Chili Bowl Mullet Man

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Connor Gunning : omg he just winked at the camera. what a pimp!

M3S : bro got that same haircut as the girl from chappie.

Mattyew : he should start selling chili

Lincoln Riddle : My left ear enjoyed this

Mike Volz : business in the front. party in the back.

Alex skateboarding and other lame crap : Why is this whole thing filmed at a blockbuster

brendanef9 : my left ear enjoyed this video

th3dark pr1nc3 : We guna ignore that he in a blockbuster???

Mullet McNasty : My long lost brother, Mullet power

THOTH : What a god

notJacktlego : School shooter in the front, Starbucks drinking white girl in the back

Quasicano Contreras : hell yeah man stay original stay unique

Dirk Diggler : P S S Y S L A Y E R ! !

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER : In all honesty he seems like a super chill dude.

Tall Random Guy : And they say white people don't have any culture, smh...

S J Gaming : He could pass as Eugene's brother from The Walking Dead.

Jay Bubblez : The man, the myth the legend!

Joystickjunkie : It looks stupid as hell but I can respect the man for keeping the style for 30years

Marcos Mata : Save some pussi for the rest of us dam

Don John : He is a character.

Dindufius Nuffingus : It's like Dylan Roof from the front, and Joe Dirt from the rear

TRIBALBUD : Tommy from Mr. pickles really let himself go.

fat kids are harder to kidnap : Mullet man for president 2020

Will Sterben : Brilliant! Should be compulsory, in a North Korean way.

MainEagleX : This needs to not be a thing

Skelly : 3 Stooges in the front, lady slaying stud muffin in the back.

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER : A true Alpha Male

Skelly : Autism spectrum, guaranteed.

Ryan Bonner : this is so inspiring.

What If? TECH : Nice reporting!

TheDudeReviews : Haha my buddy Zach, at disc replay, Right on. XD

cylney : Models wear that hair on runways

Chad Potter : I love him. He's a happy man.

Doc Marten : I think we need to see a haircut video of you having it done!

Ryan Bonner : that's a guy that knows what he likes, and likes what he knows.

jeffame7 : @ :34 is that an After the Burial shirt?

ChubbyChecker182 : He hasn't got much, but he's done amazing with it.

Linuxx : the idiots didnt make a facebook page on this guy snapping random pictures of his mullet as they drive by him because they are doing a good deed they did it to make fun of him obviously.

Dumb Nigra : I like this. No sensationalism. No ham fisted "jokes". Just a dude people like. Seems pretty chill too

yazar yozar : chili bowl mullet man chili bowl mullet man Where he at, where he at? Where he at, where he at? Now there he go, there he go There he go, there he go

telepathy90 : He’s a legend

大李Lee : Rest in peace chili bowl man (BTW i live in springfield so i know for sure he is dead. kicked the bucket. dead. not living. dead).

Nathan Kennedy : This guy has to be one of the most coolest cats alive!!!

8 O'Clock Sesh : Holy fuck this is awesome. Love the self confidence on the guy


Longboard _Music_N64 : Lol 😂

Joey S : Seems like a character Chris Farley would have played especially with that walk. Walk hard and rock that ‘do

NinjaInPajamas : #Legend 27

Mala Jmse : come onnn find some handsome man ad mullet

StoneyCone : my left ear really enjoyed this video!