How a Hacker Convinced Motorola to Send Him Source Code

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matt b : Talk about a stroke of luck with the vacation timing.

COOKIE WOKE : Speech 100

LordPine : i reckon that security manager is still looking for a new job..

dbsirius : Social engineering at its finest ;)

Lewis Kelly : Would be nice if you didn't put the annotation boxes over the text at the end

Heartless : The security manager had ONE job..

jasperedwin : Would you like to learn??

Shaun Dreclin : The weakest link in any good security system is the person behind the keyboard

Volvirth : Security Manager: "Huh, what's that, you want to upload the entire source code of our best running mobile device, and you want to send it to an external IP address? SUUURE, JUST TAKE MY PERSONAL CREDENTIALS, HERE, MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD AAALLL OF IT." ... ~Best. Security. Manager. EVER~

Finndramere : lmao the title said "How a Hacker Convinced Motorola to Send Him Sour... " i immediately assumed it was sour cream wtf is wrong with me

GogL0L : Humans are the most complex machines, but also the easiest to hack.

piranha031091 : I highly recommend his autobiography, "ghost in the wires". Not often did a book get my heart racing like that!

X : "Kevin Mitnick was apprehended in North Carolina by the FBI in 1995 and plead guilty to computer fraud, wire fraud, and illegally intercepting communications. He was released in the year 2000 after serving almost five years in prison." end of video text

Pete Smyth : I socially engineered the source code out of them, but it was too easy, so I hacked them to get it again.

Md Shariful Islam 1604064 : 3:41 Totally accurate representation of security breach

Max Payne : So. Was avoiding surv and got side tracked hacking motorola mainframes

Kernels : Remember that the best way to attack is to exploit the human itself.. You don't need these special hacks when you can engineer a person to run your payload. Mainly, this is the reason why people and companies are still being hacked... Just like some people say, best anti virus is common sense.

Rainbow Dynamix : So uhh, can we get that source code? 😂

Mitnick Security Consulting : Hope you enjoyed one of my favorite stories. - KM

Tomas Tur : This is why milenials with no social skills and short phone calls will be more secure :v

UMESH Shridar : This guy should be hired by Motorola

Cyber Infotech : *ILLUSION 100* *SPEECH 100*

Viral Crate : im pretty sure he now works for the CIA

Yudi : 3:34 hey, Motherboard. Thanks for the login detail. Can you please send me the link to login too?

MegaCaliGrown420 : iPhone 10 of the 1990's? So... Does that mean all those people who owned that phone during that Era thought their shit smelt like fabric softener? Or?

Gabriel Ko : I am still wondering why hackers are imprisoned when they can be so useful

tekmeasiam : With the words "you have failed me for the late time" the security manager was force choked and security supervisor Piett was promoted to admiral.

JOSE A. G.J : I have been watching science and computer videos for 3 hours now, I can't stop. Someone help me.!!

Johnny Darko : Motorola should have hired this wonderful genius instead of prosecuting him. That way, they might not be a company that people under 30 need to look up on Wikipedia… on iPhones!

BigBwoyTing : Lmao most of the time the biggest hist are the simplest. Just because people are idiots.

Lawrence Billson : I bet Motorola weren’t using Linux in 1992.

drunk stepdad : plead guilty to 3 different felonies and only got 5 years?? i smell a rat 🐀

konanoobiemaster : did you get your wig split or cheeks busted?

Pajama Pants : Absolute madlad.

normie x : How come hackers are considered criminals in the US, yet 99% of them spend a few months in jail then get government or private jobs with huge paychecks? Then people complain why there are so many hackers around....really ?!?

Nicksperiments : Impressive but can he turn the cmd green?

over00lord Unknown : Question: Would it have been a crime if he had just stopped after the social engineering? (As in, would it have been illegal if he had just downloaded the file from the FTP server and stopped, instead of hacking into their internal network?)


Luciano Martinez : My god, the way he took advantage of Alesha!!! She probably didn’t even knew how to send an email and they just taught her everything she needed to know and not much else, so when she came up with a stupid question they probably thought “Oh that’s just Alesha being Alesha” and didn’t give it much thought, so she was really proud of herself for being able to help people, and he used that to run from the law!!! Shame on you!!! For shame!!!!

Munden : Kevin Mitnick looks totally different, never would have guessed that was him

Abhijeet Mishra : I would totally recommend reading Kevin's Ghost in the Wires

Zachary Tyhacz : throughout the whole part of him explaining the phone call - social engineering all i thought was " bruh "

Michael Sangma : Social engineering at its best.

Adam : Thank you so much for bringing this series back I’ve been waiting since the MySpace episode

Julião F : Please open the subtitles translation for community contribution.

Daan : Still love the movie Hackers 2!

TheUKNutter : This is probably why Motorola are dead now.

Akram Safirul : Have ever got so bored you started to hack an entire mobile company?

Wahyu Guntara : What happened to Aleesha then???

Kenney Milord : Crime never pays right? SMH😔