Jim Mora Playoffs!

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Soccercrazyigboman : Exactly how I feel about My Dallas Cowboys

Xored : The Browns 2003-2016 and beyond

Jake Gilaberte : "Playoffs?!" Is the most famous part but what about the line "in my opinion that sucked!" This guy is top-level comedy

gbfansean : This will never get old! Its become ritual to watch this every year; season after season after season

dennnis2781 : You guys realized he was talking about Peyton Manning right?

PetroFor3 : I play this every time I lose a madden game.

KingofNewark : Cleveland Browns: " Winning? Are you kidding me? I just hope we could get a lead."

Brandon Stoddard : Any fellow Panthers fans in the house?! wooo 15-1 to 1-15 let's freaking gooo! playoffs? playoffs?!?!?!

Jeremy Kershaw : Browns fans don't know what the playoffs are.

Flat2theFace : this has yet to fail to bring me out of a bad mood

Nate V : Steelers brought me here

Matt Formisano : Never gets old

Brenden Holden : who else just looked this up because of a commercial 😂

Tbob434 : Teams in the NFC South be like... 😂

Joe Barbieri : NLSS crew anyone?

Batza The beast : The biggest NFL meme has been found

Adam Terry : What every Philadelphia 76ers post game interview is like...

Trev Mac : didn't matter if they made the playoffs..Mora's team's were 0-6 lifetime in the post season

The Bearded Batman : 0:21 Browns fans

papermaniacs : CLG pls

Johnny Ace Okeke : I'm a Raiders fan. This feeling is too familiar. {{v_v}}

Gohan With Down Syndrome : Atlanta Falcons: "Superbowl? You mean a Superbowl? I just hope we can maintain a lead."

Jean Pierre Wehry : Freaking classic. PLAYOFFS?!?!

Kevin S : Pep Talk for the Bills 2017 season ! Go Bills !

Kevin McLogan : He could teach Jim Schwartz a thing or three about postgame speeches.

Gohan With Down Syndrome : You know this is gold when two vids of this gets over a million views

Gary Johnson : P-L-A-Y-O-F-F-S !!!!

Refeal Ibazeta : This is my Niners for awhile. Playoffs?

SDotFrost : They were 4-4 at this point. Still had a shot.

Rhonda Evans : This is how I feel about the Washington Capitals, each year, once they're IN the playoffs!

James Foster : mets 2016

Mike Killagreen : This is when Peyton Manning got him forced. A rare response he was pissed when Mora called him out publicly for throwing picks.

Dylan P. : Packers right now

jay brown : did Jim Mora invent the word friggin? i mean this is from like the late 90s

King Kuzon : CLG CLG

linkfan500 : LOL NY GIANTS

Nivek : When some kid on your basketball team mentions playoffs

Danny Dolan : Never gets old

Joe Martin : This is an all time CLASSIC moment😂

Dylan Cannon : 2017 Titans


DjarumPoonanny : 2016 Marlins

The Ghost of Judah Tribe : Someone linked this to the Detoilet Lions!!!

vccstudents : This is what fans in Miami are saying! FIRE JOE PHILBIN! 

The Average Gaming Show : 2017 Colts in a nutshell.

darin zank : this guy was an excellent football coach.


Kevin C : Some say he’s still hoping they win a game

V D : Gone are the honest coaches that speak their mind.

PurpleBandit3000 : LA Lakers right now.