Tim Whistles

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David Bird : I have no idea why this was on my feed!? but I enjoyed it anyways.

Heather Dean : This man is adorable. ;3; can you be my grandpa???

michaelthomson123543 : I don't know how I ended up here, or why I clicked on it, or why I watched the entire thing....

Meeny McSweeny : It just now struck me...I'm watching a dude blow whistles What is life?

Curtis Haley : this guy is great to fall asleep to

hytato : "what do you want to do when you grow up?" I want to review 70's toys with a peculiar accent.  I love this guy

Ruby Føx : i udersand only 5% of what he says

Colin Murphy : I guess you could say he was "blowing cock"! I'll go kill myself now

Kōichi Zenigata : Cool new intro! Doesn't feel like it's been a year... thanks for making 2014 more bearable, Tim and Hendrik!

Jaron Marandola : You know you have a sad life when you're watching an old man blow whistles.

Terra : Whytf is this in my recommendations

TheWinterJedi : why the f is this recommend to me

Mr.Dapper Ninja : why am i enjoying this

aurebahr : Every once in a while you think to yourself... "I'm watching a man blow into antique whistles... nothing here benefits my life in any way... why am I here?"

Mincraft Tomujswiat : Why do i have it on my start page

mort boye : he really likes to blow....

ICanLlama : Why was this in my recommended box?

Nebula64 : what why how am i here

Leo Dasilva : i found the weird section of youtube

XxWolfGamersxXl : R.IP headphone users

BlankY the worst : So what's this vid about?

pokemonmaster55 : How to troll people Read more

Labantnet : just watched 7 minutes of an old man blowing things.

WooferJr : 6:41 Tim's face says it all.

Fooly Cooly : "HM."

SpecialK : This is how I want to spend my last breathes.

Chris Keane : and then we have a COCK

ChloePanda 1011 : I'm 12 and I find this so satisfying, thank you for making this

Slime McGee : Why the heck was this in my recommended?

AscendingApsolut : Who needs Edward Snowden when we have this "whistle blower"?

Kenneth Wong : The fact that this guy exists and this is what he does makes me happy.

Mark Gades : 4:29 he is blowing a cock


Le Lennyface : Who's here from "Cool Songs"?

PotatoNuked : This is my favourite anime! :D

GOLDFALCON 117 : Who is this dude and how did I end up here...

Exestos : 4:25 for a elderly man blowing a cock

Lo l : rip headphone users

Angry Sun : You could've called this: Tim Blows a Cock

Comet : If racing was that fast, i'd watch it

Ivars.S : Dont know if its me, but can you unterstand anything he saying?

Darien Goheen : These videos make me forget about my daily troubles.

greeeenchee : I'm way too high

Brandon Mitchell : I started with PewDiePie videos...now im here....ummm.....where am I>?????

the comidian : we got a little cock here

Arwin : he blew that cock

mattshiznet silva : What the heck did I just watch.. I stumbled upon this from watching car videos lmao

Pyro 12 : this is weird I think he is a pedifil

Elouise Hodge : Right okay 😂 how the fuck did I end up hear. and why the fuck am I watching an old guy blowing on whistles XD

Lea Brugman : When he dies i wil cry my eyes out