Brazzers Presents: "A Lonely MILF On Christmas" (Holiday Single)

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Owen Roberts : Hoe hoe hoe

DivKa L ValentinE : Nice song.. Porn industry has changed through this year. Not just "that" porn but entertaining trailers & songs

DrMakak : I expected Jordi as an elf

Zefanja codée : Merry brazzers Christmas⛄🌲

Radical Bryan : Congratulations, Brazzers family. Kagney Linn Karter has such a nice voice. She should consider doing Rock n Roll in the near future. Keep those Brazzers Christmas songs coming.

TVD Forever! : Brazzers is the best site ever! ❤️

AwfulGirl666 : Kagney has a lovely voice 💖

Andre Coutinho : This is great, keep 'em cumming xD

wildmann23 : Hot Damn!!Do love the title & it's pretty cool song. Is the Porn Industry entering the music business as well.  Then maybe its not a bad idea, when they make a feature films. Could add in a song such as this one in the special features.  Plus show post the music vids on YouTube. It's already getting about 13,157 views now. Brazzers has shown it's Holiday Spirit. Also Kagney Linn Karter is got the voice & as well her beautiful looks.

Родион Го. : Ооооу, это так мило 😀

Suq Madiq : dude... I love Brazzers :'D

El Naik :v : Brazzers now make songs ! WOW Good change!

danville : Santa's 🎅 pant....ho ho ho.....

sirskeptic : Ummm? Aren't your primary consumers men? Are you sure a Christmas vid where a woman bashes her husband is the way to go?

Kenneth Jara : Kagney Linn Carter <3

Medinaさん : more videos with kagney linn karte please brazzers!!

Çılgın Kuzen : Uzun gote yarrak girmez

Jorge Mejorada Cortez : Cookies And Milf Ho Ho Ho

red_jalapenio 877 : I get boners too easily Thanks alot brazzers

Rahul Roy : 😈😈😈

Ángel Pérez : Felices fiestas :') :v jajajaj

Pablo Z : I think......Brazzers Santa Claus must be bald xD

John Akhil Sabu : nice song and video you guys should do this on every holiday

Eliot Ben-Ner : She has the most amazing voice 😍😍😍

AndreePL : In the music video of a song paid for by a pornography company, there is less pornography than in music videos of contemporary popular music.

Gimpawer : La canción que todos deberían escuchar estas Navidades, Feliz Navidad ! #Hailgrasa

Mustafa Sadik : Kagney 💕

Pablo Díaz : Me encantan los videos de mi amor Kagney Linn Karter

TechyUsers : Jordi is savage...

Claah of clans -Glitch. : 🤙🤙😍😍

Benito Camela : Esperaba ver al dios jordy como duende

Tulus R : I dont even know santa have a wife

Charles Dickens : How can my Christmas books even compete?

MUHARRAM Ali : Can I join you please

Mohamed Athuman : beautiful lady

Matthew James : Was that Brandi Love in the top picture lol,

Kral Youtube : Hahah amk

Mr.veykayy : 😁 😃

Nemopucen : Thanks to her christmas bells are polished already.

hdelmas1 : Keep The Porn Industry Alive!!! We'll need it big time!!!!

イ入 Asdrion TM : You to.

sunny omio : love brazzers💜

Inverted Scrotum : In the words of my idol Mr Slave.. Jesus Christ..

indra bayu : :D

I I : donde estan los subtitulos y el link del video original? >:v

riderharry : Lol

Jack Altsil : Жги Кагни! Давай ещё!

michael thame : ITS CHRISTMAS...... yes that needed capitals

Kerem Yıldırım : Please send me a profit :)

super big boy bob : aint nobody tryna come thru