Peak Human Evolution

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ChaseRulez 343 : This has gone past peak human evolution.

Magic Plum : God in his purest form

Xevio 420 : When a no skin knocks someone

Aloki : You make jesus angry

AntGTRant : when the Slurp Juice kicks in

ReZGame : *claps hands and does hand movement, claps my hands again while my both knees get together, does more hand movement downwards while my legs moving in one position, makes one finger gun while looking directly straight forward and one hand a little bit out and corsses my arms while leaning back a little*

Fusuoy : *HAS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR?* is this image real or fake?

A Good Catto : *G O D H A S J O I N E D*

CaptainJohn : Just remember this is gods creation

JarJar1337 / yoloswaggermasterdestroyer : Notice how he transitions into a reverse U pose, the preferred natural stance of a fully evolved homo sapien


ExSy : cant stop watching send help

Infinite The Hedgehog : How to basic is the Peak of human Evolution

Timothy Jack Tan : a weapon to surpass metal gear

Lig Ma : 144p 0. 25x

Caleb Dawson : *God Left*

Firestar 65 : God has ENTERED the chat

Snick Snick : Millions of years of human evolution, and it has all come to this moment

Versaucey : *And his name was Jacob...*

TheAnonCaptain : *God* took the L

Willy ._. : When a no skin knocks a Galaxy Skin

Lazer : brobur arms so f long

EvilDoggo505 : always remember: there are more defaults than non-defaults. DEFAULTS DOMINATE XD

RanvieZ : Someone sent me to this important scienific data. Impressive

Legendary Super Salad : *The Prophesy is True* *This is the god that will save us*

Sherman is Watching : Bro you need to do a tutorial


Pekii : *expand arm*

butter toast : Foolish mortals, you can this evolution? I have achieved perfection!!!

Voll Krass : When he is the peek of human evolution, that means he's 1st. He's doing the 1st dance you get in Fortnite. 1 + 1 = 2. The song that plays is bass boosted. Bass has 4 letters. 2 * 4 = 8. On 8th August the Smash Direct comes out. On 8th August my dog has birthday. On 8th August Fnaf is 4 years old. 3 subjects... 3... he is the illumiminati. Illumiminati is the peek of humanity confirmed! (I seriously need help)

Hungry Films : He's right he is the peak, because it's all downhill from here

sulema argullin : *default niBBas*

Sherman is Watching : *his stance at the end*


SUPIRIORIRONMAN THE ILLUMINATI : Human has mega evolved into.... Mega default

Bad Vibes : *When you get a win in minecraft*

GoLuckyz : *_This is what you see when you go to heaven_*

Rodrick Heffley : HuMaN EvOlUtIoN

Majestic Unicorn : this is great

Ching Chong : that t-pose doe at the end

TtrainsVlogs 101 : This is the best thing in the world

Alexis The moron : I wish I had friends to do this with😭

Weird dude 4970 : He is no longer a human, he is a god

Jude Strandmark : What has humanity come to?

Kiesta Hooom : *Several memers are typing*

AMP3X : J“acob what are you?”

RedAntInfinity : am i the only one who cant understand what he said

Dank Squid{•-•} : My dude is above god

Mr. Mr. : why this dudes arms so *l o n g ?*

Faith S : Checkmate atheists