Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities (Bass Cover)

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Recommend : you are amazing. listen to you every day. so many emotions thanks and kindest regards from russia

MlgSoundEffects : Audacity is life XD

John Doe : where were you when flea broke his arm? nice!

daniB5000 : Wow, you can seriously play. Amazing cover!!! Subbed :D

Doge van Wowe : we don't have to worry if anything happens to Flea.

Pepper_Doze : RHCP are one of the few bands that use the full potential of the bass (bruhhhh). And you are amazing! Continue with this!

Stephen Pruszenski : I have to ask you two questions. First, how old are you? Second, how long have you been playing bass? You are very good, indeed.

Daniel : Flea would be proud !!!

Mat Williams : Holy crap that right hand in the choruses.. 👌

esutamere : 3:20 that slide is giving me life omg

Constanza Reyes : Oh sweet lord, how I wish I had your bass skills! This was way too good. What an amazing cover. Congratulations, Julia!

Eren Krieger : The talent was honestly overwhelming, and the fact that you actually feel the music and aren't only technical about it is phenomenal (most bass players do feel music, it's mostly guitarist that are overly technical without feeling) you're amazing and this is my favorite cover of any song ever

Francesco Infantino : hi i'm a bass player and i play bass since 1 year without a teacher so i'm not a very expert of this instrument but i can see your talent, 🖒🖒 very good ( and my favourite group arr the rhcp)

Christina Jana : Your parents must be so proud of you. You're a very talented girl.

Matthew Beeler : Slappin' Da' Bass Mon!!!!!

LouLou : You Go Girl!!!! I can only imagine the hours you put in'll go far!!! ;)

Ballin'LikeStalin : Why am I here? - Joseph Stalin

blindsleep : excuse my French but, damn kid! I've been playing for 20 years and am still trying to get my technique as clean as yours. Keep on grooving man.

Jessica R. : never stop doing what you do. u have talent.

Thiago Lins : Hello Julia, I'm your fan of Brazil. You are very beautiful and talented too, I love you!

Billy Martin : This is the best RHCP - Dark Necessities bass cover on youtube. Period Raping the replay button

Elie Kh : There is a bright future ahead of you in this domain, keep it up, cheers and respect from an older bassist ;)

Alwayzsmilin : Awesome cover, very well done!!! Sorry about the 4 haters, this should have zero dislikes.

Devil's Offspring : Excellent playing! Very smoothly and expertly executed. Love watching your right fingers while playing the chorus :)

EnnieOkta : AHHHH-MAZING!!!! you made me want to buy a bass again :DD

Zach G : Great cover and perfect bass tone!

John FruscianteBR : So... so great, OMG

anathema2284 : Охрененно играет! Не столько сама песня привлекает, сколько безупречная работа пальцев

John King : niiiice! puts me in a great mood!!!

omri yagen : Awesome! the best bass cover i've seen for this song.

junior david : Muito bom,Very good

rory clynes : I gotta be honest; I clicked on this thinking 'probably gunna be shit like most YouTube covers' but I'm really impressed. Never noticed how funky the bass is to this... Nice work.

David Hannah : great amazing I loved it that is talent

Bayu Setiaji : Watching you play make me blushing

Nani nikhil : Will you marry me????From india

Gonzalo Collao : that was BAD-ASSSS! congratulations! I loved your cover, you're extremely talented 👌👏

Giorgio Conedera : amazing cover! !!

Yudi Herdiana WCS : Why I keep coming back to this video??

Icaro Silva : This is amazing girl!... I'm Brazilian Guy and liked so much your job!

Dylan Collins : Hey! just a heads up, I noticed you slowed down slightly during the intro, a handy tip I've found that makes it easier is to a) play between the 16th and 13th on the E then to the 15th and 13th on the A, this means you don't have to stretch your left hand so much and b) try resting your thumb on top of the fretboard it'll give you a tone more like flea's in this song and it also makes it easier on the fingers cause the strings aren't under as high a tension as near the bridge! :)

Chatchaphon Cookson : Best bass cover in my heart now, You're so Awesome. do you have Twitter or Facebook Fanpage?

ShubhamMishra1989 : Watched all your videos, needless to say I am spellbound.

Little Amigo : OOooohh you play it so good ! Wow

Elvin Anasta : Great job with tone!

Juan Cho : Talented girl !!

Michelle Galang : _youreeeee sooooo amazingg_

FlakeyJakey : That is one of the weirdest right hand techniques I've seen, great cover btw.

hey abdux Jim : increíble . gracias saludos desde mexico 🇲🇽

Pedro Sousa : way better than anna sentina.. that's real groove and playing thank you Julia!

Sonny Etchell : Great cover! The bassline on this song is so nice