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Sandfurtz : One day you will fill stadiums with your shows. Love u PS: Outro song was perfect

josh : yo that baby song was legitimately beautiful

SorryThreeFingers : marc really sang about wanting to touch his pee pee then interacted with a child, groundbreaking stuff.

Alan Angel : If I die, and there playing at arrivals in the afterlife is Marc Rebillet, am I in heaven or hell?

MyGoodFriendJon : "Mmm...what is that? Beer?"

GhettoASMR : This man deserves 3 mil subs!

KD2417 : 6:56 I'd love to see a more serious EP by Marc, his beats/voice/timing is fucking awesome

BedrockSolid : shoutouts to red shirt guy

Saud Otaibi : Keep making these stream highlights


indigo0086 : I think he just goes off medication and disguises them as performances.


Benny : "Its been a really long day. All I really want to do is touch my penis." I love you Marc cuz ya make me smile.

Timothy Kinsman : 11:25 is bangin Great session

Christian Ruiz : Why do you look Photoshop'd?

MusikManN01 : And you still got the Iphone.. Absolute legend

Ehmmm Jay : Love the thumbnail! Hope I can watch one of your gigs live one day!

Q Tips : More live brewery streams pls!!!

Jalen Scott : How do you only have 30k subs

RockyLewisFilms : That farewell song was a beaut

Jason Turman : Lol did someone say, "get him some milk!" When he overdosed???

Drowsypaw : My boi gonna blow up soon keep it up proud of u

Turok Turkin : Hi Mark. I was a fan until I saw you wearing the IDF shirt. Way to romanticize oppressors.

yeah jono : I love these edited / short versions

dfkjguhu908i3w4etjnh : Make love to me Marc!

MrTrigston : Pretty sure Marc is the best person

BeaVyy : Dude this is so original I love it !!! Keep it up man

sicmacbrent : I feel like I found gold by subscribing

Sidewayz Rell : That beat at 2:11 tho!!!

Abara Nihei : Damn you crank out the sickest beat every time!!

Simon Raoul : Si tu passes à Paris, vient au Hasard Ludique, t'es exactement ce qu'il recherche comme artiste ! Ce serait trop cool de t'avoir là bas !

Ryan Kirsch : 5:16 holy crap that was amazing haha

gore alain : vas-y Marc... so perfect.... french touch ! :-) quand viens-tu en France ?

wot in solar federation : that keyboard solo was nasty

MR2 Tom : Long live Loop Daddy

The ParanormL : The editing chops make it great!

everybodyhandsup1 : I want to travel to wherever you do this to watch you do this and leave

Tryphon tournesol : T taré mec! Héhé

LintOctopus : I fully expect to be reimbursed for the paper towel I had to use to clean the guffaw spittle off my laptop after watching 3:33.

Wess Cope : holy badass, I would seriously pay you to do video lessons/tutorials on creating balls sexy music

Eline Hoogenboom : Marc, have my babies!!

ahou : Ross Geller kind of music

Daniel Ristakian : Shake your birthday!

2mnyshp : We need another Satanus segment!

Eddie Wilson : "ohhh, what is that, beer?" i lost it

Ty Clark : Dallas baby

Andrew Estonrell : Every video is so good.

Ryan : What did you buy with the $800 from the iPhone Lady?

Drakotar : Shit, I better start walking

goyasoda : Damn Marc you've done did it now for real this time