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Jack'sVlogs : I was totally waiting for something bad to happen... 😂😂

Water Nebula : It's just slightly unnerving seeing the tiny stacks of human bodies on the trays

Earth Angel : Fantastic Trailer. Great Actors. Terrible Movie.

Qwerty Keyboard : Dont watch the movie...its a trap. Nothing like the trailer

The Way To Win : seems like a really cool movie!

Henry Egan : Kinda sounds like a post-apocalyptic Honey I Shrunk the kids

Plxton : I want my money back! I watched it online so I didn't pay to watch it but I still feel cheated!

Bronco Sinclair : Hunny i shrunk the adults

JT S : I'm 40 and I now have found my least favorite movie. The first 20 minutes of this movie focuses on the 'Downsizing', then the next 2 hours is about Matt Damon's character interacting with a girl he met. There is nothing in the last 2 hours about the downsizing. It is the most frustrating movie I have ever seen. Do not see this.

Abraham Contreras : Whoever made this trailer should get an Oscar, they made this movie seem funny and interesting only using footage from the first 20 minutes of this film, congrats you made me actually pay money for what I can only describe as the most boring movie of all times.

videoschmo : I wouldn't be surprised if Matt Damon gets stuck somewhere in the small world and the U.S government has to spend millions trying to get him home.

Emma Goldridge : Wouldn’t recommend seeing. The trailer only shows footage from like the first 25 minutes of the movie. The rest is completely different, political, and there’s like no plot. Well there is but the structure is really weird. The director focused a lot on little details that had really nothing to do with the plot and then just left really big gaping holes of details that made the movie relatively confusing. I feel as though the director had these big aspirations for how this movie was supposed to be but probably had too many, leading to you leaving the theater confused and questioning what the hell you just watched. Idk, just my opinion.

MagicManDan : This was easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. 1 hour passed and nothing happened...

Hank Moody : This movie was very preachy. It was good in the beginning, but it gradually went downhill. I'd give this movie a 2/5 Matt Damons. Cool concept, but it got super dumb half way through.

Rida Rediam EL ALAOUI : I watched it yesterday...after 30 minutes of watching...the movie is just boring!.

victorsixtythree : Wow, I'm intrigued! By the way, this idea was the premise of an episode of the 1970's Super Friends cartoon. A mad scientist had the idea to shrink people to solve the food shortage. I think that episode guest starred Green Arrow, too!

Mysstal : Imaging Vin diesel racing in a toy car trying to save the world

Jacopo Castelletti : Yes, if you're wondering what the soundtrack is, it's: "Once In A Lifetime" by Talking Heads You're welcome 👌🏻

neonknights : Good concept, awful execution. Don't let the trailer mislead you. This whole downsizing thing is basically the first 30 mins of the film. After that, it goes into a total different direction (or, well, it kinda loses direction) and becomes extremely boring. I warned you.

TooCartoony : This trailer is still the best thing about the film. The 1st 30 minutes are awesome but they totally forget about anything downsizing-related for the rest of it :(

gogotrololo 619 : I'm getting some Black Mirror vibes from this

Sergey Storm : The worst movie of 2017, they need to refund monies in the cinemas for such movies.

Charles : Legit the shittest movie i’ve ever just went nowhere and the ending felt like the camera they used had run out of ending at all basically.

Trevor Allen : Last thing I don't want is to fight a bunch of insects as a tiny man

PBonBear : What about all the animals and insects that will eat you up?

Darkness Prevails : Great. A film about my downstairs.

Isabella 99 : Jeeeez, this movie was soooooo cringe and stupid

Vyvian Mitchell : I saw this tonight... movie is nothing like this preview....

PowerRedBull : I'm impressed by the creators of this trailer in how they achieved to make a movie look interesting in the trailer , that is terribly dissapointing and boring when you're actually watching it. I do not think i've ever been so dissapointed by watching a movie based on a trailer that seems interesting. It's not the light hearted or fun sort of movie you'd expect from the trailer, but it's a long, slow story that after the the first 30 minutes , pretty much does not have anything to do anymore with downsizing concept. After the slow introduction of what downsizing is, the movie has no idea where it wants to go and ends up pretty much going nowhere and ends in an such an anti climax that you're even more dissapointed that you did not walk away when you first noticed it being boring.

Starhunter Terra : It was interesting, but the second part is bit too heavy into social environmental issues. I nevertheless loved the cast in the film specially Hong Chau. The film deserves kudos for examining how our lives do not work out the way we want them to regardless of size we got.

PhilOffHisTree : Who else it waiting to watch this movie as deep down inside we really want to see the down side, such as a cat grab someone and you know, or even a spider or something LOL.

Nicolafdf : The movie really sucks

Chuck Nerris : Absolutely terrible film trailer makes it look unmissable how looks can be deceiving

Chris : I feel like i’m the only one who loved this movie?

arnold jayeola : What could possibly go wrong?

Micah Buzan : I was waiting for this this trailer to turn into a creepy science fiction story about the demise of humanity, but it never did.

Frederic Degraeve : It's all fun until you come face to face with a spider that is bigger than you.

Kelly Meehan : this movie truly was not very good lol

Hala Salem : Terrible movie, please do not waste your precious time on this.

Rachel Dobbins : This was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Only the first 30 minutes feature Kristen Wiig and the shrinking storyline, and all the trailer material comes from the first 30 minutes. After that, it's a bizarre and super boring story about a Vietnamese political prisoner with one foot and human extinction. This movie is over 2 hours and most of it has nothing to do with being small! Most of the movie is boring exposition and nothing actually happens. It's not a comedy, it's not a thriller, it's not a romance - it's nothing. Do not see this movie! Everyone in my group wanted to leave halfway through.

RjVaderGamingHD : Saw the movie last night. Tbh, I didn’t really like it.

Vsauce 4 : Sooooo where's the conflict?


noora : Trailer was good, movie was terrible

Keepsake Studios : They stole my name

zynjan : worst movie ive seen in decades

Gary MacMillan : This film is shit. If it was written by Kauffman and directed by Jonze, it may have worked. The scene with the vodka bottle isn't even in the film.

Rei kiki : The movie is nothing like the trailer. It‘s extremely bad, has big-ass plot holes and has no golden threat. It‘s straight up boring and random as hell. The only good thing about this is Christoph Waltz‘ character. I really do not recommend this movie to anyone.

Sergio Ruffo : This is one of the most misleading trailers i have ever seen

Just Chilin : Wow this looks so interesting! I'm actually really looking forward to watching it!