gave you a thumbs down and wonder if living in their mother's basement is working out well for them.

Stephen Pruszenski : I have to ask you two questions. First, how old are you? Second, how long have you been playing bass? You are very good, indeed.

cintia espinoza : Me encanto!!!! Felicitaciones!!! Flea orgulloso de ti 😍rhCP ❤️

Hoi Yat Lit : how do the fingers on your right hand move like that? hahaha great cover though. Love it!