The Guy Who Never Left His Hometown (pt. 2)
The Guy Who Never Left His Hometown pt 2

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Isaiah Robinwood is back on his home turf like he never left, probably because he never did leave. Part 1: Follow me on social mediasssss: Filmed by: @RyanTheLeader Book me for a shoutout: Listen to my weekly podcast Stiff Socks on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & YouTube! #TrevorWallace #HometownBro


Maurice Copeland : He drew a chin strap on his yearbook photo lmao

Beach Head : this is so terrifyingly accurate im starting to think we know the same people

Eric Chrisman : These guys still go to highschoolers parties and try to get laid

What do the 5 fingaz say to the face? : "She wrote *HAGS* in my yearbook. Think i should still hit er up?" 😂😂😂😂

Lone Wolf NWJ : Dudes like this always want you to check out their new stereo system, while simultaneously slipping their mixtape in the rotation.

Tyler Okray : These guys still sit in the student section at every football game

Bill Anderson : This is so good, but so depressing at the same time.

Sweswio : Guys that show up to football games 10 years after they graduate

Hunter LeClear : i know we used to be friends bro get over it, happy belated birthday i guess tho ✌️

Mitchell Moore : *Finally hits cup with football, "still got it". The same guy goes 1/10 from 3s in a pick up game but yells "wet" the one he hits.

Scotty P : “I remember my first DUI” lmao

Alyona Doar : Me: *reads the title* “Oh no...” Also me: *reads “(Pt. 2)”* “OH NO”

BrownGirlLifts TV : “Jk their SWALLOWS coz thats what your girl dooooooeeesssssss” 😂😂😂

canceracar : Seriously, I know so many of these chads. It’s actually depressing how accurate he is

kingofthekeysXBL2 : “Yo those Granny Smith’s be hitting” I’m deadddd lmao

Dubski : “Thinking ab starting my own clothing company, young and wreckless.” *puts entrepreneur in bio*

john : It's finally "seniors breaking up with their sophmore girlfriends" season

Straight Savage : “Yo those Granny Smiths be hittin” 😂😂💀

Danny Ghafouri : Mirror image of every dude from Camarillo 😂

Holygiant : "You said Eminem AND Logic made a track?" Too damn topical.

Nico B : “Today we welcomed in our four... fifth child”😂

alexjavi13ify : Every frat bro after they get kicked out of college and are in debt

YamaAgni : "You said Eminem *and* Logic made a track!?" 😂

Adam JJJM : When he pitched that PHAT vape cloud 😂

Alex Smith : I can’t believe there’s a part two lmaooo I hate how accurate this is

Coy Goy : These guys are always on house arrest but smoke anyway.

Daniel G : 0:43 I looked up fistpack and I will regret it for the rest of my life

Abandon Reality : "You think that's bad? You should have seen what I did to my garage door when ICP sold out."

GodsOfGaming : "I used to throw heaters back on this mound, tball champ my du-ude" Comedy gold


Iconic Queen : Like this so Trevor sees he forgot to shave off the outline of his face

BuBu : "18 more days haha see you in 2 weeks"?? 😭

YamaAgni : A part 2? Yesss Now if we can only we get a part 3.

Cody Krell : Tech n9ne shout out! Hell yeah! KCMO

Burpo Stockings : The same dudes that walk right into traffic and then try to fight you when you almost hit them. Hahaha this video is priceless

DM 7 : Shouts to Travs dad for rocking a 805 beer shirt 👀

Chris Orlando : I was going to comment about how I was the butt of one of the jokes in the first 30 seconds, but then two more jokes were also directed towards me while I was typing the original comment. I'm just going to stop before a chinstrap starts growing.

oK : You bring an apple to blaze out of😂

Bloo Balls : Flipping off the cops had me dead lmfao...these 21-25 yrs old need to move out of town, split a room with two other dudes..and learn to save for that downpayment like everyone else

CanadianSheep 98 : 18 more days? *Alright, see you in 2 weeks*

hardnewstakenharder : Bro why'd you do my boy Immortal Technique like that.

Josh and Zach Stam : “Yo those Granny Smiths be hittin” 🤣

MartinWaves : *Yo you said Eminem & Logic made a track........drops phone lmao*

Xia Martin : why I needed to leave Sacramento, California. 👏

Supaflyy Owen : “Ya know life’s like a bird u either get bread or u get bread” 😭😭😭💀💀💀

Angelo Jones : "Thomas the Dank engine" lmao😂

Phantom Reaper : Nah tech n9ne is the goat and dance with the devil is one of the best rap songs ever. Source: all I do with my life is listen to music.

Jesus Christ : "Yo, my girl just got hired at Mary Kay!" lmao

Rik Jones : The Immortal Technique bit was put in there to specifically attack me