Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand - CONAN on TBS

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Mid Hunter : This is such a bizarre moment. For the first time in human history, Conan didn't interrupt while someone was performing.

Brian Kessler : His joke has cymbalism.

Christopher Hendricks : It's called irony people! Musicians are worshiped for being extraordinary and yet here Fred is just making mundane observations. It's especially funny if you play instruments and can relate to the little tedious things like disassembling a drum stand.

Evan Maines : He’s self-aware. It’s supposed to be lame... lol. So many pissed off people.

Daily Drum Lesson : As a drummer I find this hilarious!

NeedyForMusic : That drummer's laugh was faker than Jimmy Fallon's...

1k Subs With No Videos : Have you heard about the guitar player who got arrested for fingering a minor?

Ed Muzio : I pLaY dRuMs aNd GuiTaR aND ThIS iSn'T funNy


napukapu : Ok folks, here's how the bit works: People in niche groups like musicians or artists like to pretend they have access to marvelous elite information and can find joy in things the average "normie" won't understand. But Fred's showing us, despite how hard the cocksniffers try to obfuscate the humor with "it's a musician thing, only US musicians understand", in the end it's just a bunch of bullshit. There you go, it's not rocket science really.

Natalie Kendel : - You're making 3 people happy. - That's all I want. (LOL!)

Cmoney Productions : the political singer part, is definitely green day

Adam 3 : oh hey, I can play the guitar, too...yea? show us then...-plays Wonderwall-

Billybob : The people that don’t think this is funny are the same people that think Adam Sandler’s “Funny People” is hilarious.

mrekbass : Two guys are walking down the street. Ones broke... the other is also a musician! WHAA-WHaa-whaa!


knicksTexansFan #1 : I'm a musician and all these jokes are horrible in my opinion.

Nazareadain : I mean, this is troll comedy. People think the jokes are supposed to be the funny part when it's people taking the bait and getting visibly and audibly upset at something as trivial as not understanding where the joke is. These jokes basically need the comment section, and I'm in tears after scrolling down.

Fsuholley : Taking the cymbal stand apart leaving the cymbal attached is so true and funny as hell imo.

Reant Renolla : Watch Jared Dines videos for better laughs

Dybfjie : Yes suspended ninths all the way ✊🏻. Gotta love those crazy jazz chords.

Hashirama Senju : It's not funny these are just facts

VianneyCreates : "You're making three people happy." "That's all I want."

Larry1077 : that's a sweet guitar :)

Fred Jeffers : What a waste of time and energy. Dude just isn't that funny here.

Darren Mills : To the people who say its ok because he was trying to be lame... That doesn't make it any more enjoyable

Sean Feeney : This is actually sad. I'm a musician myself and I cannot believe the kind of dry and completely unfunny jokes that came out of him. You can't justify it by him being 'niche' like that helps the fact that his jokes are unoriginal and literally barely laughed at by anyone with a good sense of humor. This was the cringiest 4 minutes I've ever had to watch. People had to fake laugh like their lives depended on it. Their guitarist didn't even try. Don't defend this overpaid comedian, plus SNL has been out of jokes for a while.

G. Andaluz : So dry, and so funny, and so many people missed the joke. Damn that was funny!

vin cass : excuse me but this PAINFUL

ThreeShitsToTheWind : Fred isn't funny in the slightest.

Proud American : outch this hurt to watch

hunty11 : Conan is so high on my punch in the face list

mackenziejamesxx : This guy sucks

Ongaku Haze : This guy sucks

spazmccoy : I hate it when people can't formulate a full thought when trying to deliver a joke. Just finish your sentences!

L Blair : The funniest joke was when he said that drummers are musicians.

Motorcar Classics : Fred Armisen's humor is always an acquired taste but a respected one.

SlinkStingray : Is that Mlepclaynos

Mark Lis : Fred Armisen is a joke, and that's no compliment.

Annelie Se. : Lets give a warm *WHOOOOSH* to the salty bottoms people that couldn't and can't understand Fred here nor there with his witty comedy. He's like the antihero of comedy and i love it.

FRGAST : because its not funny, its funny. Thats the point.

neverendingweekend : Not hilarious ..but strangely enjoyable.

GUNT HEAD : Ill never get those 4minutes back...

Skyy Ward : No licks yet I am very worried Edit: no licks in this video, reported

Avisek Ganguly : So where are the musician jokes? 😉

Dirty Dan : Literally wasn’t funny at all... and I’ve been drumming for 2 years now

Divine Kazoo : That Mary had a little lamb juke into jingle bells actually got me goddamn it

Alex Martin : I'm a professional musician and I didn't catch a single one. Welp me...

Ibitokun Alaka : 5% talk about he is so funny and talented. 90% talk about how they are a musician and this jokes weren't funny. 5% were people arguing about it. Wow. Just. Wow.

Brandon Hanson : I need that Gibson Jumbo in my life