The Unexplored Depths of Spider-Man 3 – Facing the Dragon of Grandiosity

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Like Stories of Old : I would never have guessed this would be my longest video yet; what started out as a pretty simple character study slowly became an extensive evaluation of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Coming out just before Marvel and DC locked course into their respective universes, it’s just such a fascinating and unique set of superhero films. And yes, after having rewatched them all back to back in one day, I can still say they’re among my favorites.

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : I didn't liked Venom. But I never believed it was a mediocre film. There is so much more with this movie that makes it interesting. The conclution of harry's arc, the relevance of the sandman, the relationship with mary jane and of course the black suit. I deeply appreciate what you are doing here. Good luck.

Let's Find Out ASMR : _OK, whos the self-important human being that downvoted this?_ But seriously, another brilliantly insightful and entertaining essay LSOO. Thanks!

theXXaftermath : Dude, your video made me feel emotions while watching this. For the longest time I thought this film was campy and far too edgy. However, you explained why Spider-man 3 isn't just a unique movie tackling a important message, but what it does differently that other films of it's kind haven't done before or since. What an incredible video, keep it up.

SamWallace Artisan : Not sure how smart it is to contextualize real life philosophy through filmic demonstration. Beyond learning the individual opinions of the film maker, film is a horrible way of testing reality because it is inherently a fiction with a choreographed result. Spider-Man 3 may be a good reflection of our collective opinions on the nature of evil; but for learning reality, hypothetical opinion isn’t enough.

LaDabe : Each essay you've uploaded are nothing short of analytical visual masterpieces. The universe has blessed me with having accidently clicking on your channel a year ago.

palmieres : Damn. This really hit home. Being in a situation that requires me to give up a lot of my personal time and ambitions to take care of a relative with dementia, this video got me wondering if my depression is just a reflexion of my own feelings of grandiosity. I haven't achieved anything of what I wanted in life (humble as those hopes and desires were, nothing like saving the world or marrying into royalty) but my current situation has me feeling trapped and very hopeless. I want to do the right thing, to be the person that I need to be right now for someone else's sake, but damn if I don't feel unjustly punished by fate. Giving up part of yourself really is part of behaving like a hero, but it's much easier when it's in the movies. I'm not comparing myself to a hero or anything; I'm in fact realizing my distress is just that dragon not liking to be flicked on the snout and told to keep quiet because more important things are going on right now.

Ace Spectre : Great vid. I've always defended this movie. Though venom didn't entirely work, I believe the real villain of this film was the symbiote itself. It concludes with Peter taking out the physical representation of his dark side or his choice to become like the villains he usually confronts.

Nosquared : Again, a very insightful and meaningful analysis. You always have such strong sources. I am a huge fan of this character, and I love the fact that you went against the popular opinion. Spider-Man 3 is actually pretty interesting to watch, even though it is (in my humble opinion) not as well-made as the first two films of the trilogy. However, it is still an okay conclusion. Please keep making these, maybe looking at Spider-Man: Homecoming, if you ever feel like it? Many qualify it as a teen movie, but I truly think there’s more to it (especially since the release of Infinity War and Peter’s representation in it). Keep up the amazing work, your channel is one of my favourites. ☝🏻

Bastian : I don't really know how to address what you just made me realized and feel with this video. I not only think this is one of your best videos yet, but also I believe it to be the most profound yet and the one with which I founded the deepest connection to put of all your other videos. I have troubled with this subject for a long time, and with the relationship dynamic you also exprese in this video through out my last relationship. I just couldn't connect more with this video essay than any of all your other videos on psyche and personal analysis. I am extremely and profoundly grateful for making me realize what has been destroying my personal relationships and what has really stopped me for realizing a truly happy life. I will ever be thankful of that. You made me really cry in the end. Great videos, keep up the good work and thank you yet again. You really got to me.

A Shaktah : /r/raimimemes is gonna implode

Long Wail : Your videos are astounding

Scotia’s Channel : Still one of my favourite superhero films, thank you for making this video regarding the character(s) in this film. I think it’s incredibly epic and well, as you put it; Grandiose!

Buckminster Fuller : FIX THAT DAMN DOOR!!!

4of92000 :

One-Two : Mate, you give a totally new meaning to old movies for me. I applause!

gian torres : unanimous decision. one of the best essays about spiderman 3. Excellent work. Keep it up.

Sam cohen-wade : You're teaching me how to be a better person. I picked up The Wild Edge of Sorrow after seeing your video on grief. Facing the Dragon just shot to the top of my reading list. Thank you for these videos, please please please continue with them.

