Kanye West Vs. Jonah Hill Connect 4

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DonRMB : "Kanye, are you in your own house, bobbing your own head to you own music!?" - Aziz Ansari... Haha... Kanye still the man though.

bsheehy94 : Imagine Kanye invites you to play Connect 4 with him. Like how many times are you gonna have that opportunity lmaoo

Shoe Matter : How weird would it be to hang out w/Kanye while he jams to his own music?

Sonny1546 : It's like watching someone who died :(

Fichii : IMO making good music isn't about voice/etc. We live in an age where people without a natural good voice can express themself with the help of technology. Making music shouldn't be about talents you were born with. Everyone should be able to express themselves artisticaly, and if people like it. They like it. Why are people so obsessed with "RAW TALENT"

Cisco Sensei : you know this an old video cause there a propel bottle on the table lol

MrKurtDiesel : OMG kanye tha GOAT

DEVROX : lol..yeah, that's why he's always asked to work with radiohead, adored by the band Fleetwood Mac, and has his music sold by millions of people in numerous countries, cultures, along with every demographic in America. the people have spoken..& you just suck

Lee Hanyo : I love how he plays the Lollipop remix without wayne on it

nicholas aaron : lol yeezy making a beat with the game pieces on the table. Kanye, you so crazy.

Everlb13 : This is the most you'll ever see kanye smile

Heartbreak Spicoli : the fact that this still doesnt have a million views is beyond me

yonyLA8028 : Kanye is so fucking awesome he even listen to his own music haahha, so what if he is arrogant sometimes, that makes him unique!! Kanye all day!

ruffneck168 : +Stefano Pepe Honestly if you are a msuci lover how can you compare how people make music? Are you saying a piano has more significance as an instrument than an electric guitar? How do you think instruments were created in the first place? They were created by people who realized doing things could make a certain sound. They perfected this process until they made instruments the way they are now. Just like how drums can be imitated by hands on hips or on the table. Cmon troll do better. use your logic please. Music can come from anything- the rain drops hitting the ground, tornado or even the chicken crowing. Music is just noise or sound that we find appealling. Music is different to everyone From my understanding using your logic i would say classical music > all other music.

Cordell Erskine : Back when Kanye was an amazing artist and not an insufferable douche

marsdog : i like how kanye likes to make such a spectacle of himself even in the smallest things... it's just connect 4, asshole

TheRoyalFreshness69 : Handshake fail @ 3:27

RBabiw : Kanye > the world haha

NaturalSelektion : You know white people, leave Kanye hanging on camera.

goodmusicalldayyy : lol it must be intimidating as hell to play connect 4 against someone while listening to their music :p

matt kempner : I love Jonah, but from the beginning he makes several mistakes. 1. Jonah sits on the side Kanye is already sitting on. 2. Jonah calls Connect 4 "chess for dumb people" and "a real thinking mans game." Kanye is clearly a big Connect 4 fan and doesn't share these beliefs. 3. The big one. Jonah ruins the connect 4 game by swiping the bottom and allowing the pieces to fall. 4. Jonah leaves Kanye hanging. There you have the 4 connect 4 mistakes of Jonah Hill.

GoodmorningCaptain : Kanye looks so happy here...

Emma Daniel : Kanye's such a cutie in the video!

PHXNTXM : Lol at Kanye queuing his own music just to pump himself up. This video is too cool.

Erika McQueen : I beat you! Where diagonaly! Pretty Sneaky Kanye.

ricerice : @ 2:04, they both raise their hands to their faces. SAY WHA?

ACB Films : "this is like chess for dumb people" lol

Joe Stevens : chess for dumb people haha.

darksylux101 : he a GAYFISH!!!

Nicki Mnj : What song

rickjames21 : Notice how Kanye naturally gets into doing beats while playing.....

ProducShuns : lol kanye's like a fucking little kid, gloating cause he's winning at connect 4 LOL wow.

hullstar242 : It's his remix of a song and he's just hanging out with friends? Chill out

0194D : @workpleasecomeon Lol, good one, you must really be on his dick to think of this one

marsdog : jonah just called kanye dumb. hahahah!!

Dale Davis : it would be better if it was diddy. "MIND FUCK!"

Paperbagman555 : Jonah is mad!!! And i saw Kanye live he was fantastic!!!!!!

GaffoGuitar : @MrHEYmrWO Haha I didnt hear that bit the first time around. Kanye knows whats up! Legends! :)

GaffoGuitar : 3:27 Handshake Blank! Ouch! Jonah Is The Man!! :)

Ceekay420 : Nah...Kanye ain't a narcissist at all!!

Shaniqua Hitler : wow kanye even acts like an asshole when he plays connect 4. How big is the dudes ego. I mean shit hes talented but his arrogance kinda ruins it. most greatness comes from modesty.

Bornfly_24 : Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan look alike when they have beards

Mark Thomas : @Nernest7 haha classic

Bear : Kanye's laugh cracks me up.

RyML1fe : forward, but the whole point is to get skilled enough as a rapper to where you can tell a story or express yourself and rhyme. within hip hop thats really the goal as an mcee. i'm not trying to get you to like kanye and there is nothing to i can do if you dislike the music or his use of language. my point is just because you don't like him or his music doesn't mean it's bad. his music is full of live instrumentation. not sure if you're a musician how you negate that. have a good one!

RyML1fe : love, religion, self-doubt, the excess, the vanity...ultimately being unsatisfied by high society. Kanye writes all of the music and lyrics for everything he does. you can't just assume that all popular music is plastic and without merit. I love tool! but tool isn't anymore of an artist then kanye is. whether you like the guy or not or hip hop/pop is a whole other thing lol but he is actually one of the artists who in conscious about the state of pop and has stated that hes unhappy...

RyML1fe : @Motherfuckeronerrrrr true, there are those that don't write their own music or lyrics, most notably winners of american idol which i like to refer to as "american karaoke" and of course teeny bop bullshit, but i feel you're a bit misinformed when it comes to kanye. hip hop has always been injected with bravado. this comes from Mcees trying to outdo or outwit each other on the the mic, and is still in the music today. Kanye may talk about the fame and the girls, but he's also talking about...

RyML1fe : with what it has become. Kanye had three grammy award winning albums before he even messed with autotune. he didnt need autotune to be successful like many. when he wanted to do a pop album after his mother died to express the pain from that he used autotune. i'm a musician myself and i can tell you there isnt a modern artist alive who hasnt used autotune in the studio in editing to shift the pitch. thats an industry standard. its easy today to lump all the pop into the shit box, most of it is!

RyML1fe : @Motherfuckeronerrrrr so because a band has a certain style and likes to use odd time signatures they are more of an artist? you've turned it into a pissing match between tool and kanye. My points have nothing to do with tool. you can't rate genres. you obviously have your preference and that's great. you say he's restricted to rap, if that was the case he would never use autotune. he made a whole album where he's singing. many rappers often dont rhyme when they want to say something...

RyML1fe : @Motherfuckeronerrrrr i'd call you an ignorant twat but your comment says everything. somewhere along the line, perhaps because of boy banders and teeny bop crap, 'pop' has this negative connotation. the whole point behind 808s was to make a pop album about something real, like love and pain. god forbid people make albums about their feelings! and that album was back in 08, his new album is a return to hip hop. the song in the background isnt even his, its a remix of lil waynes lollipop.