Innaarsuarni iluliarsuaq / Huge iceberg in Innaarsuit, Greenland - Danger of collapse

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Bro. Matthew - PvtMadnage : impose sanctions on it. That will scare him away.

Carl Scruggs : "pardon me - would you happen to have any brown sugar?"

Ynse Schaap : Send it south, we need a little chill ;-) turn right when you reach Scotland

Ozzy 06 : Amazing view. I can sit there and watch hours

Jack 1 : Get the tugs out and tug it away, problem solved. Your welcome

Paul Collins : It is calm right there but when it melts, that would unleash a monster for the environment.

Identity : They should launch a missile at it. Just in case.

Alan Shore : Russian hackers, obviously.

Yuck Foutube : Free water yay!

wazza33racer : the town has a new tourist attraction!

Павлик Сусанин : Холодильник "Норд" приплыл...

Janes Wattimena : Poor icebears!😣

leepsoi : why do i hear donald trump

娟 娟 : 舉例.作為參考.(中央社阿布達比5日綜合外電報導)阿拉伯聯合大公國阿布達比1家環境公司,計畫在2018年初用船從南極洲拖行冰山回到當地,來提供國民飲用水。For eksempel. Til reference.Central News Agency Abu Dhabi omfattende udenlandske nyhedsrapport den 5.Et miljøselskab i Abu Dhabi, De Forenede Arabiske Emirater, planlægger at bruge en båd til at trække et isbjerg fra Antarktis i begyndelsen af 2018 for at vende tilbage til området for at levere nationalt drikkevand.上帝祝福您們.Gud velsigne dig

James James : 1:06 "Donald Trump" ;)

taxidrivermies : Wow thats huge earth is melting more and more

moski momo : WAY COOL! Nature doing what it does! Stupid people keep getting in the way and complaining about Nature. getting annoying.

Zeev Kirsh : it's awfully clean , no bird poop or anything on it.

jwka2001 : you can never escape the GOD EMPEROR TRUMP

Bat Bam : is there anything trump cant mess up?

Danny de jong : The big beginning of our end of time..We will notice this is change weathers storms and water will rise.. Goodbye all sweet dreams now we still can.