Bucky O'Hare Intro

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Bucky O'Hare opening intro, one of my favourite childhood cartoons! Read more about it on my blog: http://thematropolis.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/bucky-ohare-and-toad-wars.html

Comments from Youtube

Kagereneko : Im 38 years old and this intro still pumps me up!!

egnod : The Righteous Indignation... has there ever been a better name for a starship?

akechi mitsuhide : I always thought Nintendo's StarFox was inspired by this.

kikiwako : Man, they knew how to make catchy intros back then.

toongrowner1 : at 0:58 it kinda sounds like the singer has a fight with the chorus. XD Chorus: BUCKY! Singer: I SAID BUCKY! Chorus: No you didn't! SInger: YES I DID!

vincent vangogh : when your righteous indignation has suffered a hit, and your photon accelerator is broken a bit, and you're losing your mind and your having a fit get the funky dressed rabbit who can take care of it! haha sheer genius and a catchy tune!

Kaagh178 : Its a good homage of the pulp space opera adventure serials stuff from the 1920s and 1930s. Y'know. Like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

luvgzus4ever : I had forgotten about this show and as soon as I started watching the intro I started spewing forth the lyrics word for word, I guess I watched it more than I realized

Raul Nieves : Amazing quality!!!

Mr. Styro : Funky Fresh Rabbit indeed

Easy Grin : This was a great show

Taka sempai : Classic! No animals were harmed in making this intro. :3

The Emerald Men Official : Starfox in the 1980's in a shellnut. Great cartoon!

ULTRADJ : I've never heard of most of these 80/90's cartoons. It's good to look them up.

KanishQ Quotes : If he is a rabbit, why is he green I mean was he also related to gomora

Gigas0101 : I've never seen this show, I have no nostalgia of this show in particular, but my god I love how 90s this is.

Lord Proteus : Me and my friend thought Toadborg was one of the coolest looking bad guys ever.

knuclear200x : Loved the intro but never cared for the show

Danester83 : one of my all times faves . massive thumbs up

Michael Flesch : I bought the first VHS of Bucky O'Hare when it first came out! Awhile back my Family Video was getting rid of their VHS collection and I bought the 3 vhs tapes: The Toad Menace, The Kreation Konspiracy, and Corsair Canards.

Arcader Kid : Now this is definitely a wicked Dark Side of the Looney Tunes for sure. XD

XenobakaLP : Jazz jackrabbit EEH!?

kefka roth : watching this every sunday morning on fox 29 was the best.

Edward O : Death Battle brought me here since Fox vs Bucky

LaNoir : I doubt we ever had that in Germany, but this intro is the shit!

steven hibbert : toad wars trilogy

CorporalDanLives : This intro has like 4x the animation density of any other 90s cartoon. NO TIME TO LOOK AT ANYTHING, KEEP MOVING!!!

OmniZupreme 94 : That's My Nesquik Bunny :v

Elbethium : fans of this show are the old guard. guys, Boss Fight released amazing bucky figures, go look them up, support them to make more!

stormweaver82 : I was unaware they made a cartoon...and I watched everything I could...even sailor moon.

Stephen Quinn : Me and my friend never watched this on TV, yet somehow I ended up with 2 VHS tapes (2 episodes per tape I think), and he had a few action figures

Keith Carter : Bugs Bunny ain't shit compared to Bucky

amber leaf : i colloected the toys, i even had the little frog fighter ship.. what an amazing childhood

Solomona Leiato : I know this is impossible, but hear me out, what if Bucky was in Rivals of Aether?

Robert Lawson : How many came here cause of DeathBattle

Alex May : FINALLY someone uploaded a no bullshit high quality version of this. One of the best cartoon intros of all time.

Lamporre : Is that actually Chris Rock singing the intro? He isn't credited on IMDB, but it sounds like him, and Nostalgia Critic seemed pretty confidant that it was him.

Josh Jimeno : Jazz Jackrabbit's cousin huh

HamHamPatchi : I've never even watched this show but this opening has always been awesome :D

SG Media : I'm so happy a movie is in the works by Neal Adams.

Ryan Mann : Rick: Let's croak some toads, Morty!

clhound : Stomping on the stuffed bunny was totally uncalled for.

Kaagh178 : Proof Starfox should have his own animated series.

Basic Goth Chick : Fun fact! Chris Rock sings this song


Marlon Dean Frontier : One of the baddest intros outthere

civilwildman : I remember watching this somewhat. Been a long time.

Slashbash : Bruiser was always my favorite.

ponyta master : lets just agree taht 00:30 to 31 is the best scene ever