The Best Burger I've Ever Made | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

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Michael Carr : Came for the title, stayed for the camera work, dry humor and good instruction

Dick Head : Imagine eating this high

HappyConsoleGamer : I have made about 4 things you have shown all are great but this is absolutely incredible! that sauce is fucking amazing! Having it again tomorrow!

Jamaa L : I can't believe this guy doesn't have a million subscribers.

White Thunder BBQ : I hardly make anything but smash burgers anymore.

cameron robertson : If you can eat it without making a mess it aint worth eating

gregory49 : put fresh jalapeno on that and it'll be perfect.. you're welcome.

Noah Stevens : He sounds like Negan from the walking dead

XTrapz Royal : This location and animation is amazing Big love from Germany

Digvijay Parmar : NEXT time,😓try horseradish sauce, &Company call deep select hot green chillies, that's awesome, 😓😓😓😓😓nice hot burger. Thank you from Charlotte nc jay.

Kai Gaming : Anyone seeing a little Tom Hanks here?

Josh Michael : I’m glad he left tmz to make burgers 😂

Samuel Andemicael : What kind of bun is that???

Grill Top Experience : I'm digging the sriracha relish Japanese mayo sauce.

orack babama : Did'nt know spoon is used like this 1:25

Allen Blakey : What is that cooler called? Is that stone? Great video brother, made me hungry.

Ya'll Finished Or Ya'll Done? : Can you tell us what camera you use?

Mark Birks : Colemans hot english mustard is the best i like with ham amd on hotdogs

HD Gaming : what's the best fry burgers or Grill hamburgers?

HorrorHahn : Ok, I have to eat now, I'm so hungry right now :D

Ben : nice burger can u grow out your moustache?

Bob T : *LOL!* Finally someone who knows how to do a *WELL DONE* burger in the *WHOLE INTERNET* ! I’m *impressed* .

Brayden S : So jealous of the outdoor cooking. Can only do that in Canada a few months out of the year... looks delicious will try it soon!! Subbed

Glen Lovelace : That looks so good make u want to cry 😢 keep it up chef I can see the genius in your cooking

sleep tight pupper : Take all my money!!!!!!!

mccree : Top5 videos that you can smell

20 Subscribers With No Videos : the camera work in this was incredible, great work

UMLOTH : Everything looks nice except the american cheese... it tastes like plastic... i really dont understand what americans like about it. Sorry from a swede but im using hushållsost

Your moms Boyfriend : I’ve been wanting to make a burger lately, I’m gonna make this tomorrow! Thank you! : Smash burgers are definitely king

Dimuthu Dissanayake : can you do a video about making a chicken burger

JR z : All it needs is some fries and a cold ass beer. Damn. I'm hangry.

Volvc : id love to make a hole in that burger and put my pee pee into me likie

Derrick Parker : I kept watching this video since it dropped and decided last night I would make it. By far the best burger I’ve made. That sauce set it off, but the onions took it to a whole different level. I swear I’ll never buy another burger out again!

Fredrick Vanriler : Thank you Sam for making this show❕ I started out really clumsy and bland with my cooking, but you’re methods are so effective and delicious that you’ve taught me loads of cooking techniques❗️☘️🍾

MikefromQueens : Ya gotta smash em

Brandon : Sam what kind of oil was that? And great video as always 👍

Sophy Ouk : Yummy...

bowmansparks : This is my go-to burger method every time. Friends always say "don't smash the burger, it looks dry, its well done." But if it's done correctly it's the juiciest, tastiest burger ever. Good job, it looks great 🤘🤘

Rob Ghaderi : Sam, LOVING the style in which create your content. Very refreshing, and you're a great host.

im_ spiz : Who has the audacity to dislike these videos, the blasphemy. Lol 😂

Neil Ward : 🤤🤤😍😍🤤🤤🤤

Medal Mold : I’d trade those buns for Potatoe buns

Daniel Sandin Ledang : The sauce is to thin, he over panned the burger. Its nothing special. Its luxurious.. ohmy.. He feel so good huuuh... Vermouth...... STOP IT.. Some points on the way he smashes the burger thougt..

- LyteZ - : 0:37 This Just Got Sexual

The Tez Man : I tried this but I didn’t have vermouth so I used fireball whiskey haha 👌... and I used ground lamb instead of beef. It came out pretty good

bong donkey : I like listening to Sam on the Radio!

José María : Sorry dude, but that shit was burnt. Plus, smashing the meat is a waste of juices. If that was the best burguer, I dont want to see the worst, or even the regular ones. Good idea the vermouth with the onions thoug

IDK IJS : So the sauce is just burger condiments lol

Germanwatchgeek : Sam, not only was this the best burger you've ever made, but also the best video you've ever uploaded by a mile! The camera movement + angles and the entire editing was just outstanding! A very big step up and pretty much perfect. Cheers!