What Are You, Retarded?

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Lazarus Agrapides : "The Guinness Book of Fucking Retards!" How can you NOT love this fucking guy?

juhabaka peci : "Don't laugh at that" seems like one of norm's trademark punchlines. The shaming of the guest and norm's hypocrisy is Gut wrenchingly hilarious.

Yan Yurko : don't laugh at that...

Christian Gray : Fuck like a god damn retard

psa9819 : First. And no I am not retarded

Anderson Lee : I am so grateful every night i get to watch a new compilation from this channel

Fluoride Jones : The funniest part was at the very end, when, after Norm made fun of the "fat retards" who take pictures of the Melrose Place restaurant and everyone seemed uncomfortable, he just, kinda, does an arm motion, as if he's saying, "Here, Conan, take it away!" Fuckin' legend.

James Jones : I love this dude ✌

k9 aid : Norm on Curb your enthusiasm please

Lks Hom-vidya : lol god... his face of "genuine" disgust @ 0:56

Jakob Huber : TRIGGERED R I G G E R E D

White Boy : Doctor retardo kills me everytime

quick response : I love lazy ass jokes

H Belton : This is one of my favorite compilations yet

33skoalbandit : They plan to marry on Retard Island

Jakov Spahija : HAH?

Emin Kerim : I'm not retard but I love bananas, they're yellow

Burnie66 : Gold.

NEELSAN76 : This made me laugh. Does that make me retarded too? Probably not because I wrote "too" instead of "to" or "2".

Ultra Lord : There's one that's not in the video when he goes on Howard Stern https://youtu.be/ZDF8gtbk47U at 5:15

Nick : That's hard coin

james darmody : This is so damn funny. You make great highlight reels. I love watching them.

Ronnie Darko : You know, if you laugh at this, you're probably going to hell. Like me.

Wide Willy : I’m not norm can you find the John Wayne in the passion of Christ movie joke I can’t seem to find it maybe you know? Thanks

Yung Flexer : triggered

Mush Room : The funny part starts at 4:40

Jason S : I love norm

Ray Der : I should buy a box set of Jim Carrey dvds, and upload themed clips under the name I'm not Jim.  I could make some money off another person woot!

An0nym0us9001 : Norm is the man!

White Boy : And the bucket list one

xTasteless2 : But.. What are you down syndrome?

slug : What are you, down syndrome?

Rein Engel : Last year on basic cable, if someone said "Goddamned retard!" you'd hear "__________ retard!" Now you hear "Goddamned ______!" Amazing.

The Codeman : Nice of Norm to hire retard Adam Egret.

John NoNameGibbon : Hey, guys, I'm getting married next week. I plan to marry on Retard Island.

whosmav628 : I will always be triggered by this, I cannot stand how that word is used. Maybe it's just me?

Z W : Holy shit that Capricorn bit was gold

Turbo Jesus : Nice montage. You missed when he said it to Howard Stern though! That was big. https://youtu.be/ZDF8gtbk47U?t=5m16s

Hempenasphalt : I love you Norm!

Apollo Morales : A bunch of retards voted this down.

Michael Adams : "But what arw you down syndrome" thats one always gets me

Rusty Cockering : Only a retard would think this is funny.

nixter : Are his hands small or is his face huge? I am having difficulty with scale here. It looks like he can fit both his hands in his own mouth. Maybe he should have been an obgyn. Maybe his hands are huge and he is 8 feet tall?

Crangis McBasketball : I have yet to find a state of mind, no matter how dreary, when Norm can't make me laugh.

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