deadmau5 - Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Official Video]

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Good Boy : Joel we need to have a talk about these videos you've been putting out lately. I'm worried about you

simpleflareon : Editor: How weird do you want this video to be? Deadmau5: Yes

Xenon _ : Its a secret gta 6 trailer

DJKOOLKAT : did sofi get the ladder yet????


braix : The scary thing about this video is that the more times I watch it, the more normal it all seems...

Taurus the Wolf-Dragon : Can Rob Swire and Deadmou5 just make like 25 songs together??? His voice is beautiful and Deadmau5 makes the BEST damn edm I’ve probably ever heard. I knew it would be fire from the start

GLHF gaming : On a serious note, This video made it hard for me to enjoy the song!!!

PUDSIMA : don't use drugs

Zack The King Potum : Fear the power of G-Mod

Alfons : Don't do drugs kids......

Matthew Martin : Garry's Mod In Real life

Gregoria Vera : this should have at least 150 m views

MLMDREAMKILLER : No mushrooms needed

Ricardo Reyes : Yo wait, was that monkey with the Trump hat suppose to represent Kanye??🤣🤣

ChillYourMind : The video we didn't ask for, but thank god we got it. Masterpiece.

ANDREY ! : Cuando ganas el jodido año sin hacer nada. 0:59

F.B.I. : *_Okay?..._*

egg _ : Saved to my "Oh God" playlist

MLMDREAMKILLER : 1:25 Delicious

Radio Killed Music : I’m always happy when I see rob swire and deadmau5 in a title

Games Meme : 0:49 is that a frickin porta potty running?!?!?!

PanCakeParty : This video describes my thought process pretty well.

John The Hacker : Along with Turn Down For What, this is the weirdest music video of all time.

Ayan Khanna : The weird thing is..... The more times I watch the more normal it seems

House Gamers Airsoft : this is what happens when the data traveling between your eyes and brain goes corrupt

Honza Doubrava : I listening this every day 😍😍😍 I absolutly love it!

Gastroesophageal Reflux : Is that kenny hotz? 0:53

Andreas Mihopoulos : Wtf 😐...

oliver Negrete : K verga esta pasando aqui😐

CyberPixl Music : *_This must have been rendering for like a year, lol_*

Tony Hernandez : The Mau5 Hau5

levy cr : Me dio miedo el video xd.

Jeri Tellez : La cancion esta muy buena pero el video ;-; ...

Benjamín M : 0:44 el cerdito tiene dos corazones y medio😂

Hyena : My ears tell me yes, but my eyes tell me no.

Orlando Colina : Jajahaha.. Mis saludos y respeto Deadmau5. buena musica, buen video. buenas producciones. que siga el talento. mucha salud y vida para ti y tu equipo. Buenas Vibras. Sigue sacando sonrisas. eres uno de los grandes. no hay limites. espero algun dia conocerte, conocer tu casa, conocer a tu familia. no quiero ser famoso pero una foto en ese estudio me gustaria. de Venezuela para todo el mundo. algunos me dicen ilusionista pero yo se que desde esta choza algun dia puedo estar en tu mansion siguiendo una buena vida. Blimgblimgrose. Att: Orlando Jose

Erik Smoot : When your animator is on LSD...

Michael Downs : 0:25 Make America Apes Again

TYLΞRYFX : Looks like roblox dances

Vee pij : Forgot to add shadows on the letters floating in the water at the end. brb gotta re-render.

No deberías estar aquí LeL :v :v : My mind when i’m at the school.

Antonella Ventura : This video is no sense

Brandon Gomez : La musica me gusto pero no el video

lukisnootis : what Fortnite dance is this???

Kevin F1 : What the hell.

B O I : For me this video represents the fervent mania of the internet hive-mind

Aman Kirola : Perfect house party never exi-

HyperDuck : 2:59 Patrick, what happened

Suppenteller : His mansion is gorgeous