I Got 4 Awful Steam Games for $6

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Diddle : Should I get a P.O. box?

TMJBtv : Eventually Microsoft will sponsor him and he'll be able to activate Windows

tomatoanus : Activate Windows

Josh Domfree : activate windows

ShadowXgames 360 : I want a video of just ads would be great.

Lucas Paris : Dirt 3 was also free on PC

kajacx : Just because steam says "2011" it doesn't meean the game came 2011, it can be the year of the game being added to Steam. Wrong release dates like that are actually a big problem on Steam.

Wowy : For videos like these you should check the player base on each game using steam charts will be cool to see.

Proof303 : Dirt 3 was free on PC for like a month

TeilungDurchNull : Hi Diddle, I really recommend you reconsider using g2a at all. This site has been reportedly selling stolen keys or keys that were purchased with stolen credit card details. It's basically a really big scam that is going on there. LevelCap actually did a bigger background check and report on the site which you could check out to find out more.

Tom Franco : As usual they are all games that were given away for free at some point. You should just buy a bundle from HB, fanatical or indiegala and review the games in there. Fanatical today has some mystery key bundles, those might actually be worth it based on the platform.

BorbingoBoy : Yeah, DiRT 3 sells for about a dollar on G2A so it isn't really an expensive game, but it somehow was a bargain after all, since the price for the case opening keys was less than that. If you want to know why the price is so low... Well, it was pulled from Steam's store, yet keys for the game still appear to float around in big amounts. But it sure is a bargain for how good the game is, you cannot deny!

Kirito : You probaly should... *ACTIVATE WINDOWS!!!!!*

Orion's Glasses : AcTiVaTe WiNdOwS

HGamerYT : i can give u 10 keys for 2 $ and lets see how that goes

Kescarte DeJudica : Hey, definitely please do make another video on this site in the future! I could see some interesting potential here.

DIABOLIK : do you want a code to activate ur windows ?

Jackson Ennis : 4 awful games = 3 recommendations clickbait much

noes noes : "I bought 1 steam game for $100, lets see what happens"

mr pro : Here, have a WIndows key: herobrine.com (sorry for weird website name, i made it back in 2012)

Pepperoni Secret : Dirt 3 was given away for free on Humble Bundle a while back. Definitely not worth $30.


blepblops : AcTiVaTe WiNdOwS

ProbablyAPug : MORE OF THE G2A

Ragingmoose : "i litteraly can't make it fullscreen" when theres a on/off fullscreen setting RIGHT THERE 3:52

LAB Gaming : Love your vids, real fun to watch and your humor is the best.

DasMaffin : Activate windows bruh

Lil Rice : It's sad to see that you didn't see the full screen button at the start

LekkurGamuh : Remember what the bibble says! It says bibble

Nerd : why do you have minecraft installed on your pc

jok3xxxd : Just wanna say that dirt 3 is isn't worth alot it was free on humble bundle for a time so everybody took the keys and sold them its worth like 95 cents on the g2a store

Karim Wagner : Dirt 3 was also free on humblebundle

Muffinski : Mystery keys are actually just Steam slot machines in disguise

vizthex : Meanwhile I got a game that doesn't exist for free

Cab Fish : 7:51 Why does it get so HARD (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Manan shah : Why you salty you got 30$ game for 6$ <3

Ranxz : 6:33 hmmm very interesting empty folder you got there...

GC__07 : See you in 6 months.

PeraPvP [GD] : Just activate windows plz

CarlusSilva : What is the name of that music at the end of the video ?

BEAR : *A C T I V A T E W I N D O W S*

TreeTrap : Activate Windows my guy

Transexual Dinosaur : Make a video where you buy W I N D O W S.


Vekrokrim : Activate Windows

Roblox MASTER! : #Activate Windows

Corrupt Phobos : Oh hey. I'm early for once, yeet

PieStar : Ayy he is back. The Legend Returns

Scylla IsSpooky : GUNSPELL was free and dirt 3 was free too :DDDD

Transexual Dinosaur : I got Dirt 3 for .80 on Kinguin a couple days ago. You got played.