deadmau5 - Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Official Video]

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Radio Killed Music : I’m always happy when I see rob swire and deadmau5 in a title

Sparc Mac : Dope

Marc Origins : Producer: What effects do you want? Deadmau5: Yes Producer: oh, ok

SkeletalReality : Inspired by Garry's Mod

Jose Luis Lopez Barrientos : que video tan extranio xd pero la cancion esta pasable xdd

Hyena : My ears tell me yes, but my eyes tell me no.

imicca : 1 MILL bois

Luis LLeonMaciel : This song is awesome and the animation... Don't do drugs kids

Sgt. SLaughter : METH... never a good idea. ;-) Great song DM!

Smoody : 3:22 me vs my essay

Stephen Ward : Theres gotta be so many easter eggs within this video Edit: Loving all these theories

Ripter : 2:41 "Ass Claps"

King Stratos : Calling it now, I bet this will be on Forza horizon 4

Cosmo Hun : My last brain cell trying to communicate with me.

Ripter : Honestly, I love how weird this is lmao.

Mathew Giljum : Nice to see Joel inviting a few of his average fans over to his house for a music video.

ScarGhost Channel : Wait, did he say "all the jizz in your eyes"???? 2:10

yoshiknight36 : Fortnite if it was on a 20$ budget.

Yota_Ninja : Man... This looks like some Cyriac kinda stuff. You should link up with him for a video!

niCO! : Watched it like 50times now and still find new stuff on every Run :D

Cyranek : beyond magical

Tem Production : Half The Views Are Mine 100%

Dylan Carr : Bath salts

Shawn Greyling : This song lines up perfectly with the Veldt when played simultaneously.


Brandon Reck : Great song, weird ass video. But I get the message. 👍

Matt Hill : BR por aqui ??? 🇧🇷

Colombine Der Kaiser : fortnite in a shellnut

ExcordXD : I Love deadmau5

Michael Kreye : Best Housetour ever 😂

Good Boy : Joel we need to have a talk about these videos you've been putting out lately. I'm worried about you

DatBuggieBugs : Isn't the animation by the same guy from "Cool 3D World"? Am I going nuts

Fernando ریال4268 : !Beautiful :,)

BalancedTortoise 517 : Don’t do drugs kids...

CynDystro : Joel u ok?

MyBoringLife : God damn how long did it take you to render this?

DiegoGameplay o.O : Pertubardor

Victor Vine : LIKE PORRA

Woodman Gaming : Did you get cyriak to do the video?

Michael Rich : I feel like this music video is mocking something. But I'm not sure what its mocking

CyberPixl Music : *_This must have been rendering for like a year, lol_*

OvAeons : RIP Kenny Hotz in the pool, also sick bikini.

iMuhammad Siam : 1:21 I Bet thats meant to be linus

Izzy LAIf : 2:03 DJ Snake ??

ExcordXD : A new The Forest version 2:23

Vee pij : Forgot to add shadows on the letters floating in the water at the end. brb gotta re-render.

Dee Un : the dog is so funny

Adam Greene : that was one weird acid trip

JD : just here for Tory 1:14, I don't care for the rest.

Дмитрий Волков : It does not matter which animation, It's important that the song is good :)