Apaches (1977) – [FULL VERSION]

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Wilfred Cthulu : Despite how horribly wrong everything went, I thought it was nice that the random guys driving the vehicles would just play along and pretend to shoot back at them.


Jake Rutigliano : Oh, those poor kids, instead of being with their elders, they’re...all alone in some dark, cold box six feet under.

sourcescience : I was shown this at school. The screaming girl haunts me even now. My teachers just have REALLY hated kids...

Owen : This is like final destination, but with young kids and farms

I Heart Terror : This is the most hardcore thing I've ever seen. These kids just stand around watching their friends die. No mourning, no downtime...and where the hell are their parents!? There are several farmhands that see them and even join in, so I don't understand why they don't stop them? These kid actors must have been scarred for life.

Minxi Meow : Why did I just sit through 26 minutes of children dying...?

Rox Buchanan : I think one of the creepier aspects of this piece is the fact that the surviving children never talk about or even mention what happened to their fallen friends...it's almost like they never existed. Seemed a bit Lord of the Flies-esque to me.

Dirt World : Sharon's screams will haunt me forever I mean seriously this is scarier than all of the horror movies I have seen combined my god DID THEY SHOW THIS TO KIDS?!

Itsjustashley : These 9 year olds have more knowledge of the American west than I do and I have an exam about it next week

Levi Ackerman : did the boy die at 22:10??????? ANYONE

john blimbo : Final Destination - The Prequel.

StrawberryRedRose : I find it weird that none of the children seem to think "hey my friend/friends just died maybe we should be carful around the farm" and the adults are like "meh"

Kent Rail : Imagine Sharon's Mum. Holy shit, I feel bad for her.

Chris Gabele : Congrats to Worst caring and neglectful immoral parents of the year. They could prevent the death from telling them not do the simple thing that occurred in the film.

OpenHeartsandFriedChicken : I'm squeamish, so I remember cringing when I saw Kim get run over by the truck when I first watched this yesterday, but Sharon's death was chilling. That weedkiller burnt her insides.... I remember I thought she drank acid or iodine or something.

Cosmic Queen : I cried when Sharon started screaming. I know there's a lot of comments about her already, but I'm genuinely freaked out and traumatized.

Little Death : Moral of the story, don't play on farms. They are where children go to die.

Katia P : 4:58 Kim:"Yeaah!" falls "Aaaah!" splash Bob Hardy:"Shit, there goes my promotion." Best scene of the film.

Timber Affen : Poor Sharon, that must have been a dreadful way to die. Those screams will haunt my dreams forever...

JBoy TU : Am I The Only One who thinks that after the first death That They Would Leave

SymbioteNx379 : This is some final destination shit.

Celestial Dove : Gosh! At first when I heard Sharon's screams, I thought that she wasn't dying, but she was overreacting about a random spider crawling on her body in the bed in the middle of the night and she didn't want to go back to the farm after that. (Lol.) But nope! Her screams were from her suffering in great pain as she was slowly dying because of paraquat. I wish that I just continued to see the scene as her getting scared over a spider rather than dying of paraquat.

Registole : It's like final destination but with kids

Ben Early : Danny could've easily survived, if he jumped off the tractor as soon as he started moving he would've been fine

TrollyMolly : So the "red fire Water" was weedkiller? No wonder she was yelling so loud. I thought it was just beer so it poisind her. But wow thats scary...

Candymlp02 : Real as the situation is, it's like there's someone watching these kids from afar with a death note in hand.

Sally Villarreal : This is horribly scary, but is anyone bothered by how much time is spent focusing on them playing, arguing about rules and who the Cowboys are, etc.? Also, this seems pointless without taking the time to explain how to prevent these accidents. (Besides stay the f*** away from farms. ) I thought it might be for adults, because they have the power to prevent some of these accidents. They're right there. It also bugs me that none of the kids seem to grieve. They just look on in disbelief as their friends die in front of them. Then they continued playing the next time they met.

BrinaFlautist : Why the hell do they keep going back to the farm? If one of my friends died a horrific death there, I'd be so traumatized that I wouldn't want to even THINK about the farm. And why are the adults so irresponsible in this film? I thought it was cute the guy on the tractor at the beginning was playing along, but really, he should have stopped and gotten Kim off the tractor.

Mike Litoris : Seems like parents didnt think anything was wrong when kids started to die one after another. I spent my summers in a farm and drowning in a shit wouldve been the worst way to go.

HieiTheFox : As a young kid my family had a farm and my friends and I encountered every thing these kids did the difference my uncle wasn't an idiot and neither were we. We were warned to stay away from areas were my uncle and others were working with heavy machinery and even then they kept a close eye out for us. The slurry bin was away from the main area and we all new about it and would often get yelled at for throwing rocks in it. We new not to drink any chemicals and they were usually stored up high and clearly labeled anyway. The fence thing would have been lying flat and I was allowed to sit in the tractor and even drive it but only with someone (my dad or uncle) with me they would never walk away like a fucking imbecile.

Skylar Klebold : the boy narrating sounds like the boy off the "Charley Says" psas

Halley Angel : DOES NO ONE WATCH THESE BRATS?! I get its a PSA but what the hell honestly?!

NijiMarii : I love how the guy driving the truck plays along and shoots back at them at 4:46. What a good sport!

Yuki the Wolf : I no longer want to live on a farm. But otherwise, a good short film. I really liked the transitions between the scenes, where the parents stored away the belongings of the deceased children... It really hit me hard.

Tangy ™ : really like this PSA because how natural the kids act. Makes me wish there was a TV series about kids being kids, minus the gruesome deaths.

SuzakuMalikXemnas : You'd think they'd learn after the first kid died, or at least grieve! They just continued playing the next day like nothing even happened!

Do tell : That was an extremely creepy pif, and the plot twist is brilliant

MEtaBEtaBOYMSHWA : :friend dies: :two seconds later: I'm going to go scout tha lands.!

Meitti : Thats the first time I've ever seen a kid drown in shit in a PSA, or any film for that matter. And I've seen plenty of splatter films.

White CD : Teach children to stay away from farm equipment and areas such as tracks and muck heaps, clearly label all bottles with the name and COSSH symbols of the liquid inside. Tell children where they can or cannot play The farmyard doesn't have to be a dangerous place, teach our children and take the proper precautions and they will be safe

rowen : so are they just used to their friends dying one by one?

Gee Trieste : All the adults and parents are awfully non-chalant about these deaths of their children. It's like a casual "Oh Well, they were good kids but whatever will be will be".

Big O : 24:10 don't drink and drive kids.

CinnamonBaked : very dark but at least it got the point across

Lannu wow : well... I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight! *looks at time* 5 in the morning? great start!!!!

misterepicpants yo : 17:18 OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT IM NEVER SLEEPING GAIN

Elizabeth Conway : Who the hell lets a kid play on a tractor??

bobSCOTT99 : I was unable to sleep after hearing that screaming from Sharon, poor lassie

C G : This makes me feel proud that I survived childhood and I grew up near farms!