Brazzers Presents: "A Lonely MILF On Christmas" (Holiday Single)

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MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster : BRAZZERS has a youtube channel? Are you kidding me?

Block Dude : Not sure why this is recommended by YouTube but.... Idk

Freddy Lee : Brazzers really took porn to a whole new level lol

rika aleman : No manches, Brazzers tiene canal de youtube? El futuro es hoy viejo v:

Real Bonanza : Now no need to go to ....😂😂😂 they provided it on YouTube😂😂

Real Bonanza : The intro is here...full video is in description below😂😂😂

Ira Pacheco : Is Mrs. Claus receiving a creampie for the holidays?

Legend in making : This song is better than despacito ❤️

Robert Davies : A porn musical? WTF

Jesus King21 : I am still not paying 18 dollars

Carlos Badillo : Looks like Mrs. Claus received the gift of air tight from those friendly smiling elves. it's the gift that keeps on giving after a few minutes recharge

Owen Roberts : Hoe hoe hoe

Alex Iero : Cuando Disney compra a Brazzers también :v

Corey Kindle : I met her at a strip club in Houston where she was a feature dancer. She's pretty cool

DanToscano0407 : Kagney Linn Carter. 😍😍😍😍

alexander in the end : La puta madre feliz Navidad !!! Malditos depravados, aguante brazzer...

DivKa L ValentinE : Nice song.. Porn industry has changed through this year. Not just "that" porn but entertaining trailers & songs

DrMakak : I expected Jordi as an elf

Bobby reza farresy : I just know that brazzers has a youtube channel 😂 btw nice voice

Philippe Leeroy : thanks youtube, this helps me fight a lot in fighting depression. advance merry christmas y'all 🎄👉👌

Jnr Tui : It's September and......ummm, oh well ,Merry Christmas.

Isaac agada : Wow Christmas is almost here again tbh.woe

Elmos Mundo : I'ma have that stupid song stuck in my head now.....

Pole : I iz actually very surprised to find that brazzers has a youtube channel. o_o

Lolo Golos : Me apareció en recomendados... Google Nadie se había preocupado tanto por mi :'v

Luke the Drifter : Mrs. Claus was better before she got changed, when she just looked like an Amateur Milf Wife. I love the Amateur Homemade women more than the porn stars.

CenTz : She used her mouth really well.. im impressed how talented she can sing

Radical Bryan : Congratulations, Brazzers family. Kagney Linn Karter has such a nice voice. She should consider doing Rock n Roll in the near future. Keep those Brazzers Christmas songs coming.

axell acls : Llevamos 4 días de septiembre y ya perdí

allison chang : That was great.

Sergio Saldivar : YouTube me lo recomendó...lo juro :v

Charles Dickens : How can my Christmas books even compete?

Giácopo Campos : Eu tento fugir... Mas eles encontraram-me até no YouTube. A mão direita já está tremendo de nervoso.

Jahur Ansari : Kagney linn karter is hot

Andre Coutinho : This is great, keep 'em cumming xD

Mustafa Sadik : Kagney 💕

HIT El Sicario Norteño : Porque me aparece esto como recomendado? Jajajaj

Pablo Z : I think......Brazzers Santa Claus must be bald xD

Zefanja codée : Merry brazzers Christmas⛄🌲

Dani Danielz : Shame on Santa's wife for even suspecting him of infidelity.

Call_me_kev : not sure why this is recommended to me but....thanks youtube, i ain't complaining this time

nick Najera : Wow now this is funny as hell my it new Xmas song lol

Señorxd12 : que carajo brazzers con canal de youtube? xd

Al'vin Al'sace : This thing was stuck on my feed for one week straight. Had to watch it goddammit 😂️😂️😭️

AwfulGirl666 : Kagney has a lovely voice 💖

JESTERetory : Whyy so early its not christmas yet ohhh wait youtube recommended this one ohh great😂

CenTz : It's funny to think that some people actually click the video just to give it a dislike

WileyCoyote69 : I see. It was a case of Elf Defence.

gera : Como llegue aca??

E-fun : This video has no age restriction or etc really good yo