Smoking Pot - Louis CK Live from the Beacon Theatre (2011)

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Gianluca Camilleri : He explains the paranoia perfectly 

D u a l i t y : This is the most accurate description of becoming paranoid in a group of people while high. "They totally know I can't handle the way air is hitting my arm." Illogical concerns lol.

Hunter Thompson : You take two hits, and you go INSANE.

Karen Burch : The first time I got really high I immediately thought "Oh shit. This is an ordeal now."

daisy : It's scary how accurate this is.

videonautics : Thank you Louis Ck for letting me know that i'm not alone in this world.

breanna : Its kinda terrifying when this stuff happens actually lol.

Renzo Daskaleas : the air is hiting my arm weirdly AND THEY CAN TELL... GENIUS

Csguy : Watched this stoned and fml I almost died

• l • : This is literally one of the funniest things I have ever watched,

okifurbi : I guess with age we perceive things in a different perspective. I used to do it while teenager and joke with my mates "we are already into the dream world" and laugh and laugh non stop. Now I am thinking "shit, I am not controlling my thoughts" and from that fear, everything becames a nightmare. It is a question of your mental perspective of things and life in general which unfortunately, we change for bad as we grow up. Worries? come up. Problems? Come up. Fears? come up. If we could only come back to those unworried and easy happy days...:)

xEskel : i feel like ive done 100 sit-ups when i finished watching this video

Chris Heck : "Even the kid with the wooden hole, no ear, absence of flesh in his ear with wood"...lmao

Olyvia Locklair : "HEY GUYS I GOT LOUSIC CK STONED"- how cool would it be to be able to say that.

TheMMObro : This is why i can't really smoke anymore. Maybe i was smoking too much but this always happened to me.

drumstick74 : *I'm leaving!* LMAO

Vaalferatus : Jesus Christ, this is so relatable.

Tobias Larsson : 5,4,3,2,1.. Randomize, don't go in the same direction.... Kills me every time... :D

Dr. Nagy Arnold : 100% accurate, Perfect Subject AND delivery

Kolos : I noticed when I freak out while getting high, I get this low level autism for some reason (but without genius side effects xD). Hard to maintain eye contact, hard to read social cues. But I guess it is a closest way to understand what autists feel like all the time. Maybe if we want them to feel good around other people, we just need to treat them as a dude on a bad trip

HaasholdGaming : The way Louis describes gauges is hilarious! 1:16

Patrick M : "The wind was touching my arm weirdly and they're gonna notice how it's touching me wierdly" there is no better explanation of a paranoid weed experience lmfao

Tina Smith : This story never gets old. Every time I need to laugh, I rewatch this. Best description ever of being too high.

Raggle Daggle : Weed used to be a Delight for me and i imagened myself using it throughout my life. I enjoyed movies, music, deep or funny conversations, sometimes literature or even the stars. It just intensified the experience of life in a profound and manifold way. But then, when I lost my job, my reality was violently turned upside down again. The state of survival with its insecure existence and vulnerability that I was in now, buried my spontenaity and cheerfulness and it triggered all kinds of dark trauma's of my past. Using weed in this period of my life, I lost control of my thoughts, I became anxious etc. etc. Since then I don't touch it anymore. It's like you all say. It's troubles. It's worries. It's insecurities. They come up in an uncontrolled and frightening way while high. You all have this or have had this experience, because we're all products of the same time under capitalism. It's capitalism that causes these violent fluctuations in our lives, insecure existence, alienation of our own 'selves', stress etc. etc.

tantivymuckermaffikk : I had wat too much of an Indica/Sativa hybrid last night. Vaped an entire balloon full. For three hours I was convinced I was going to die.

SuprUltraMegaPoopsie : I think pot is one of the reasons I became a very awkward person.

xhelal dizzi : I used to be able to smoke weed no problem through out high school. It was always fun. But nowadays i cant do it. It makes me think to much and its never positive. I guess its the stress u put in the back of ur head that comes out when ur high. Thats why i could never get how people could get high when they have problems.

Dan Williams : Bro, seriously... wtf happened to the mellow stuff.  I LOVED that mellow high.

Jared Green : some Stoners will say it's not possible to get that high and that this doesn't happen, but that's because you smoke everyday so your tolerance is through the roof. I quit smoking for 93 days and then I smoked again thinking I could smoke as much as I used to. Big mistake. Louie explains it perfectly. this is exactly what happened. I had a terrible High. it is possible to smoke too much and it will completely ruin your experience.

