Chili Bowl Mullet Man

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Connor : omg he just winked at the camera. what a pimp!

Tickle Fingers : That dude seems like the kind of guy who would always have your back. No questions asked.

Lincoln Riddle : My left ear enjoyed this

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER : In all honesty he seems like a super chill dude.

Marcos Mata : Save some pussi for the rest of us dam

notJacktlego : School shooter in the front, Starbucks drinking white girl in the back

Toasted Fan Art : "They believed I was a chili bowl mullet man right there" he says it like they believed he was a super hero or something (which he is)

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER : A true Alpha Male

Joystickjunkie : It looks stupid as hell but I can respect the man for keeping the style for 30years

Dumb Nigra : I like this. No sensationalism. No ham fisted "jokes". Just a dude people like. Seems pretty chill too

Tall Random Guy : And they say white people don't have any culture, smh...

S J Gaming : He could pass as Eugene's brother from The Walking Dead.

nathan hensn : This dude definitely eats Lucky Charms out of a Tupperware container.

Alex skateboarding and other lame crap : Why is this whole thing filmed at a blockbuster

th3dark pr1nc3 : We guna ignore that he in a blockbuster???

fat kids are harder to kidnap : Mullet man for president 2020

Ryan Bonner : that's a guy that knows what he likes, and likes what he knows.

Jake Rakelaker : This guy should run for president

M3S : bro got that same haircut as the girl from chappie.

Jeopardy Professional : Legend has it he's still roaming the aisles of BLOCK BUSTER 😂

Chad Potter : I love him. He's a happy man.

THOTH : What a god

8 O'Clock Sesh : Holy fuck this is awesome. Love the self confidence on the guy

Joe _ : Seems like a character Chris Farley would have played especially with that walk. Walk hard and rock that ‘do

Nathan Kennedy : This guy has to be one of the most coolest cats alive!!!

Eli Garcia : There ain't shit going on that little Hill Country Town

Jay Bubblez : The man, the myth the legend!

Steve Parker : That's the two worst haircuts combined to make the ultimate terrible haircut. 😱

Drunk Savage : He will be the one who stops Thanos and saves the day in the next Avengers movie!

Skelly : 3 Stooges in the front, lady slaying stud muffin in the back.

Ryan Bonner : this is so inspiring.

Mike Volz : business in the front. party in the back.

Explicit Tech : Men fought armies with haircuts like this.

cylney : Models wear that hair on runways

Jeffame7 : @ :34 is that an After the Burial shirt?

SRNF : I want to bully but he bullies I like him

e34Boat : he is true a alpha male and im not even joking.

warriorprince101010 : Alot of guys are single in Springfield, IL because this guy gets all the honeys.

MisterZ3r0 : Its time to monetize the mullet, my dude.

Bob Saget : Look up Genuine in the dictionary and a picture of the Chili Bowl Mullet man is there

SWOLESILVERBACK : If more people were like the chili bowl mullet man there would be peace on earth. Probably not any technological advancements but there would be peace.

JuggusNawt : wtf am i watching this for..

Skelly : Autism spectrum, guaranteed.

ChubbyChecker182 : He hasn't got much, but he's done amazing with it.

Mullet Head : I would eat the reporters chili bowl.

Icarus333 : This guy took the 2 worst hair styles of the late 80s, early 90s and turned it into a microcausum of pure unadultered sexyness.

Linuxx : the idiots didnt make a facebook page on this guy snapping random pictures of his mullet as they drive by him because they are doing a good deed they did it to make fun of him obviously.

Eli Gildener : Of course he walks on his toes

Mattyew : he should start selling chili

PK PK : When I was in 3rd grade I had an Amish cut like that, just without the mullet.