AP English Rap (School Project)

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http://2men1cave.wordpress.com/ A Parody of the nonsense in Rap nowadays, and a funny take on the difficulty of AP english III.

Comments from Youtube

Mace 1 : This is wack. Check out my rap vid on my channel!

djquikkidd : just naw

singerbradley : Why must your delivery be so bad?

EMCEEHRAS : this isnt even funny

REAMS : gay as aids

Gurwinder Singh : fucking nice rap!

Lucy Caffe : that is supposed to be that? disfrasaron orrible and sing bad

Garry Joy Busig : AP,English? are they insane?

Dragiero : Together, you guys look like "Boys In the sink" from veggie tales :)

CSeyoum : its really scary to me that this video has 23706 views

Chaddillinger : This instrumental come from france guys, the crew's name is IAM !!! Et ouè les gars le rap français !!!

UNOIT Official : guys please can someone tell me what that instrumental is

Agizm : can anybody please tell me the original song that has this beat!!

LittleLiger07 : haha that was genius!

0nett : I hate English, haha Great Job. :P

Beverly Clemmons : You guys are crazy.

El Fernandito : good video man

myke336 : yo dat shyt wuz tite G. word up homes dat beat wuz hot too. yall wuz juz bangin da track drop raw shyt mah nig. ya dig? holla back lol. jk but good job. i did this 4 school once.

soto4u : Great job guys! I like your creative twist on such an otherwise boring subject.[or at least English wasn't a class I enjoyed when I was in school] 5 stars and I hope you all earned an "A+" on this project!

Elisha May : Here from reddit