Downrange : You have smoke some loud and watch this. Lmfao

Symbiont93 : "I'M LEAVING!"

shadfurman : I got really high in new York, but then had to drive back to new Jersey, but I didn't live there, so I friend gave me her gps. I swear I drove the whole way back high giggling while watching the gps screen instead of the rode like it was a video game. I kept telling my self to watch the fucking rode (literally out like, sure gave the passengers confidence) but then the gps would talk to me and I'd, "Whaaa?", and my head would drift back to looking at it. That's how I know there's a god cause I woke up at home somehow and only God is stronger than THAT weed.

Sam Henry : Oh lord i can relate to all of this. Not fun.

killbop : I remember attending an open concert in Amsterdam for Queens Day and taking a few hits of what I can assumed was fairly medium weed mixed with tobacco. It was the first time I did in in public place and during daytime. I remember suddenly feeling out of place and very aware of every person around (probably few thousands) and when the music started it felt like it's going off right in my brain. I later found out it was DJ Tiesto with his latest set... I was told that I stood there straight with a poker face for a while and than just disappeared. As the last strings of common sense were rapidly leaving me I decided it was time to go home. So I made my way to a tram stop while struggling to appear normal and serious (you know on a massive public fest when everyone around is drunk and having a blast). I sat on a bench there waiting for my tram and keeping a very good track of the music blasting in the distance vibrating by brain... for a looong time. No tram. People passed by throwing "this dude" looks. I think I was there for an hour when I looked to my left and saw the tracks disassembled and the usual "construction works" signs and traffic cones and tape around it... It was getting kinda dark so I just followed the tracks and walked to my place. The other time I smoked weed in Ams during day I sat on a bench long enough that I  got sunburned. In February.

Peter1x2 : I smoked after not having smoked in months and i thought itd be super cool to just keep up with the mega stoners that were supplying the weed. That night I ended up trying to understand the purpose and function of fingernails. I concluded that they were windshields for our fingers....

Justin FU : aw shit, this is going to be an ordeal now.

sss : used to have these major paranoia experiences, solution is to just take like 1/2 hits. then put it out, wait a while. you gotta ease into it. worst case you get slightly annoyed, uncomfortable. not a total meltdown like louis ck. the reason you feel paranoid is because you are completely counscious about "the present". which feels unnatural, but technically is not at all. we just have alot of bullshit to think about normally < knowing this helps alot also. Todays "skunk" weed is very high on THC but very low on CBD (this negates paranoia). i think hashisj has more CBD then skunk weed. so yea, know what you smoke. If you can control your paranoia then weed becomes pretty addicting, imagine having laser focus and concentration in everything you do.

brax10808 : Every stoner knows this is 100% true lol

Nathan Hoskins : I want to get this high until I actually get this high. He explained it perfectly. Too bad outdoor weed crops did very poorly in Tennessee this year. 

Applesauce Mcgee : this is exactly why i don't smoke pot at parties.

Premo Wallace : Really identify with this. Unlike Louis I'm young but the experience of getting too high and being incredibly self conscious and uneasy is too real

Luke Davies : Used to smoke all the time years back then one bad experience a year ago changed weed forever for me. I think it's true weed has changed recently. Anyway on that night walking home I felt funny. I distinctly remember opening and closing the fridge and giggling not stop for what felt like an hour. Reality soon become a concept in my mind, the world didn't seem real and I was dreaming or something but I couldn't wake up. Panic set in. I remember my dad texting me and it was a generic text but it felt like I'd been asked to do the worst possible thing you could imagine. I knew it was irrational but there was this feeling and I couldn't get rid of it. I smoked weed in Amsterdam like a month before this and I was fine but ever since when I've smoked just a little I get a similar effect like you become so aware of everything it becomes uncomfortable or as Louis says you go insane.

Stephenie Martinez : 3:40 is exactly how I get at times. That awkward goodbye 😂

Francesco Meola : is he not the most relatable person in comedy 

halouxy : Almost died at the drive through part, literally.

John Murphy : Last Friday I attended a concert. Took two drags off of a blunt my friend got from a dispensary; boy was that a mistake. I ended up sitting, in the back, stone faced, contemplating life and the mysteries it held. Seldom did I come to and realize I was actually at a concert. Haha, one of those memories that will stay with me for a life time!

Opal : I cried.

Kush CloudZ : haha if he only knew that it is the cure for cancer

Alex Canham : Been there.

R. Craig : So relatable