Andrew Riley : So now I have a whole new appreciation for Spidey 3. Thanks, LSOO. Thanks a lot. ;) Extremely well done. I’ve struggled with that kind of grandiose thinking for a long time, and I found a way to bring it back down to Earth through writing and just being around the right people. It takes time, and this trilogy does symbolize that struggle.

97AsV : I sent this clip to some of my friends to share some great life lessons that are easy to follow, but they said this clip is too long; it’s a shame, but kinda prooves the point of the video Thank you for making this kind of content! This clip and the one about a wonderful life are my favorites!

E : Hey man, I like this channel so much! Can you make a reading list of the books that have inspired you the most?

Optimistic Writer : I used to hate this movie completely...I think I really can appreciate it now.

Garrett Warrick : What a wonderful, insightful video on what a hero carries along with responsibilities and superhuman powers like humility, flaws in character, the unimaginable sacrifices in everyday choices and the complexity with facing inferiority. I’m so glad I’m subscribed to this channel.

Lennie Binale : This. This is new favorite video of yours. Spider-man 3 is a mixed bag for me in which i don't hate it, it came out when i was 8 or 9. I hope you do more videos on comic book movies soon. I would suggest BvS for the viewpoints of both Batman and Superman to each other and how they both are similar and how they both deal with failures, mistakes. Which the both of them suffer from a disorder like being an Introvert, having PTSD etc. The true vision of a tragic hero story but they both pull through the darkness, manipulation, and person failures. I hope you do more videos on comic book movies soon, i truly hope you do BvS as a video. Keep up the great work.

Rahul Radhakrishnan : Man... This is so deep!

MovieAce : Brilliant once again! I think this video shows how damaging nerd culture is for movies, the only criticism I've heard against this movie are don't like how Venom looks like and EMO Peter is so stupid. Underrated movie. I like most of MCU movies but I don't understand how those are hailed so much and SM3 is garbage.

Kimia N : Just commenting so that youtube algorithms appreciate you more...

Monster Health and Fitness : I want to thank you for this thorough, and insanely synchronic analysis. I've dealt with this inner dragon for a long time and my experiences perfectly match your analysis. Within my brand I advocate for the healthy inclusion of our darker selves, or "monsters", much the same way you highlight the need to accept and regulate our negatives in balance with our lives. I greatly appreciate your hard work, and I'll definitely be leading my subscribers to your channel in the future.

SameOld Channel : Relevant to Kanye’s tweet about himself and trump having Dragon energy.

Night Crawler : Brilliant. I do really feel motivated with these in-depth analysis of problem and solution using movies than so called "Motivational" videos.Thank you. I shamelessly agree that i'm suffering from grandiosity. Every phrase of Robert Moore relates to me. Now, i know the path to fight with dragon. Thanks a lot!

Daniel Daigle : I love your channel man. Keep it up, I've been reading every book you've presented/quoted, so thanks for the good reads haha

ReFractalus : I love the way you come full circle with analysis, processing and resolution of the story of a film that I have to admit did not care for at all. Having succeeded in awakening in me new fondness for these Sam Raimi movies AND giving me helpful pointers to resolve some things I personally struggle with at the moment, this video is worthy of the LSOO format I've come to love so much. Thank you so much for all of that.

Cody Lakin : Your page is a miracle. How is it not a miracle to take Spider-Man 3, which even I haven’t seen in long enough to have ever fully appreciated on a deeper level—though I always liked it, and always cringe at the dance part—and make such a touching and powerful video essay as this from it? Bravo. This is insightful and beautiful and important

MadDannyWest : Damn, this was really good.

Jorge Gomez : “Today one must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being.” — John Le Carré , The Russia House. Keep the Good work.

thingsthatclick : So perfect!!! Thank you!!! Absolutely love your channel!

