Downsizing (2017) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Water Nebula : It's just slightly unnerving seeing the tiny stacks of human bodies on the trays

AsciiGDL : Tha hell... 😲

meh moi : This is actually horrifying

The Way To Win : seems like a really cool movie!

Kevin Nixon : This looks legitimately terrifying.

Bronco Sinclair : Hunny i shrunk the adults

Achievementace1 : This makes me uncomfortable

Ginger Haydon : Hong Chau gives a beautiful and incredible performance.

Steven Song : Character driven director rolling sci-fi drama helm! Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!

Hank Moody : This movie was very preachy. It was good in the beginning, but it gradually went downhill. I'd give this movie a 2/5 Matt Damons. Cool concept, but it got super dumb half way through.

Abraham Contreras : Whoever made this trailer should get an Oscar, they made this movie seem funny and interesting only using footage from the first 20 minutes of this film, congrats you made me actually pay money for what I can only describe as the most boring movie of all times.

Jacopo Castelletti : Yes, if you're wondering what the soundtrack is, it's: "Once In A Lifetime" by Talking Heads You're welcome 😉

Plxton : I want my money back! I watched it online so I didn't pay to watch it but I still feel cheated!

jess Veenstra : AHHHHHHH! my worst fears come to life huamns aren't meant to be small this si why we are big why why why why why why why why why why why whywhy why why why why whywhy why why why why whywhy why why why why whywhy why why why why whywhy why why why why whywhy why why why why whywhy why why why why whywhy why why why why why Who else has a fear of shrinking

nocctea : something's weird about this movie... like, something's off. i bet it's gonna get really effed up

TooCartoony : This trailer is still the best thing about the film. The 1st 30 minutes are awesome but they totally forget about anything downsizing-related for the rest of it :(

LotisNymph : Kinda looks like his wife didnt shrink with him?

Jack'sVlogs : I was totally waiting for something bad to happen... 😂😂

Monstahh4D : Trailer hypes it up movie was pretty shit

Earth Angel : Fantastic Trailer. Great Actors. Terrible Movie.

Mysstal : Imaging Vin diesel racing in a toy car trying to save the world

Just look at those sausages !! : I'm loving how the idea is very serious but the plot is pure comedy omg

Trevor Allen : Last thing I don't want is to fight a bunch of insects as a tiny man

Crash!Band : What about all the animals and insects that will eat you up?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand : Why the FUCK is there now always a mimi trailer for the fucking trailer !!!???!?

Rida Rediam EL ALAOUI : I watched it yesterday...after 30 minutes of watching...the movie is just boring!.

Alexander Mills : so... the borrowers???

arnold jayeola : What could possibly go wrong?

neonknights : Good concept, awful execution. Don't let the trailer mislead you. This whole downsizing thing is basically the first 30 mins of the film. After that, it goes into a total different direction (or, well, it kinda loses direction) and becomes extremely boring. I warned you.

Starhunter Terra : It was interesting, but the second part is bit too heavy into social environmental issues. I nevertheless loved the cast in the film specially Hong Chau. The film deserves kudos for examining how our lives do not work out the way we want them to regardless of size we got.

OhSnap321 : Anyone here from ImDontai’s Slenderman trailer reaction?

Fowl Canuck : This episode of Rick & Morty looks fantastic.

Emma Goldridge : Wouldn’t recommend seeing. The trailer only shows footage from like the first 25 minutes of the movie. The rest is completely different, political, and there’s like no plot. Well there is but the structure is really weird. The director focused a lot on little details that had really nothing to do with the plot and then just left really big gaping holes of details that made the movie relatively confusing. I feel as though the director had these big aspirations for how this movie was supposed to be but probably had too many, leading to you leaving the theater confused and questioning what the hell you just watched. Idk, just my opinion.

MagicManDan : This was easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. 1 hour passed and nothing happened...

Sub Scorpion#9 : I wonder how the people who like vore,  macrophiles or microphiles feel about this.

Sergey Storm : The worst movie of 2017, they need to refund monies in the cinemas for such movies.

CV E : The song is called Once In A Lifetime by The Talking Heads if anyone was wondering

shmaveyea : Calling it now, Kirsten Wiig don't make it out of the downsizing alive, personal struggle story about Matt Damon. Then the government rescues him.

Steve Summer : Jimmy Kimmel is gonna roast the hell out of Matt Damon 😂🤣😂🤣

Matthew Zarzeczny : Advance screening opportunity:

Charles Li : Legit the shittest movie i’ve ever just went nowhere and the ending felt like the camera they used had run out of ending at all basically.

tetrulz jam : The concept is ridiculous and stupid but im intrigued coz of the actors who are in it. I trust their choice. Wouldve been another case if Adam Sandler was in it.

Kirsten Caroll : I watched the movie on [ ] and it's a good movie! 💕😊

Jesus Aguilar : Can I downsize please ?

Spaceman Pingu : It's all fun until you come face to face with a spider that is bigger than you.

chad wran : looks like a funny movie but doesnt this have physical and chemical issues with our bodies at this size?digestive etc?

Lance Chang : Really curious to see how the premise of this movie is construed as an Aesop. There are so many ways this movie can be manipulated to present a specific moral standpoint.

By Oakk : REAL PLOT : Man gets shrunk down to a live in a smaller version of the world meets an asian imigrant with a stump for a leg who cleans houses and steals medication and food. he then falls in love with this small woman and the two go on a noahs arc adventure to apparently save the world... then the ending is shit...

Alex D : h3h3 brought me here.

Qwerty Keyboard : Dont watch the movie...its a trap. Nothing like the trailer