Preston walks out on buzzcocks

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Preston from the ordinary boys walks out in the middle of nevermind the buzzcocks after Simon Amstell makes fun of his wife so bill bailey finds a lookalike from the audience.


Totally not a pineapple : I guarantee that Ed's mates all saw this episode and they all call him Preston now.

SpaztallicA : "Oh no we can't lose preston"

Hussykhera : Preston should be glad frankie Boyle wasn't the host

Elle Brown : The man goes on in a sequinned cardigan and didn't expect mockery

MrJaynash : "The photoshoot was for the Daily Mail which made me feel really posh and upmarket" hahahaha if you're gonna say something like that you deserve to get slammed on tv

Bill Proud : How can somebody wearing a horrible glittery cardigan like that not have a sense of humour??

Scion of Madness : I think the moral of this story is that nothing of value was lost.

Shadow Films : “I only read his girlfriend’s book” “That’s his wife’s! “I only read his wife’s book”

Richard Spikman : No one is smarter, or more brutal, than a British comedian.

Dennis Reynolds : I guess he thought he's been voted out! Hahahhahahahahahahahaha

HeatyFrog : It's true that taking the piss out of his wife isn't the same as taking the piss out of him, but you can tell he has no sense of humour when Simon makes the joke about his band at the start

JasonKingDYG : Bill's wit was really what made this show so great.

silveryblizzard : the guy who replaced preston looks a lot better anyway.

Jez Creed : The bloke from the audience was more entertaining than Preston........And who actually remembers the ordinary boys?

Messylin : Preston's replacement was charming and handsome.

cremilar : I think they should bring Ed from the audience back as a special guest some day

o--Kane101--o : Bill Bailey saved the show.

Pallum13 : Wow, British Paul Rudd is really annoyed at British Jesse Eisenberg

EpicPanda111 : If you can't take a joke then why on earth would you go on a panel show? Like, had he ever watch the show before?

Ben Knight : little did that random guy in the audience know, his life was going to change forever

coolsomeXD : "Daily Mail made me feel really posh and upmarket"

Brother Bungle : "The photo shoot was for the Daily Mail, which made me feel really posh and upmarket."

Jayfive276 : ...and he was never seen again.

alastermyst : I have no idea what that Preston kids problem was, but I like his replacement better. Can we just replace Preston with this guy permanently for everything?

Plastic Planet Productions : I've never seen this show nor heard of any of the celebrities (except for Paris Hilton) and yet the jokes they make are hilarious. Good comedy :)

Aled Long : Preston, your replacement was better...

Nosaj : I only read his girlfriends book.... ...oh ...i only read his wifes book

Jack Bizzell : People gotta stop defending Preston. His wife just got slammed on tv by Simon Amstell and instead of defending her he stomps off like a child having a tantrum. He deserves all the piss taking.

Impuhlz : Man, British Jesse Eisenberg totally roasted British Paul Rudd...

JD21 : Weird he can't take a joke when his wife literally is a joke. Famous for pretending to be famous...

Cody F : jesus I'm going deep into british youtube today it looks like.

Trickbop : "You cant go on Big Brother and get away with it" Lol

Paul Casey : Who is Preston

Ian Brookes : i really want to know some more about eds life since he was forcibly dragged on to a tv show

hypnocilicdreams : I remember watching this when it aired. It was brilliant

bobbiwib : Love how this is still raking in the views in 2016!

Benajmin Evans : ed byrn looks unbelievably like john lennon at 2:46

Tom Cole : Simon is savage

Josh P : lex luthor did well for himself back in the day... quite the funny man

HostDisorder : I can't tell whose less talented Preston or his hole of a wife. Really, they were made for each other, empty vessels with strong egos.

Goldenshark 14 : He wouldn’t have stood a chance if Frankie Boyle was hosting.

Planetanitaac : The non-famous one was much better, funnier, and better looking!

Kyle Armstrong : Its cold day in hell when you get roasted by an average joe plucked from the crown by bill bailey. Preston you nobhead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Crave88evarC : "oh no we cant lose preston" XD

Dantay : Jeez he is a terrible sport!

Mischa : How can you not love Bill Bailey? xD

Harvey Jones : The Preston death stare will forever haunt that studio

Serpico's Beard : Haha this is so brutal.

Josh France : Bill Bailey to the rescue.