Taylor Swift Debuts "New Year's Day"

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FahmI FirSh : Wow 😍 #Taylor

Cass Music : i know EXACTLY why i’m crying in the club

Edwin Reynoso : YesssssTaylor 😍

Danny Steeler : That is the kewlest hooded sweatshirt I have ever seen!

SUJUICE 13 : I got goosebumps everytime when the "hold on, to the memories they'll hold on to you" part comes💛

Smile with Mel : I think this is my favourite song on the album 😍 love it and her sparkly jumper! Xx

sumthinsnazzi78 : This is more like the older Taylor. 😍

BLAQK 1/1 : Is there anyone in here that loves TAYLOR SWIFT?

Anjushree Verma : "Taylor was not scheduled to do the show that today but the producers wanted something special for Jimmy's first show back, so they asked her on a complete whim, since she had been in town doing SNL & she said yes with zero hesitation" What Taylor did was absolutely kind and beautiful ❤️ Even after everything people think of her, after listening to all the stuff people have to stay where her breakups are a source of entertainment for many, she does this. Plus, the coincidence of lyrics as well as her playing piano made this performance absolutely incredible & emotional! Massive respect to her for this!

Matthew Young : Was never a big fan of Taylor, but this song is so appropriate for what Jimmy is probably feeling right now. The fact that Taylor did this last minute without hesitation gives me newfound respect for her

Leyla Labbaf : Yasss Taylor

Madilyn Schroeder : that hug was pure emotion between taylor and jimmy, this is beautiful

Jenn'sCrazyLife : This is so soothing. 💛

just here. : She is very misunderstood woman, how sad.

Josefine Öijer : Jimmy fallons voice in the morning, sure will get you awake! :D

Alex ! : All these dislikes on her performances are really pissing me off. The fact that people don’t even care about “good music” anymore. The fact that she had to sit here & perform such a beautiful song to bring tears to mostly every human being in this room. Especially to Jimmy. Yet, this deserves so much hate, & judgement. Wow..

MİNNOŞ TV : İnstagram @taylorsturk fallow me. Please.I love you Taylor Swift😍😘😊

Ryan Ross : Actual angel Taylor Swift

Annie Tan : Taylor didn't write this song just for this performance, but it fits perfectly: "I'll be there if you're the toast of the town babe, or if you strike out and you're crawling home" - I feel like Jimmy can personally relate to this because of his job and fame; his mother would always support him whether he is successful or not "You squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi" - his mom squeezing his hand three times, telling him "I love you" "but I stay when it's hard, or it's wrong, or we're making mistakes" - his mother is always there for him no matter what

Giovanna Soares : This is so special and unique. This hug meant everything. And I'm crying.

J R : Taylor keeps looking over at Jimmy. Like "This is for you Jimmy" sigh, what a woman.

VCVortex : I have never bought a Taylor Swift album in my life. No disrespect, I just typically listen to Metallica, NWA, The Doors, Rittz, etc... But after hearing this song and seeing the moment unfold after Jimmy talked about losing his mother, I teared up and bought the album immediately. Great song, great people. Thank you NBC for hiring Jimmy Fallon. I have been watching since I was a kid watching Carson in the 80's, and I believe that Jimmy Fallon is THE BEST host that The Tonight Show has ever had. Thank you to the entire production crew from a life long fan of the show.

Micaela : The most honest part of this is when he goes to promote her album and her face is instantly like ' this is not about me '

Jenn'sCrazyLife : Perfect ❤️

GiSele Xo : this song reminds me so much of the old taylor I love this song!

ChelseaInsaneDay : This is the side of Taylor I will always be on board with 100%. LWYMMD along with similiar tracks on Reputation may be iffy imo, but moments like this are beautiful reminders of why she's in the upper echelon of the music industry.

Jessa Nae : *So sad, yet beautiful! Mothers can't be replaced ever, but one thing i know.....they plant so many great memories to stay with us it's like they'll forever be with us!! Eh. ..talk about tears! Bless Jimmys heart!*

Alina Marie : How anyone can have anything negative to say about this is beyond me…For those who don’t know, before Taylor preformed jimmy did a little tribute to his mom and told a story about when he was little his mom would hold his hand and squeeze it three times meaning “I love you…” and he would do it back… and when she was in the hospital he was at her bed side holding her hand and she squeezed it 3 times. Just out of coincidence there happens to be a line in the song that says “you squeeze my hand 3 times in the back of the taxi” 😭😭😭 It’s already such an emotional song to begin with, and according to the producer everyone lost it when she sang that part, even jimmy was dabbing his eyes with tissue. Taylor also wasn’t scheduled to perform but the producer wanted something special for Jimmy’s first show back and asked her and she said yes without hesitation. That hug at then end had me in tears. Very sweet, touching moment.

YoungBlood : Knowing the background of her visit in the studio, knowing what happened to Jimmy's family few days earlier, knowing how much important was 3 times hand squeeze to him this becomes very, very emotional. And Taylor singing the line "Hold on to the memories, the will hold on to you", looking at Jimmy is just the sweetest thing in the world. She is precious. He too. Love them both. Jimmy, be strong.

Miel Miguel : this is the difference between artists who make their own lyrics and the one that doesn't. it's just so real and true.

Madilyn Schroeder : she is such an angel !!!!


CheesecakeLasagna : Love that she still has Paul Sidoti to perform with her.

Mia : This made me cry. Especially the hug <3

Nova 0720 : What an Angel 👼❤❤❤

Destiny Riley : Many people were so surprised at how much this song related to Jimmy's current hardships he experienced with the loss of his mother. I did not find this shocking at all. Taylor Swift writes songs that are just relatable to everyone in many ways even though they are very personal to her life. She writes in a way that are so relatable on many levels. This is why I love her so much. Also, the fact that she can just perform and rock it in a simple hoodie is just great.

Paul The Trombonist - Trombone and Music Producer : a true artist

SANCHANA C : I can c her passion to music she's an amazing artist

Doug Sousa : That hug was so sincere! I thought they were gonna cry!

girl power, sarcasm, and books : She will always be a great performer, whether it’s just her and an instrument on stage, or whether she has ten backup singers/dancers and flashing lights. Like if you agree ❤️

Colin : I'm not the biggest fan of her music but I gotta say that she did this on such short notice is very respectable and extremely kind. Also I actually liked the song and the hug at the end was clearly very genuine she basically jumped up to hug Jimmy. Respect Taylor and well done on your performance.

Sophia Wilson : Waittt wait waitttt “Squeeze my hand three times” didn’t jimmy Fallon say his mom used to do that and then say I love you!?

Terry Kwon : It was so nice of Taylor to do this for Jimmy. That hug at the end made me shed tears. Hang on in there, Jimmy. We'll always be there for you.

Tracy Vu Nguyen : Please don't ever become a stranger, whose laugh I could recognize anywhere ❤️

Faby_ 04 : ❤The End....

Lynn D : Taylor.... such a sweet woman. I'm so proud to be a Taylor Swift fan.

LernJergi : This legit made me tear up ❤️ Taylor swifts album is so honest and good I'm SOO proud of her ❤️ she sang for jimmy ❤️ #taylorswift #jimmyfallon

Ismail Hakim : The very last part when taylor feels a lil bit shock is soooo cute !

EverydayShay Irène : Taylor is still SlayWift 👌💝🙇

Nathan Swain : Arrgh I feel so bad for Jimmy for his loss - that song really touched him. Beautiful moment when they embraced.