Tim Whistles

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S A D - E G G : all the comments are like "wtf why am I here old man blah blah" but I found all the types of whistles he showed was actually interesting

Kenneth Wong : The fact that this guy exists and this is what he does makes me happy.

SpecialK : This is how I want to spend my last breathes.

Lea Brugman : When he dies i wil cry my eyes out

Le Lennyface : Who's here from "Cool Songs"?

PotatoNuked : This is my favourite anime! :D

SoundHarvest : "when you blow hard, they'll perform" anyone else have a dirty mind?

Ian V. Raybeck : Tim is like the Bob Ross of toy collectors.

David Bird : I have no idea why this was on my feed!? but I enjoyed it anyways.

Chris Wilkins : 3:55 BLEW MY MIND

Dropping 2020 in every video : Im a grown ass man..but id loved to listen a bedtime story by this man...

Jonas MP : 6:39 LOL

Daryll Valdez : This video make me feel 3 years old again

aurebahr : Every once in a while you think to yourself... "I'm watching a man blow into antique whistles... nothing here benefits my life in any way... why am I here?"


Vitor Renan Bras Bueno Renan : I love your chanel :)

SuperPixel ! : this guy makes the depression go away

Andriy Yatskiv : 6:44 look at his face!!😂

Caden Dorkson : This man is adorable. ;3; can you be my grandpa???

wglmb : Whistles from the Nile

Saberz : Can he be a meme?

cute bunny : ilike

H20 Fearless : Tim can you be my grandpa

hytato : "what do you want to do when you grow up?" I want to review 70's toys with a peculiar accent.  I love this guy

Optical_Potato | Gaming Stuff : me rn 4:07

Tom Ashford : Tim, I love you, you are so pure!

i woofer : i love this guy

I play PAYDAY 2 sometimes : #car

Caner Türk : Türkiyede olsa amq bide bi TÜRK ben mi varım bu videoda

MrRepeat : 4:24 Hihi!!! He said "cock" c:

Dra Daniel : Aqui e br mas e muito legal 🐺

username147 : why can't we have more reviewer like him I like how he notices every little detail and shows us what it does which reviewer just say what is does and they don't show you but not tim and plus he gives us history on the objects tells us where their from

michaelthomson123543 : I don't know how I ended up here, or why I clicked on it, or why I watched the entire thing....

Chris Vasi : The wool string one is cool

triples_ : Am I the only one that thinks some of these would be memes?

Samara Zuleika : Binge watching him rn

Valentin Ferrucci : ta re duro viejito

Curtis Haley : this guy is great to fall asleep to

Kordova 21 : Tim's favourite saying: Blow hard or go home

fire breather : hey uncle u r oldddddddddd

The Gaming brothers J.A : 4:24 cock 😏

santhosh Thodichil : well don അപ്പൂപ്പാ നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് ഇതിലെ ഒരു പിപ്പീ എങ്ങിനെ എങ്ങിലും എന്നിക്ക് കിട്ടുമോ അപ്പുപ്പാ

Mr.Dapper Ninja : why am i enjoying this

sul!zye : A meme is coming

Bacon CheeseCake : whistling at those widowed grandmas.

Sabertoothgaming : WTF did i just watched

Truth less : I like these toys

Grammar Nazi : If this world had magic, tim would be that one professor who has all the fun enchanted stuff

mrzazzaable : Never knew tim gets LIT

jerico mediana : Ilike that spaship