What Are You, Retarded?

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I'm not Norm : Subscribe to my Don Rickles Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe-IpCdcY7Juh6XsJtfj9iw

James Jones : I love this dude ✌

juhabaka peci : "Don't laugh at that" seems like one of norm's trademark punchlines. The shaming of the guest and norm's hypocrisy is Gut wrenchingly hilarious.

Yan Yurko : don't laugh at that...

Will Ramsay : I feel like the current gen loves Norm all over again, he's almost as popular as he was in the SNL days. Love ya Norm

k9 aid : Norm on Curb your enthusiasm please

Lks Hom-vidya : lol god... his face of "genuine" disgust @ 0:56

Pütin Madamir : "But what arw you down syndrome" thats one always gets me

ChiliConQueso : I've never seen Larry King lose it like that.

Crangis McBasketball : I have yet to find a state of mind, no matter how dreary, when Norm can't make me laugh.

littleteethkeith : Norm rules

Emin Kerim : I'm not retard but I love bananas, they're yellow

psa9819 : First. And no I am not retarded

White Boy : Doctor retardo kills me everytime

Computationally Invariant : HAH?

33skoalbandit : They plan to marry on Retard Island

Nick : That's hard coin

H Belton : This is one of my favorite compilations yet

Jakob Huber : TRIGGERED R I G G E R E D

NEELSAN76 : This made me laugh. Does that make me retarded too? Probably not because I wrote "too" instead of "to" or "2".

WonderfulWino : I bet Board is spelt B-O-R-E-D

Yuric Hunt : Norm MacDonald = pure unadulterated comedic genius

james darmody : This is so damn funny. You make great highlight reels. I love watching them.

1113 Cntrl : Holy shit that Capricorn bit was gold

quick response : I love lazy ass jokes

GreedAndSelfishness : Why is it that comedians age like fine wine. I like Modern Norm way more than past Norm.

Burnie66 : Gold.

r strot : When is Norm Macdonald Live coming back!? I'm so late to the party

nick : Watching Larry King lose it over that joke gets me every time

Henry Swanson : What's better than winning silver in the Special Olympics? Not being retarded

RogerTHFC : Nick Swardson's delivery is second to Norm's

Luke Gazda : The jokes that make you feel bad for saying it, are the best kind of jokes.

An0nym0us9001 : Norm is the man!

Aaron Bradbury : The way he throws his hands up and motions at her then leans back in his chair in the last clip is one of the most inexplicably funny things I've ever seen. It makes me laugh every time and I don't know why.

HardRockMiner : Omg I forgot how much I loved Courtney Thorne Smith. Hubba hubba

Matt H : I can‘t believe they elected Michael Jackson as pope! Awesome!

Ronnie Darko : You know, if you laugh at this, you're probably going to hell. Like me.

Goran Arenas : Who is the guy that appears in minute 1.41 ive seen him before but dont remember where

Wide Willy : I’m not norm can you find the John Wayne in the passion of Christ movie joke I can’t seem to find it maybe you know? Thanks

JessiK : Norm makes fun of the handicapped, the mentally disabled, different ethnicities, I mean, This guy's a real JERK!

Ray Der : I should buy a box set of Jim Carrey dvds, and upload themed clips under the name I'm not Jim.  I could make some money off another person woot!

studiousstudent1 : I'm going to invent a bunch of tiny Adams that you can use to vacuum seal your food cuz nothing sucks the wind out of a room faster.

nixter : Are his hands small or is his face huge? I am having difficulty with scale here. It looks like he can fit both his hands in his own mouth. Maybe he should have been an obgyn. Maybe his hands are huge and he is 8 feet tall?

Hempenasphalt : I love you Norm!

yosemitesaddam : A little unsensitive I guess

jaim haas : What is the purpose of this younger guy that Norm has with him on his show...doormat? He adds absolutely nothing to the show.

JessiK : One of my major regrets in life is simply not realizing norms genius years ago.

cvt cvt : Who's Michael Jackson?

karl jonson : I'm so happy it's a compilation.

Eye Sees You : hilarious