Downsizing (2017) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Dart Mada : At 1:38... yeah, that's the first thing I would check

Aseng Peace : A lot of people gonna die and he will survive it haha

Eric Moreno : laugh now.. 50 years from now this could be a reality

Fowl Canuck : This episode of Rick & Morty looks fantastic.

Commander Frog : Well, their tiny cities would all be doomed no matter what, because I would not be able to resist my inner Godzilla urges for very long.

MissusCandyLifeTV : Seems good but the insects... I hate roaches... I cannot imagine if there's a giant roach... 🙈

Tom X8 : Downsizing human with irreversible condition!!! Nah, i prefer the Pym Particle or size alteration beam!!!! Since human who doesn't use downsizing will become Titan and Kaiju. The world of Attack on Titan will become reality!!!

Ulf Nilsson : Jimmy Kimmel will have a blast talking about this.

Keepsake Studios : They stole my name

Mr 13 : There would be no wars. Because our Militarys would have their hands full with protecting us from birds, cats, dogs, wasps, shrews, ants and all the other stuff we now would never fear. A bear would be like godzilla. A whale truly a Leviathan.

Aditya Waghmare : What if we all have already been shrunk millenia ago to this 'small' planet earth?!

Tristan Michels : This film looks excellent! Enough said.

Eric Potot : He needs to be rescued from the Microverse this time

Paris75 : Reminds me of "the incredible shrinking man" which really is a wonderful philosophical sci-fi movie. Looks nice so far.

Yamps Gaming : Looks good, what could possibly go wrong...

Victor Tang : I wonder what the conflict would be...and it looks like a modern remake of Honey I shrunk the kids.

ricarleite : Wouldn't gravity be MUCH faster comparatively (gravity is a constant acceleration of around 10m/s square), and thus even a small fall would kill them???

JOSEPHINE CERIA : This movie looks so fresh! Cant wait to watch it

Andy Leung : And become prey to house spiders ? no way.

Elijah Kaiwen Zhang : I sure hope they got rid of cockroaches and spiders and basically anything that crawls by then cos it's no fun waking up to a life-sized roach in the middle of the night D:

ThatNiceGamer : This doesn't look half bad but has potential

buaysgyke : C'mon, this should turn into a horror movie - surely there are gonna be ants and spiders which are willing to rip people's heads off!!!

fzanefzane : i only found six 666 handsigns in the trailer: :22 - guy on the far right :22 - guy one over from him :51 - jason ok sign :56 - black lady very quick 1:08 (double reverse 666 by wiig!) 2:08 (inverted 666 by waltz!) that is an ok sign (666 sign) every 25 seconds on average!

Kignex : Imagine downsizing and being able to sit on a lactating nipple

Jacob Frashure : What's the point of the movie? Seems like something that would only make it as a short film. If the trailer is anything to go by, this will be one of those movies that spends most of the time wanting people to be a amazed at the writers amazing ideas and then has to rush the ending once the conflict is introduced. And if it's a comedy that doesn't have much conflict, the only joke I remember is the dick joke anyone could have assumed would be in it.

Nathan Robert Harkins : Wow, Hank Pym is getting quite careless with the Pym Particle...

joe symptons : where is the f*kin animal like mouse, cat and roach

LiamTheCarr : It was all good until the ants arrived

mary shaffer : But our Yahoo and MSN feeds are all about the most expensive good, the highest paid people and royalty.

VaughnJogVlog : Looks like this movie lacks friction. They shrink, everything is better, so what's the problem?

Afiq Azizi Azmi : I'm waiting for something messed up to happen. Not like people being stepped on or being hunted by cats or dogs. What if there was a malfunction during the shrinking process which results in some of the human body parts are little but some of them are big. Just imagine.......... it could happen.

Daffa Abieza : Christoph Waltz, I'll be waiting for your another wonderful act.

Yordan Ariandy : It should set to W for Wumbo!

WollFii : damn , imagine getting that small, and having your girlfriend still be the normal size, and suck on her titties , shiiittttt XD

Vincent : so... what happens when "giant" pigeons come to your neighbourhood? :D

Garth Wolf : Ah yes, the advancement and progressiveness of science creating a physically inferior underclass under the guise of preservation of precious limited resources further strengthened by the false security of the small ones "feeling rich." Too bad once you're that small you've essentially signed away your freedom forever, as you are physically helpless from now on. But hey, you have "millions" of dollars that you can spend... that is, if the big people will allow you to have things. So go to your mini mansion in your little AAA battery powered toy smart car and wait to die so that the giants can inherit the earth. If enough people were this small, the few remaining big ones could do whatever they wanted and eventually quit caring for those little villages, abandoning them and leaving the little ones to fend for themselves against the big bad world. It's natural selection with a little bit of help from science. Of course the exact process is impossible. But if the majority of the world could be duped into permanently adopting a certain way of life such as this "for the greater good," the remaining ones with true freedom would then rule and be able to do whatever they want. That's what is unsettling to me. One day people will begin permanently signing away their freedoms because they believe they're doing some good and they'll find themselves inferior and even worse off than they were before, subject to the rule of those who seized power for themselves and their families when they saw the chance.

Cardboard : Please tell me that this is a comedy.

Commn Sense : Are they gonna shrink every snake, spider, croc, cockroach etc....., nahh screw that , what a way to die being a frogs dinner...

Discipline Disorder : More hysterical propaganda. Like all animals, human population is limited by available resources, it doesn't just skyrocket exponentially. The First World is not at risk of overpopulation, we are actually facing under-population due to our declining birth rate (an effect of prosperity among the enlightened, unfortunately). It's exclusively the Third World experiencing rampant population growth, and specifically on the back of Western aid--what do you think will happen once those resources inevitably dry up?

BonzoBluegreen : Matt Damon is choosing such small roles these days.

Grifinity : this is fucking wild

Aletheia Tritis : I cant wait someone step on them, that would be awesome.

That Specific Individual : I don't want get caught in the rain when downsized.

jOsSeLFeO : Are birds some predators for them now ?

The Oculus : Sideways is my all time favorite movie

Nada Ali : So what are we some kind of downsizing?

xxSnEaKyPxx : Feel like the trailer showed that Kristin Wiig backs out of it.

Devin McBreen : Watch a cat start chasing them

Xing Yue : I don't think the main problem here is bug or animals.It's the people who doesn't shrink.The tiny city is protected by these people and they build a dome to prevent other things to come in.And I doubt that they will make tiny guns. So what if those people don't want to protect them,and try to rule them all?What can you do to fight them?As about 6 inches high,you can't fight them physically,cause to be honest,a normal can just step on you and crush you into nothing.You can't out run them,within one step they will catch up you and you're dead.Even you drive your tiny car,they can just run to you and stomp on the car with you in it and squashed it like a soda can,and you are also dead. Even if tiny people has their own tiny military,I can say one normal size marine can take down at least 100 tiny marine.He can just lay down on them and crush them all in to nothing.And your tiny guns won't do any harm to a normal size marine,they can't even penetrate their gear and won't gonna penetrate the sole of boots. So what about heavy weapons?Sure,that would do some damage,but don't forget the normal size people has that too.They can just launch one missile and your whole city is gone.When you shrunk,you are inferior to all the other people who didn't shrink. And they give you 240 times money that can only be used in that city.The rich or the powerful just don't care these,cause they are already live a great life.But those who don't have a lot money will consider this,it's easier to live in the tiny city than outside. So this movie reveal a new era of slavery and that what I thought about this movie.

Ben Kerrison : Matt Damon and Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime " brought me here.... Kristen Wiig isn't bad either.