New Zealand Today - Chicken and Chips in Marton
New Zealand Today with NZs Ed Sheeran

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nyrbsamoht : 2:00 - "whats good about the heratige buildings?" "brings you back"

FutureExGirlfriend : When his mate hyped him as he sang left me dead. Haha. Hands are salty but safe as. This is why NZ is home.

Cougar Boys : HAHA these boys are NZ legends!

Matt Lee : Why is everyone so afraid of six robots?

Garnet Nard : Plot twist: these two end up making a few bucks from their new found fame and they end up buying the house in the first part of the story.

Guacamole Nagertoilet : “This motorbike here is over 20 years old”

yoyothisisjo : Hands down the best thing Guy Williams has ever created.

Turtle Time : I don't know how I got here but those pair need a comedy show or something. Get them a segment on the show !

exitdown : that was actually good. wtf is happening

Santana Apiata : 😂😂😂My giggle for the Day "We are upgrading our SkatePark" #fillourheadwithKnowledge

Adjeskdndjd Qwwe : It’s bloody freezing, how is the ranga wearing a sleeveless jumper

salty spaceman : Nek minute...... = "Its the best Chicken n Chups in New Zealand" Nek minute......= " nah its definately Disturbed " Nek minute.......=" I like that frog in Star Wars..............That Frog Y'know that Frog n' his little green Light-saber"

Gene Todd : Favourite series

X X : And THAT'S how you do local news! (Can we have our soul back, America? Please?)

James Woods : The two lads need a segment! How do I start a petition?

Jazz Crank MYFHC : I can vouch that the chicken and chips are good!! 100%!!

AllTimeIsRelative : Ed Sheeran look-a-like is the most Kiwi person I've ever witnessed. Legend. PS: Did he call Yoda a frog? Hahaha

Bloke_From _NewZealand : This was actulty realy funny get the ranga on ya show!!

Austino Morffiah : This was amazing, LOL the most random video i ever clicked on in my entire life

Crouching Wombat hidden Quoll : Hahahaha..."salty but safe hands" That's why we love the kiwis

Quintin : New Zealand's got the friendliest crackheads.

joshua caldwell : From the naughty north but hands a safe as must be a kiwi thing chur boys

Language Pepe : Pretty neat; James Cook was born in my town, in England, in a place called Marton

John stitt : Tourism is starting to heat up in Marton because of this.

capbrie : i told you feilding was boring af man

_christastrophe_ : What's going on there? Is that the South Park version a kiwi Ed Sheeran?

ry ebrn : the guy with the black hair and glasses looks like a kinda chubby version of will toledo of car seat headrest

Chad S : Is that the Assassins Creed 3 Logo tattooed on the red head's arm lol?

K P : those two kids are the best thing ive ever seen on tv. would lol again +1

lefthandstan : Haven't seen a video store since 2007

Daniel Toka : Omg, a real life Outrageous Fortune "Aaron Spiller" complete with Red Hair hahahHahah love NZ!

micah brown : Not from NZ, but I want to visit now! NZ Ed Sheeran and McLovin forever!

shepherd : Give those two are job theyre great

Heremia Nikora : It's like a censored NZ version of Trent from Punchy

J. Ramsey : Trailer park Ed wasn't bad actually.

Shan Nahs : I want to have a beer with these two local heroes.

Maraid Vintena : "it's appealing" 😂

RNZIRBATT6XCOY2002 : This Rangas a crackhead! Surely? Still great mates though ... I like them. 👍

Chris Kepu : This is real journalism. Love it!

Samisoni Tupou : ok that was actually beautiful lmao

ehpunka : nz mc Lovin hasd been found (6'2 ft)

GypsyLeah : those guys are funnier than guy williams ever was but then so is his dad

sa : My hands are salty but safe as!

April G : it looks like he's bleeding from the mouth it's appealing

Cellar Door : Pizza for breakfast 😂😂

Jana Schmidt : Those two Boys could become part of little britain somehow 😂 they can`t be real 🤦‍♀️😂

juntao11 : Hmm..!?👀 Yeah..!?👁 OK...!?🤔😂 Must have try that chicken and chips 🖐😆🖑

Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either : Making New Zealand funny again. Replace guy with these two drop kicks.

Maraid Vintena : I wish those guys were my friends 😅 for entertainment purposes