Kanye West Vs. Jonah Hill Connect 4

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bsheehy94 : Imagine Kanye invites you to play Connect 4 with him. Like how many times are you gonna have that opportunity lmaoo

matt kempner : I love Jonah, but from the beginning he makes several mistakes. 1. Jonah sits on the side Kanye is already sitting on. 2. Jonah calls Connect 4 "chess for dumb people" and "a real thinking mans game." Kanye is clearly a big Connect 4 fan and doesn't share these beliefs. 3. The big one. Jonah ruins the connect 4 game by swiping the bottom and allowing the pieces to fall. 4. Jonah leaves Kanye hanging. There you have the 4 connect 4 mistakes of Jonah Hill.

Fichii : IMO making good music isn't about voice/etc. We live in an age where people without a natural good voice can express themself with the help of technology. Making music shouldn't be about talents you were born with. Everyone should be able to express themselves artisticaly, and if people like it. They like it. Why are people so obsessed with "RAW TALENT"

PinkPetalTeaCake : It's like watching someone who died :(

George Bran : “This is like chess for dumb people lmao”

ruffneck168 : +Stefano Pepe Honestly if you are a msuci lover how can you compare how people make music? Are you saying a piano has more significance as an instrument than an electric guitar? How do you think instruments were created in the first place? They were created by people who realized doing things could make a certain sound. They perfected this process until they made instruments the way they are now. Just like how drums can be imitated by hands on hips or on the table. Cmon troll do better. use your logic please. Music can come from anything- the rain drops hitting the ground, tornado or even the chicken crowing. Music is just noise or sound that we find appealling. Music is different to everyone From my understanding using your logic i would say classical music > all other music.

Everlb13 : This is the most you'll ever see kanye smile

hullstar242 : It's his remix of a song and he's just hanging out with friends? Chill out

Cordell Erskine : Back when Kanye was an amazing artist and not an insufferable douche

Asai : My ears bleed

Đéo Ai Được Yêu Em : he tried beyonce and he lost lmfao

Lukas Kiddo : I miss the old Kanye. I miss the sweet Kanye.

Edgar Garcia : this is comical kanye is sooo goooooddddd  /s

Joe McBuckets : Mia I love you

Nicki Mnj : What song

ruffneck168 : +Stefano Pepe then you are not respecting rap enough. its the culture of poor immigrants who amde it to america with no educatio nthat changed their english to the way it is. Like how taiwanese people speak different mandarin than chinese mainlanders. Who is to say which way of speaking is better? Can you? both originated from the same tree but became different because of culture and socioeconomic differences. You think slaves had the ability to learn english? Think again. Also, rappers use slant rhymes which is different from the orthodox children nursery rhymes you hear. slant rhymes are actually harder to make becuase you keep the same sound but totally different spelling. Rappers also mix slant rhymes with their accent of english to create a new flow. Music is about how it makes you feel. Maybe you havent heard enough of kanye west or his old stuff and classic rap. Throughout history of rap you will see slant rhymes being introduced. Big pun did it, and he did it well.

ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤ : Kanye is the definition of arrogance.

GoodmorningCaptain : Kanye looks so happy here...

PHXNTXM : Lol at Kanye queuing his own music just to pump himself up. This video is too cool.

Lloyd Evans : Back when we all love How much of a douche he was 

Heartbreak Spicoli : the fact that this still doesnt have a million views is beyond me

jeevanthi Dahanayaka : It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when these normal people are able to lose weight easily with "Fat Blast Formula" (search for it on google).

mexicanono999 : american definition of cool: laught like an stupid, until you can look more stupid... all americans are cool...

Cisco Sensei : you know this an old video cause there a propel bottle on the table lol

lil bill : Hanging out with Kanye looks like it's as cool as I thought it'd be, but I'd like to just watch him in the studio, damn

RBabiw : Kanye > the world haha

Ceekay420 : Nah...Kanye ain't a narcissist at all!!

Lee Hanyo : I love how he plays the Lollipop remix without wayne on it

yuri lili : i know but kanye is so much better than you.

Bill Cervantes : Ha he was left hanging

Alex : The people ? that being you two. Congrats. Kanye is a self-glorified douchebag. Couldn't care less about what you fanboys think and how many bullshit awards he's won. Kanye West is the Michael Bay of music

DEVROX : lol..yeah, that's why he's always asked to work with radiohead, adored by the band Fleetwood Mac, and has his music sold by millions of people in numerous countries, cultures, along with every demographic in America. the people have spoken..& you just suck

NaturalSelektion : You know white people, leave Kanye hanging on camera.

Shoe Matter : How weird would it be to hang out w/Kanye while he jams to his own music?

chrischimera : how many yes men does kanye need?

animatiz : gay fish

nicholas aaron : lol yeezy making a beat with the game pieces on the table. Kanye, you so crazy.

Alex : LOL! the grammy awards are a bunch of self-congratulatory bullshit. An excuse for the famous sluts to wear expensive jewelry and dresses. Even if he had won a 100, he would still be as terrible as he's always been.

Jeremy Austin : I guess having 18 grammy's must mean your terrible...

Alex : Well that let me try and put it in a different way. I personally can't stand Kanye, I came here because I love Jonah Hill - That's about it.

Charles : lol please dont compare Jb to Mr. West. Bieber is a teen pop star of coarse he's gonna sell, but it doesnt mean he puts out quality music like Kanye. I didnt say you have to like Kanye, but just dont call him terrible if you dont like the guy. No need for shouting this is just a friendly conflict :)

Alex : Justin Bieber is lining up the show around the world too - Does that mean that I have to like him and consider him good? No! Fuck that.

Charles : lol you're talking about Kanye West? The guy with 18 grammys, multi-platinum selling records/albums, and had THE highest critically acclaimed album of 2010? oh yeah hes pretty terrible alright haha. Call him what you you want, but he is anything but terrible dude.

Alex : Kanye is still terrible, so I guess... Yeah

Charles : oh shit is it 2008 still?

goodmusicalldayyy : lol it must be intimidating as hell to play connect 4 against someone while listening to their music :p

jcb291 : JONAH > KANYE

Alex : Gay fish...

yonyLA8028 : Kanye is so fucking awesome he even listen to his own music haahha, so what if he is arrogant sometimes, that makes him unique!! Kanye all day!

horrorfan1231 : 3:26 awkward almost handshake