Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities (Bass Cover)

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Recommend : you are amazing. listen to you every day. so many emotions thanks and kindest regards from russia

Mlg Sound Effects : Audacity is life XD

daniB5000 : Wow, you can seriously play. Amazing cover!!! Subbed :D

Stephen Pruszenski : I have to ask you two questions. First, how old are you? Second, how long have you been playing bass? You are very good, indeed.

Matthew Beeler : Slappin' Da' Bass Mon!!!!!

John Doe : where were you when flea broke his arm? nice!

Daniel : Flea would be proud !!!

Pepper_Doze : RHCP are one of the few bands that use the full potential of the bass (bruhhhh). And you are amazing! Continue with this!

Marcio Nobrega : Parabéns

Constanza Reyes : Oh sweet lord, how I wish I had your bass skills! This was way too good. What an amazing cover. Congratulations, Julia!

Doge van Wowe : we don't have to worry if anything happens to Flea.

Ballin'LikeStalin : Why am I here? - Joseph Stalin

Mat Williams : Holy crap that right hand in the choruses.. 👌

Francesco Infantino : hi i'm a bass player and i play bass since 1 year without a teacher so i'm not a very expert of this instrument but i can see your talent, 🖒🖒 very good ( and my favourite group arr the rhcp)

chanyTroll Face : Me enamoré ♡

John FruscianteBR : So... so great, OMG

Eren Krieger : The talent was honestly overwhelming, and the fact that you actually feel the music and aren't only technical about it is phenomenal (most bass players do feel music, it's mostly guitarist that are overly technical without feeling) you're amazing and this is my favorite cover of any song ever

Irvan Sigufi : Good job 👌

Jessica R. : never stop doing what you do. u have talent.

Антон Сеняев : Nice!

zepeda46 : D:

TheSenCost : Nice cover! I have a question about this kind of bass: since the pickup (and the only real place for your thumb) is so close to the bridge, don't the strings feel harder?

marcello junior : hi julia wowowowowowowow you're so amazing oh my god you play very very very well💙💙💙 im bass player too...not as good as you....👍👍👍you're base slaping weigh too good...good job darling

Zach G : Great cover and perfect bass tone!

EN KW : 10+/10

John King : niiiice! puts me in a great mood!!!

P3RFCT : Zajebiste, sam gram :DDDD

LouLou : You Go Girl!!!! I can only imagine the hours you put in'll go far!!! ;)

Sonny Etchell : Great cover! The bassline on this song is so nice

Kasia L : Damn girl got skills

liquidbric : Can you teach me?

Balaj Prasanna : Bossed it!

Pedro Sousa : way better than anna sentina.. that's real groove and playing thank you Julia!

esutamere : 3:20 that slide is giving me life omg

The Gimpy Garage : Really great playing!! I really enjoyed that, thanks! 👍🏻😎👍🏻

Thiago Lins : Hello Julia, I'm your fan of Brazil. You are very beautiful and talented too, I love you!

hello hello : how do the fingers on your right hand move like that? hahaha great cover though. Love it!

MAKI+ : Amazing!!  I want you to cover "Brendan's Death Song" of RHCP...

Paul Lee Dean : Awesome!!!

Ano Nyme! : Bravo! Lâche rien c'est très bien. 👍🏻

Fl*r : You are amazing. MY RESPECT!

Clarice Castanhola : I loved .You are very good, indeed. inspiring me .... ^______^

Alejandro Salazar : You are amazing 👏👏👏👏

Dman Digum : Holy Shit!!

Alwayzsmilin : Awesome cover, very well done!!! Sorry about the 4 haters, this should have zero dislikes.

Антон Сеняев : Nice! You are amazing! I'm in love☺

João Rabelo : very great. congratulations

Zenon2006 : great job!

Lollipop 445 : oh boy you're pretty goddamn good for your age🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Robert Rowlands : !!!!!!! OOoo rahhhh!!!!