Batman Superman Identities Revealed

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Darkkefka : I hope I'm not the only kid who got a huge boner from looking at Lois in that outfit.... I still remember it, those legs.Damn I though she was so HOT!!

Double D. : Superman Figures out Batman's identity Batman figures out Superman's identity *and* steals his girl The Batman always wins!

Storm Bringer777 : 0:04 That joke went straight over my head as a kid. XD

shockraid1 : "I won't have vigilantism in my town." Clark. Think about that sentence, Clark.

The Cool Guy : Not only did Batman find out your identity superman but he also stole your girl. Tough day in the office dude.

Dan Slash : What if Batman just randomly put glasses on Superman and went like "WHAT THE? CLARK KENT? BUT HOW?"

ChromeADomeStone : My gosh people. xD Superman has super strength, not super weight. Batman can lift 1500 lbs, superman is the weight of an average man, meaning batman could ragdoll him if he wanted too.

Sora Shiun'in : Making haha with Harley Quin. Why is it until now I realized how dirty that joke was?

The Stalker : "I will not have vigilantism in my town." Says the vigilante with a big S on his chest.

bloodocean07 : Batman: "I know who you are! Peace! Byeeeeee!"

porpus99 : Rather discourteous of Superman to peek under Batmans mask. Was only fair that he returned the favor. Professional courtesy.

khoa pham : Batman shouldve yelled "Kobe!" after he threw that Kryptonite in the champagne glass.

GamerPony : If this scene was done by Zack Snyder, half the city would have been demolished...

nils920 : I may not be the first to point this out, but isn't it weird how criminals are scared of Batman more than Superman, yet Supes is the guy with the powers?

Monster Queen 707 : Haha with Harley Quinn? They got away with that xD

Jack Gray : Superman: Really Bruce? Putting a tracker on my cape? Batman: Yup. Superman: you really don't trust anybody do you? Batman: no. But I'm allowed to put trackers on people. You know why? Superman: Why? Batman: BECAUSE I'M BATMAN !!

Ninja Dust Publishing : If Batman v Superman was more like this, it might have been a good movie.

Eric DeVries : Even Superman can't detect Batman when he pull's the vanishing act.

Reece Robertson : Nah there needs to be more random nightmare scenes, flashbacks and flashforwards, clunkier dialouge and straight up murder. This is way too subtle and true to the characters. Batman v Superman should only ever be 2.5 hours of joyless explosions and wooden acting. So glad Snyder is doing the live action films.

Micah Curtis : 0:20 - Superman is thinking, "Did I just get Judo tossed? Why didn't anything think of this before?"

Yonah Gasa-Gara : "I won't have vigilantism in my town", Seriously Superman? I don't see a badge on you, and at least Batman talks to the cops.

skpmd4186 : zack snyder needs to see this.

Axel Drane : In less than 3mins , this clip managed to do what BvS: Dawn of Justice couldn't achieve in 2h30.

Matt S. : So technically Batman peeked first. When he threw Superman, he planted a tracker on his cape with the intention to discover his identity... Shirts shall be made to commemorate this revelation, and they shall state, "Batman Peeked First."

Maqsimous : Sooo freaking epic!! I love this scene. Superman peaking under Batman's cowl with his X-Ray vision, & Batman pulling a fast one with his gadgetry & wit to find Clark at his home. Classic, & one of the best animated movies out there.

Richard Strong : When she picked up that note from Bruce I honestly thought it was a condom. If there was ever a power move that would be it.

Tayvin4042 : Now THIS is a far better first meeting between Batman and Superman then in Justice League: War.

Max Payne : 0:05 I didn't get the "Makin' Ha Ha!" part until now, now I know what he means.

SWAT KAT : And this is why BatMan is beter then Superman.

Sakaria Abdullahi : It's Mr. Steal Yo Girl

itsacharcoalice : This should've been the framework for the Batman v Superman movie

Storm Bringer777 : 1:58 Damn Lois has some sexy ass legs.

lofthouse23 : Worlds Finest Animated: Still a better film than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. There I said it.

River PB : i find the lack of sepia-toned random dream sequences disturbing

RandomShinigami7 : Really hope that this is how they find out each others secret identity in BvS.

Connor Brennan : Much better than the sh*t that is Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

richarson mirien : there should be a similar scene in batman vs superman film

Genex SGX Voice Talent : The first encounter between Superman and Batman in the next Man of Steel better be like this.

KyuubiGoku : Strange how the guy with super hearing and super-everything-else didn't even notice Batman disappear.

MegaXman111 : I think This is the start of a beautiful friendship :)

Kieran Holmes : Wow the DC animated universe was so good, before any movies did it.

packetpirate : "I won't have vigilantism in this city." HAH! And what are you, exactly, Superman?

The Worst Widowmaker Ever : Lol, "makin hah-hah with Harley Quinn"...

josiah jenks : 2:25 He's hiding on a Building, Peeping through yo Window,

Joshua Aguilar : Batman: Where's The Joker? Bad Guy: Who knows? making "haha" with Harley Quinn Me: WTF??

Cannon Productions : Ladies and Gentlemen, Superman's secret revealed! Under his costume lies..! PAJAMAS!

Tykage : Dammit people, superman doesn't have super obesity. He presumably weighs the same as a well built man, what kind of logic even is that 😐

Freddy Gutierrez : okay see this right here. this is another reason why batman vs superman wasn't as great as it could've been cause Snyder had to throw in so much extra baggage he didn't focus on what superman and batman represent individually which leads to their confrontation. ben Affleck was surprisingly a good bruce/batman but Snyder really had no idea how to show off the part of batman as a great detective.i'm sure there's more a hardcore fan could say but that's all I got for now.

Gungriffen : This was far better than "Batman VS Superman" could have ever been! It was a TV Movie called "Worlds Finest" for those who don't know.

TheEvrey : Omg he put his glasses on, Now I know his secret identity