Batman Superman Identities Revealed

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Darkkefka : I hope I'm not the only kid who got a huge boner from looking at Lois in that outfit.... I still remember it, those legs.Damn I though she was so HOT!!

Storm Bringer777 : 0:04 That joke went straight over my head as a kid. XD

bloodocean07 : Batman: "I know who you are! Peace! Byeeeeee!"

shockraid1 : "I won't have vigilantism in my town." Clark. Think about that sentence, Clark.

Double D. : Superman Figures out Batman's identity Batman figures out Superman's identity *and* steals his girl The Batman always wins!

Dan Slash : What if Batman just randomly put glasses on Superman and went like "WHAT THE? CLARK KENT? BUT HOW?"

Ninja Dust Publishing : If Batman v Superman was more like this, it might have been a good movie.

nils920 : I may not be the first to point this out, but isn't it weird how criminals are scared of Batman more than Superman, yet Supes is the guy with the powers?

khoa pham : Batman shouldve yelled "Kobe!" after he threw that Kryptonite in the champagne glass.

Sora Shiun'in : Making haha with Harley Quin. Why is it until now I realized how dirty that joke was?

The Stalker : "I will not have vigilantism in my town." Says the vigilante with a big S on his chest.

Monster Queen 707 : Haha with Harley Quinn? They got away with that xD

David Glasco : Not only did Batman find out your identity superman but he also stole your girl. Tough day in the office dude.

Richard Strong : When she picked up that note from Bruce I honestly thought it was a condom. If there was ever a power move that would be it.

Micah Curtis : 0:20 - Superman is thinking, "Did I just get Judo tossed? Why didn't anything think of this before?"

RandomShinigami7 : Really hope that this is how they find out each others secret identity in BvS.

skpmd4186 : zack snyder needs to see this.

porpus99 : Rather discourteous of Superman to peek under Batmans mask. Was only fair that he returned the favor. Professional courtesy.

Storm Bringer777 : 1:58 Damn Lois has some sexy ass legs.

MARKY MARC : ⚡️ *HERE'S EVERYONE'S EXPLANATION AS TO WHY NOBODY RECOGNIZES CLARK KENT AS SUPERMAN* ⚡️ Clark's glasses are reason people can't tell he's Superman. Superman's eyes give off a low level hypnotism effect. Clark examined the wreckage of his Kryptonian rocket finding a Plexiglass window shattered which will cause *HYPNOSIS* to humans! When he wears glasses made of the Kryptonian plexiglass material, it amplifies that effect to make people see him as a different and normal individual. *Detailed DC Comic info below:* **Information Source: Superman #330 "The Master Mesmerizer of Metropolis!"* **COMIC COVER DETAILS:* *_Top Text:_* *EXCLUSIVE!* Superman's *SECRET* revealed! *_Superman(holding his glasses):_* "Lana-- Now do you believe I'm Clark Kent?" *_Lana Lang(holding a picture of Clark):_* "Of course not! What kind of idiot do you take me for? This is what Clark looks like!" *_Bottom Text:_* "Revealed at last-- the startling *secret* of how *Superman* fools the world with his *Clark Kent* identity!" ⭐️ *"SUPERMAN: MASTER MESMERIZER OF METROPOLIS!"* ⭐️ The story opens with Clark Kent waking up in bed, quite rattled from a nightmare of a satellite falling out of orbit and is headed straight at them in his office building. To Clark's astonishment, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang urge him to change into his Superman suit. His close friends have apparently seen through him such as Lang. Lana refers to it as a silly blue suit. Now wide awake, Clark wonders why his disguise has seemingly fooled millions for so many years and finds out that Metropolis is being attacked by a super-villain called The Spellbinder, who induces mass-hypnosis to get folks to do just about anything at his command. Before long, after a battle between Superman and Spellbinder, Superman figures out why his super self-hypnosis failed to protect him from The Spellbinder. Superman is then amazingly able to use his own super-hypnosis power to all but insure that every person in Metropolis won't be affected by The Spellbinder. Superman heads back to work and changes from his Superman costume but then Lana Lang interrupts him. To Superman’s astonishment Lana fails to recognize that he's Superman changing to Clark. What she sees is just Superman holding glasses! Lana explains to Superman that she knows Clark, and that he has a phony similarity at best! Lana says that Superman’s too heavily built much too handsome for Clark. Superman then asks why Lana thinks this. She explains that she never knew how Superman could change his appearance so drastically if he was Clark. Clark is left confused as to why Lana sees him as Superman and not Clark. Then Spellbinder is at it again and Clark determines that he's got to self-hypnotize himself against the villain to also become immune. Before long, Superman begins another battle with The Spellbinder. Superman mistakenly believes that The Spellbinder's hypnosis won't effect him. However, The Spellbinder is able to convince him that he's lost his powers. After The Spellbinder wins and leaves the scene, Superman figures out why his super self-hypnosis failed to protect him from The Spellbinder and why Lana couldn't recognize him as Clark. He doesn't say yet to keep readers in suspense. Superman is able to avoid another dose of hypnosis from The Spellbinder after realizing that the villain is using *SOUND* for hypnosis. Via special earplugs, Superman is able to resist The Spellbinder's hypnosis and defeat him. After Superman's final fight with The Spellbinder, Clark finds that his glasses (made of the Plexiglass from his Kryptonian rocket) channel low-level subconscious projections from Superman to make people believe that Clark and Superman appear differently. Whereas ordinary glasses would not have this effect because his glasses are Kryptonian and "things" from Krypton take on super-special characteristics on Earth such as Superman himself. Clark goes to his apartment and studies himself and the Kryptonian Plexiglass in his eyeglasses. Clark says, "Apparently, my power of super-hypnotism is always working - at low power - even when I’m not willing it! It automatically projects my subconscious desire to be seen as a weaker and frailer man than I really am!... Without my conscious well behind this, my hypnotic power wouldn't work without one thing: *"my glasses".* "Some unknown property of the Kryptonian Plexiglass [in my eyeglasses] must intensify the low-level effect of my eyes! So when people look at Clark, *what they see is the image of Clark I try to project!”* (Clark creates a sketch of what he'd like to project himself as by making himself look frailer and not terribly handsome.) Superman goes on to conclude the story and explain to us readers that this effect not only is projected in person, but is carried via photographs and cameras.

