Downsizing (2017) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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videoschmo : I wouldn't be surprised if Matt Damon gets stuck somewhere in the small world and the U.S government has to spend millions trying to get him home.

gogotrololo 619 : I'm getting some Black Mirror vibes from this

Darkness Prevails : Great. A film about my downstairs.

PhilOffHisTree : Who else it waiting to watch this movie as deep down inside we really want to see the down side, such as a cat grab someone and you know, or even a spider or something LOL.

Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams : An original idea with a killer cast? Sign me up!

GraceAction : Looks really interesting. I'm curious what the conflict will be.

Just Chilin : Wow this looks so interesting! I'm actually really looking forward to watching it!

Julius Red : This is the prequel to Attack on Titan

lucaspenido : Can't wait to watch it!!!

Keepsake Studios : They stole my name

Alexander Mills : so... the borrowers???

tetrulz jam : The concept is ridiculous and stupid but im intrigued coz of the actors who are in it. I trust their choice. Wouldve been another case if Adam Sandler was in it.

AsciiGDL : Tha hell... 😲

Henry Egan : Kinda sounds like a post-apocalyptic Honey I Shrunk the kids

Lance Chang : Really curious to see how the premise of this movie is construed as an Aesop. There are so many ways this movie can be manipulated to present a specific moral standpoint.

Jinisinsane : Introduce ants and we have a starship troopers remake right there.

Nicholas Xayasith : After reading Michael Crichton's posthumous novel "Micro", there's no way in Hell I'd trade my rung on the food chain ladder and be at the mercy of centerpedes, spiders, ants, etc. The levels of voracious savagery present within the smaller world makes a pride of lions tearing apart a baby zebra, alive, look like a tea party. No thanks. I probably will go see the movie though.

raincoil : It creeps me out to be honest.

Jack'sVlogs : I was totally waiting for something bad to happen... 😂😂

Bante Hayes : Imagine the sexual possibilities...

meh moi : This is actually horrifying

TheGuess2D : What if some sick fuck just comes and microwaves them like Tostinos Pizza Rolls? I realize that is oddly specific.

Joeshar : Some insane people would smash those tiny people just for fun. Humans are more dangerous than mother nature

victorsixtythree : Wow, I'm intrigued! By the way, this idea was the premise of an episode of the 1970's Super Friends cartoon. A mad scientist had the idea to shrink people to solve the food shortage. I think that episode guest starred Green Arrow, too!

Jason : convincing white people they are overpopulating, when they currently have irreversibly low birth rates. this is propaganda, only countries like India and china are overpopulated.

shy123 : Am I the only one kinda creeped out by this?

Tumbler : People all talking about giant bugs being the biggest threat to a downsized person but what happens when you're giant and angry ex-girlfriend shows up?

Rob Chilton : I can't tell if this is a light-hearted sci fi comedy... or a sci fi horror film we're being lulled into a false sense of security about. I was waiting for there to be something wrong with down-sizing.

ZVI Aviation : 1:20 who else saw the jew

koopadude1 : The Giantess fetish people will enjoy this.

decentradical : They finally got the Gnomish World Enlarger working!

Tabula Rasa : It's too bad this isn't going to rated 18 or even a netflix tv show as they would be able to show the more darker side of the world and dangers to people who undergo the process.

Micah Buzan : I was waiting for this this trailer to turn into a creepy science fiction story about the demise of humanity, but it never did.

Josh Parker : Anyone notice that you never saw his wife 'downsized'.. I wonder why 🤔

Sub Scorpion#9 : I wonder how the people who like vore,  macrophiles or microphiles feel about this.

ᖇOSS Tᕼᕮ Sᗩᑌᑕᕮ ᗷOSS : An entire nation of tiny people is annihilated by one feral cat

Icrine Arcura : I'M TINY RICKKK

Kylyn Cheney : "Honey I shrunk the population" 😂

Sven Tempest : I really hope this trailer is a bait and switch. This whole film is being presented as an almost sickly sweet utopia that will overlook the actual problems the film touches upon.

WollFii : damn , imagine getting that small, and having your girlfriend still be the normal size, and suck on her titties , shiiittttt XD

Icalasari : Can I go through the process twice and just live with my non downsized girlfriend?

Enrique Casarrubia : This looks amazing. It was about damn time that someone did something more interesting with the "getting shrinked" premise.

FerrowTheFox : How can people be excited about this crap? This makes absolutelly NO sense at all. First: Most catastrophes are not caused by overpopulation, but natural disasters. Even if you make the point of carrying capacity in terms of food becoming a problem, it could be tackled by GMOs easier and better. Second: You CAN NOT just shrink people down like this. The size of nucleons are unalterable, because the ranges of the strong and weak nuclear forces are fundamental constants. Reducing the space between nuclei and electrons is impossible because of electromagnetism. And even packing molecules tighter together wouldn't work, as there'd be biochemical problems. Correct protein folding and therefore enzymes would be rendered impossible. Third: How could they metabolize food and drinks not their own size? Their tiny enzymes wouldn't work on normal-sized molecules. I'd say if you can alter the fundamental universal constants, carrying capacity is no worry any longer, you're basically beyond even a kardashev III civilization by then. This isn't even original, as some say. The shrinking trope has been done to death! And before someone points out this is supposed to be a comedy: Even a comedy needs suspension of disbelief. Also, it may be because I hate Hollywood comedy to the death, but at least for me they're always the same. Clichee-filled crude humor fests with plots of idiocy. And this looks exactly like that.

Devin McBreen : Watch a cat start chasing them

Nate Taylor : Soooo what happens when a spider comes to visit their town? Lol

angelbrownie1 : ya'll GT/Tiny lovers here, gimme a thumbs up!!!

Z M : Imagine running into a spider twice your size, no thank you.

Muhammad Mushayyad : So where's ANT MAN!?

Bob Newby, Superhero : When Hank Pym accidentally leaks the Pym Particle to the public. Or maybe it was Scott.

nocctea : something's weird about this movie... like, something's off. i bet it's gonna get really effed up