Tim Whistles

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aurebahr : Every once in a while you think to yourself... "I'm watching a man blow into antique whistles... nothing here benefits my life in any way... why am I here?"

Meeny McSweeny : It just now struck me...I'm watching a dude blow whistles What is life?

Jaron Marandola : You know you have a sad life when you're watching an old man blow whistles.

michaelthomson123543 : I don't know how I ended up here, or why I clicked on it, or why I watched the entire thing....

Terra : Whytf is this in my recommendations

hytato : "what do you want to do when you grow up?" I want to review 70's toys with a peculiar accent.  I love this guy

Mr.Dapper Ninja : why am i enjoying this

mort boye : he really likes to blow....

Jacek Placek : Why do i have it on my start page

ICanLlama : Why was this in my recommended box?

Leo Dasilva : i found the weird section of youtube

Nebula64 : what why how am i here

BlankY the worst : So what's this vid about?

SpecialK : This is how I want to spend my last breathes.

pokemonmaster55 : How to troll people Read more

Labantnet : just watched 7 minutes of an old man blowing things.

Kenneth Wong : The fact that this guy exists and this is what he does makes me happy.

ChloePanda 1011 : I'm 12 and I find this so satisfying, thank you for making this

Le Lennyface : Who's here from "Cool Songs"?

David Bird : I have no idea why this was on my feed!? but I enjoyed it anyways.

SlimeMcGee Overwatch, etc. : Why the heck was this in my recommended?

AscendingApsolut : Who needs Edward Snowden when we have this "whistle blower"?


PotatoNuked : This is my favourite anime! :D

GOLDFALCON 117 : Who is this dude and how did I end up here...

Lea Brugman : When he dies i wil cry my eyes out

Ivars.S : Dont know if its me, but can you unterstand anything he saying?

TheWinterJedi : why the f is this recommend to me

mattshiznet silva : What the heck did I just watch.. I stumbled upon this from watching car videos lmao

Elouise Hodge : Right okay 😂 how the fuck did I end up hear. and why the fuck am I watching an old guy blowing on whistles XD

Brandon Mitchell : I started with PewDiePie videos...now im here....ummm.....where am I>?????

Jin X Jin : i udersand only 5% of what he says

Daryll Valdez : This video make me feel 3 years old again

Chris Wilkins : 3:55 BLEW MY MIND

Gary : My parents don't understand why I'm watching an elderly man blow whistles.

Dropping 2020 in every video : Im a grown ass man..but id loved to listen a bedtime story by this man...

Christian H. : Wut dat mouf do?

Vitor Renan Bras Bueno Renan : I love your chanel :)

Pyro 12 : this is weird I think he is a pedifil

wglmb : Whistles from the Nile

Owlguy007 : Its midnight, I have a final project due tomorrow morning, and here I am listening to a nice British man talk about whistles.

username147 : why can't we have more reviewer like him I like how he notices every little detail and shows us what it does which reviewer just say what is does and they don't show you but not tim and plus he gives us history on the objects tells us where their from

miles lopes : this guy makes the depression go away

Lo l : rip headphone users

av merakı : TÜRKİYE

cute bunny : ilike

Andriy Yatskiv : 6:44 look at his face!!😂

triples_ : Am I the only one that thinks some of these would be memes?

XxWolfGamersxXl : R.IP headphone users

Doggo likes Froggo : Binge watching him rn