Photoshop Tutorial - Trumpet Boy

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ploxyzero : If you like my videos, consider joining my discord server! I put the assets there too since everyone keeps asking lol

Beriorn : Instructions unclear, the girl started to sing Lost In Thoughts All Alone.

Trudermark : You got my sub

Charles : Your picture and outro are so cool

Not A Prophet : Someone stole this video idea from you and it has like half a million views right now lmao

Dilan : How did you get a background if you just cut the trumpet boy ?

BBackx : I don't know how I found this, but thank god i did

gleam spirit : instructions unclear girl started playing the trumpet

Hijacked Slang : This makes my trumpet become the big trumpet.

quinn : Subbed for royal blood

CrystalBleach : This is golden. Holy Shit.

Maavo The Human : The new Fire Emblem Warriors DLC looks great

Shadowblade2193 : This was in my recommend. Thank you for the video.

TheBeastModeGamer : The trumpet boy is Justin Y .

E T : >cries in Gimp

KJ : This needs to be more popular

ZeN : I'm a simple man. I love this.

Lt.Striker : I love your memes!

Holo Wise Wolf MPP : 🎺

Zayx : dat outro dud

Skittles : New sub, dude your outro is effing beautiful.

DerpyThe Cate : How do you control more than one object?

Zone Tan : Seems like no matter where I go, something fire emblem relared follows me

iZacs 98 : Came for the memes, subscribed for the outro and stayed because I don't have friends plz help :(

Tan Yu Xuan : SUBBED

AgravainX : *FIRE EMBLEM?*

i. s a y. i m. f i n e b u t i m. n o t. f i n e : And thus, a new meme has been born...

Black Goku Dat : Good content


- Clod - : >the outro song was the best part of the video

Dan Latham : Ayyy Royal Blood background, nice

Gamma Animations : I see u with that Royal Blood background

Dr Water : I love the internet

HEHEHE I AM A POKEYMAN MASTAH JOHN NIGRA : When Roy gets his new weapon refine in FEH

Trick Shots 4 Real : Absolutely amazing

Taco Meme : I came here to learn and now I'm disappointed

Ginger the Espeon : Now if only I had photoshop

BBLR : give me photo file plz

8BitSans : Thanks, very helpful!

You Have Found Ebony : I love how the music gets quieter as the music goes on.

Happy Heavy : Beautiful

Raccoon Furry : Imaginate to see the girl dancing and the boy just standing there.

Get Off My Computer : My proudest fap. 😥🍆👄💦

SomDeDom : i subbed 0_0

Soviet Borker : Nice Royal Blood wallpaper

astaroth _ : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Elzeta : I never though i needed a tutorial so badly in my life

Red Valkyrie : *_TOGETHER WE RIDE FAM_*

CrazyAnproFilm : This is gold lmao

DJSummers : You told them the secret to this. *Brace for impact it's gonna be a wild trumpet ride*