What Are You, Retarded?

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juhabaka peci : "Don't laugh at that" seems like one of norm's trademark punchlines. The shaming of the guest and norm's hypocrisy is Gut wrenchingly hilarious.

James Jones : I love this dude ✌

Yan Yurko : don't laugh at that...

k9 aid : Norm on Curb your enthusiasm please

Lks Hom-vidya : lol god... his face of "genuine" disgust @ 0:56

Anderson Lee : I am so grateful every night i get to watch a new compilation from this channel

Crangis McBasketball : I have yet to find a state of mind, no matter how dreary, when Norm can't make me laugh.

Pütin Madamir : "But what arw you down syndrome" thats one always gets me

ChiliConQueso : I've never seen Larry King lose it like that.

White Boy : Doctor retardo kills me everytime

Will Ramsay : I feel like the current gen loves Norm all over again, he's almost as popular as he was in the SNL days. Love ya Norm

Emin Kerim : I'm not retard but I love bananas, they're yellow

H Belton : This is one of my favorite compilations yet

Jakov Spahija : HAH?

33skoalbandit : They plan to marry on Retard Island

Jakob Huber : TRIGGERED R I G G E R E D

Nick : That's hard coin

NEELSAN76 : This made me laugh. Does that make me retarded too? Probably not because I wrote "too" instead of "to" or "2".

Burnie66 : Gold.

1113 Cntrl : Holy shit that Capricorn bit was gold

WonderfulWino : I bet Board is spelt B-O-R-E-D

james darmody : This is so damn funny. You make great highlight reels. I love watching them.

Yuric Hunt : Norm MacDonald = pure unadulterated comedic genius

Ultra Lord : There's one that's not in the video when he goes on Howard Stern https://youtu.be/ZDF8gtbk47U at 5:15

An0nym0us9001 : Norm is the man!

GreedAndSelfishness : Why is it that comedians age like fine wine. I like Modern Norm way more than past Norm.

Ronnie Darko : You know, if you laugh at this, you're probably going to hell. Like me.

Goran Arenas : Who is the guy that appears in minute 1.41 ive seen him before but dont remember where

Lucky Man : 4:26 that gesture is fucking brilliant! My face hurts from laughing.

Ray Der : I should buy a box set of Jim Carrey dvds, and upload themed clips under the name I'm not Jim.  I could make some money off another person woot!

Wide Willy : I’m not norm can you find the John Wayne in the passion of Christ movie joke I can’t seem to find it maybe you know? Thanks

jaim haas : What is the purpose of this younger guy that Norm has with him on his show...doormat? He adds absolutely nothing to the show.

Hempenasphalt : I love you Norm!

dot mo : triggered

Jason S : I love norm

Henry V of England Heir of France : We live in a strange era. These days comedy is merely say g what you’re not suppose to. In the past it actually had to be thought about and well wrote. Now just saying “911 was a national tragedy” or, “Are you retarded”, passes off as funny.

Eye Sees You : hilarious

White Boy : And the bucket list one

Mush Room : The funny part starts at 4:40

Angel Arevalo : I'm naming my dog syndrome

solar clapson : "Retard Island".

Chester T. Moneybaggs : I'm a Normaholic; I'm addicted to Normahol.

Options Specialist : Hahahahaha.

John NoNameGibbon : Hey, guys, I'm getting married next week. I plan to marry on Retard Island.

Kelly T : My dogs first name is Grrrrr,first name nig.When he misbehaves I call him by his first name so he knows he us in trouble.

littleteethkeith : Norm rules

Andrew Milner : This is so sad and truly woeful!

Retard : Yes

CODPOV : This must be an Adam Eget Highlight reel

Mrius86 : A Norwegian radio show got in some hot water when they discussed if people with Down's Syndrome were hornier than other people. A father to a kid with Down's said he refused to listen to the show anymore. And the radio show host had to apologize. I don't want to sound mean or anything, but this father who said that, that guy's a real jerk.