Reece Robertson : Nah there needs to be more random nightmare scenes, flashbacks and flashforwards, clunkier dialouge and straight up murder. This is way too subtle and true to the characters. Batman v Superman should only ever be 2.5 hours of joyless explosions and wooden acting. So glad Snyder is doing the live action films.

lofthouse23 : Worlds Finest Animated: Still a better film than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. There I said it.

GamerPony : If this scene was done by Zack Snyder, half the city would have been demolished...

Craig Williams : This 2 1/2 minute clip from the Batman/Superman animated series crossover is better than the entire 2 1/2 hour Batman v Superman movie.

Max Payne : 0:05 I didn't get the "Makin' Ha Ha!" part until now, now I know what he means.

Maqsimous : Sooo freaking epic!! I love this scene. Superman peaking under Batman's cowl with his X-Ray vision, & Batman pulling a fast one with his gadgetry & wit to find Clark at his home. Classic, & one of the best animated movies out there.

Matt S. : So technically Batman peeked first. When he threw Superman, he planted a tracker on his cape with the intention to discover his identity... Shirts shall be made to commemorate this revelation, and they shall state, "Batman Peeked First."

Genex SGX Voice Talent : The first encounter between Superman and Batman in the next Man of Steel better be like this.

Jack Gray : Superman: Really Bruce? Putting a tracker on my cape? Batman: Yup. Superman: you really don't trust anybody do you? Batman: no. But I'm allowed to put trackers on people. You know why? Superman: Why? Batman: BECAUSE I'M BATMAN !!

Sakaria Abdullahi : It's Mr. Steal Yo Girl

Yonah Gasa-Gara : "I won't have vigilantism in my town", Seriously Superman? I don't see a badge on you, and at least Batman talks to the cops.

Tayvin4042 : Now THIS is a far better first meeting between Batman and Superman then in Justice League: War.

River PB : i find the lack of sepia-toned random dream sequences disturbing

SWAT KAT : And this is why BatMan is beter then Superman.

Eric DeVries : Even Superman can't detect Batman when he pull's the vanishing act.

OmegaTsunami : Batman: Not even Superman can hear him leave.  1:12

Damian Wayne Animations™ : batman flips superman yeah alright

packetpirate : "I won't have vigilantism in this city." HAH! And what are you, exactly, Superman?

Connor Brennan : Much better than the sh*t that is Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Freddy Gutierrez : okay see this right here. this is another reason why batman vs superman wasn't as great as it could've been cause Snyder had to throw in so much extra baggage he didn't focus on what superman and batman represent individually which leads to their confrontation. ben Affleck was surprisingly a good bruce/batman but Snyder really had no idea how to show off the part of batman as a great detective.i'm sure there's more a hardcore fan could say but that's all I got for now.

Axel Drane : In less than 3mins , this clip managed to do what BvS: Dawn of Justice couldn't achieve in 2h30.

Cesar A Vargas : thumbs up for Batman

TheEvrey : Omg he put his glasses on, Now I know his secret identity

richarson mirien : there should be a similar scene in batman vs superman film

Cannon Productions : Ladies and Gentlemen, Superman's secret revealed! Under his costume lies..! PAJAMAS!

MegaXman111 : I think This is the start of a beautiful friendship :)

josiah jenks : 2:25 He's hiding on a Building, Peeping through yo Window,

Tykage : Dammit people, superman doesn't have super obesity. He presumably weighs the same as a well built man, what kind of logic even is that 😐

TehFlush : Batman comes to Superman's show, muscles in on his territory, discovers his secret identity, beats up his arch nemesis, and bangs his girlfriend. Think that should be enough for "who would win in a fight."

Serpent XI : I liked it better in The Batman when he just had a satellite track him. Seemed more up Batman's alley.