The Best Burger I've Ever Made | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

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White Thunder BBQ : I hardly make anything but smash burgers anymore.

Grill Top Experience : I'm digging the sriracha relish Japanese mayo sauce.

FruityJames : the camera work in this was incredible, great work

im_ spiz : Who has the audacity to dislike these videos, the blasphemy. Lol 😂

cameron robertson : If you can eat it without making a mess it aint worth eating

Germanwatchgeek : Sam, not only was this the best burger you've ever made, but also the best video you've ever uploaded by a mile! The camera movement + angles and the entire editing was just outstanding! A very big step up and pretty much perfect. Cheers!

JR z : All it needs is some fries and a cold ass beer. Damn. I'm hangry.

Noah Stevens : He sounds like Negan from the walking dead

HappyConsoleGamer : I have made about 4 things you have shown all are great but this is absolutely incredible! that sauce is fucking amazing! Having it again tomorrow!

Glen & Friends Cooking : So simple! Now I just need the giant flat top in our outdoor kitchen setup...

Dick Head : Imagine eating this high

Courtney Vertz : He's cooking Burgers but he has a taco shirt on I AM CONFUSION! AMERICA EXPLAIN!

Ya'll Finished Or Ya'll Done? : Can you tell us what camera you use?

Mo Garcia : This is not a burger, but the burger....

Glen Lovelace : That looks so good make u want to cry 😢 keep it up chef I can see the genius in your cooking

Ovi Zdremtan : Well I know what I'm eating tonight

Sebastian : This is not o only the best burger you have ever made, this is the best burger I have ever seen!!!!!! 💪🏻

John Gaming : *Gorden Ramsay*

mccree : Top5 videos that you can smell

Minnesota Guy : Damn thats a sexy burger.

Ben : nice burger can u grow out your moustache?

HD Gaming : what's the best fry burgers or Grill hamburgers?

MIKE A : Fart noises in 321 lol stock up on that jap mayo Sammy dude I would love to sit in on a live show hey Sammy can I sit in on a live show bro your skills are beyond this world 👍

Orange Juice : Aka The God Burger

Anthony Reynolds : that is a great looking burger!!

Johnny Bonez : This is that food Porn everyone be talkin bout

John G : Sam, you are SO right. I grind my own burger, make my own buns, grow my own veg. One patty with onion and tomato, a little of the Sir Kensington mayo top and bottom, foodgasm. I'm not walking straight for days.

Daniel Sandin Ledang : The sauce is to thin, he over panned the burger. Its nothing special. Its luxurious.. ohmy.. He feel so good huuuh... Vermouth...... STOP IT.. Some points on the way he smashes the burger thougt..

Bobo : Isn't it the best ever like every video? :D

James x : You know what, since you asked nicely to subscribe...yes...I will. +1

Gavin Regan : I've become fascinated by this channel and I can't even eat by mouth anymore because of a medical condition.

HECTOR ALEJANDRO GUERRERO : YOU SUCH A G SAM!!! Much love bro. You are so dope.

Caden Jones : Low key he sounds like badass gaming

Fredrick Vanriler : Thank you Sam for making this show❕ I started out really clumsy and bland with my cooking, but you’re methods are so effective and delicious that you’ve taught me loads of cooking techniques❗️☘️🍾 : Smash burgers are definitely king

MikefromQueens : Ya gotta smash em

Will : Over done.

Prome : 999 like

ChrisNemo : Looks magnificient, but Sam, how could you not use a potato bun??

Sure : Sam what kind of oil was that? And great video as always 👍

Righteous1 : yummmm

It's Show time : *LOL!* Finally someone who knows how to do a *WELL DONE* burger in the *WHOLE INTERNET* ! I’m *impressed* .

Sam Callesen : Whisky Tango Fox, that looks amazing..thanks Sam!

orack babama : Did'nt know spoon is used like this 1:25

RML 3000 v : U love Vermouth like no other

glennhagstedt : you sound like that homeless guy with "the golden voice"

Ras Joseph : Love how you literally explain every thing . for someone trying to achieve this exact burger you specified the exact kind of ground beef which def influences the taste! Subscribed :)

Jonas Edsborn : I just wanted to say that I have made some of your recipes and even my kids have liked the food. I live in Sweden and some of the ingredients are hard to get a hold unfortunately. Thanks for inspiring me. Jonas

Cameron Nathan : This guy still thinking sriracha is hip. Looks good though.

dean belton : No joke I could literally taste that 🍔 sometimes I will get a takeaway and watch one of your vids while eating... just works that way