Avi E : Man, i wished all your analyses went for this long. I work as a counsellor, and to see your work on love in Interstellar, your discussion of grief and The wild edge of sorrow, your recent analysis on the magician and the inner creation and attendance of oneself, to this regarding the societal and environmental development of narcissism and the removal of empathy, have been truly brilliant, insightful and on point. I do, however, not think that there is a definitive amount of evil energy that can inhabit someone, and floats around at the ready. I think the development of narcissism, non empathy, decadence, our disposition to exist as consumers, coupled with our willingness to exploit others, locally or internationally, are societaly created and maintained. We develop our disposition to the world at a very young age, our parents and the world they have succumbed to, as well as the likely potential neglected traumas they carry, will both inhabit their children. Assuming the parent child rs is healthy however, beyond this realm, there is a world that thoroughly educates young girls and boys, men and women, through advertising, marketing, the celebrity culture and obsession with fame, that their value is hinged on their sexual value, financial value, social value. Coupled with the endless screens we carry around, where today, many exist more in this social media soma addicted world than they do beyond the screen. This reality leads to a dissociation with ones actual self, because if we live by consumerism, capitalism, and the belief that our value is hinged on such things, we ourselves become to view ourselves as commodities, our children as accessories. And our emotional existence becomes in pain, slowly numbed out, into constant suppression. The degree to which we neglect the numbed pain within, and our self, will be the degree to which we need more aggressive stimuli. For life, endlessly orbiting what we intentionally, consciously or not, are neglecting. Reading alot of the comments on your videos, it is clear that through your beautiful, well-constructed, emotionally focused work touches and impacts many people. Its a beautiful transfer of your emotional and intellectual intelligence to everyone who listens, and probably to the people they relate to. You Da Man

fabroc8 : You just made the impossible my friend... You made Spiderman 3 cool! Congratulations :) (My only argument is that I'm not sure these were Sam Rami's intentions from the start because he was planning to have the lizard as the villain and it was Sony who made him go for Venom in the 3rd movie. Either way, I loved the way you argued the trilogy and turned into an even better set of movies!!!)

Gaming Kick : Finally someone doing this great movie and perfect ending for the trilogy justice! While campy at times it's still a highly entertaining movie and stands up there with the Batman movies.

Cinecrest Studios : Phenomenal video.

Kage777 : Magnificent reflective piece. You truly capture the feels and the look deeper than the surface! Great job! Keep it up!

Simon McGillivray : Another great video. You have gotten me to think of the Spider-Man trilogy in a completely different way! Thanks for putting so much effort into these, keep it up!

Bifrost Bigfoot : Absolutely beautiful. You made me look at Spider-Man trilogy by a entirely different perspective. This is what video essays should do, help us understand the meaning we may have overlooked and giving your own perspective not self repeating mediocre garbage channels that are out there in youtube.

Anupam G : Spiderman 3 is still my favourite Marvel movie. I couldn't understand why people hated it or why I liked it so much. Now its quite clear. Maybe my inner dragon was attracted to what was depicted so wonderfully by Sam Raimy.

Kayin Colwyn : This gave me a new appreciation for Spider Man 3, I remember thinking it was a very messy film, but as you pointed out it clearly had some deeper themes at play. Great video :) Also I think you can see some of these themes a bit in the Evil Dead franchise which was created by Raimi, with evil being a force unto itself and its hero Ash being a very narcissistic figure who at times is reminded of his limitations and humanity. I really enjoyed the series finale of Ash VS Evil Dead last night in large part because Ash was given more depth, showing that there is a heart and soul under all that bravado and bluster, good stuff. Anyways, I would love to see your take on more superhero films, like the original Superman movie by Richard Donner, which is still my all time favorite superhero film even to this day. Keep up the great work :)

Jonathan Williams : Though maligned when first released, Spider-man 3 has improved with time, especially compared with the thoughtlessness of the writing and directing in the two "Amazing Spider-Man" films that followed it. The end of S-M3, with its focus on mending relationships, felt like an anti-climactic end to the trilogy for me (perhaps because Ramie intended for there to be a fourth film) but under this context of the struggle with grandiosity, you've shown me how the ending nicely completes Peter's character arc.

David Power : You've truly made a magnificent piece of work right here, it genuinely left me speechless for quite a while. It's the most beautiful and thoughtful analysis of a story I've ever encountered. It's so rare to find a piece of work so profound and revelatory, let alone a random video on youtube about my friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. It actually has me to giving serious reevaluation to the the nature of self and reflecting on my own struggles with ego/grandiosity and how it effects my relationships. These lessons are going to stick with me going forward, at least I hope they do.

Sebastian Sosa : 7:10 that quote has spoken to me unlike anything i have ever seen or read I can fully attest to it, as i have personally gone through something which perfectly resembles what this speaks of. Nevertheless great job LSOO, best content creator on youtube.

Arturo Garrido : This videos are way too good for this platform. I’ve saved EVERY-SINGLE video, because you deconstruct the entire human experience in a way like nobody I’ve seen. Thank you

Leon Williams : Dude, you’re doing amazing work here. I really appreciate the time, effort and thought you’ve put into this and all of your work. Also, your channel is definitely my favorite on youtube, thank you.