They bought me enchroma glasses

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Comments from Youtube

Justin Bechtel : There is a huge difference between a boss and a leader. This man is a leader, you can tell just by how his coworkers treat him.

Belvedere HD : You honestly have to be doing something right for your workers to treat you like that...

Myuni : "I hear these don't work" *30 seconds later*

Prometheus : The little “holy shit” from him when he put the glasses on for the first time, that’s sweet!

tea sipper : Logan Paul’s fake colorblind glasses video got 26 million views This real video got 819k views. I’m disappointed in humanity

Rena8 : Tony Stark finally realizes what colours to paint his Iron suit (2018, Colourized)

Fjerid : The shit we take for granted man...

WolfPrideProductions : "Is, is that purple?" Can we just appreciate how beautiful that question is.

Sarah Matti : He can never fire them lol

crazybird : My boss would grab them and send us back to work

•Casserole_Unidentified• : Wish I could get my Dad these. I came home one day to discover he painted all the bathrooms and laundry aqua and the hall a strange pastel burgundy colour saying they were light blue and grey. Never letting him decorate again 😂❤️

Carmen Echevarria : Is that car red? Is that car black? I just felt like a mom longing to hold his son and tell him everything is fine now...

no body : I no joke saw an enchroma ad before this video

Tessa Lonika : He looks like a humble man

No One : I dont know stark works in small industries

cabello.mp4 : * *logan paul has left the chat* *

Jason rai : He looks like matrix guy

Ray : This is better than the office.

chii hasagi : goes outside, almost everything is brown, lol

Annika The German : "We're open till six." LOL XD

magig thingy : Is it purple? "YEAHHHHH!!!!!"

Anja M. : If your staff do this for you, you can be proud! It proves you are a good boss.

Sara-Kacy DeBoard : This makes me SO happy. What wonderful employees.

Roman S : You must be a great guy and a great boss. Your employees looked happy to see you happy. :)

eVoX cY : I realy wanted to be colour blind so i could experience this emotion. Knowing the unknown, doesnt get better than this.

Vaibhav Thamman : I always wonder when a colour blind person cannot see all the colours properly how come they know after wearing those glasses that this is the name of the colour they are seeing, but the truth is they have never seen those colours in their whole life. Or colour blindness can come anytime in a person's life?

Cassi Collins : The girls talking at the end I feel like she cares the most she tried so hard not to start bawling.

Anon Anon : Things we often take warms my heart so much.

cheekyoziechick : aww they love their boss.. He'll go home and see how badly decorated his house is..

Dave_bed : your such a chill boss what I want to work for you whats your company

Karlie Stoddard : These workers are literally the best people ever. This is amazing.

Erik Cook : "is that green" YEAHHHH *CLAPPING INTENSIFIES*

Carl Johnson : Damn this is Now Tony Stark work after Thanos Snap His Fingers?

John Parel : Wow. The boss' Reaction is wow.. awesome. He seemed soo happy 😁🤗🤗🤗

Toner C. : What is the job? Seems like 99 percent women. Nice heartfelt video.

wasgeht dichdasan : Damn... I know this place... Thats in South Dakota, right? No need to be more precisely... And I'm German :D what a wonderful small world we're all living in! Btw your relationship between your colleagues seems perfect! Keep going

Moesha-Jane E : Every time I am depressed I watch videos like this.

Whoami691 : This how you know you're a great boss...

xenonxi : Tony Stark

Michele Johnson : It just feels so great watching their reaction! Thanks for sharing

Omar Andres : How does he know what the colors look like

Dylan Klebold : My Boss is Sleep Deprived and makes us Confirm to him That the Monsters aren't there

SaKenMadRaj : I remember when my wife bought me a pair... colorblind people who have gotten enchromas completely understand... the way colors pop after putting them on is amazing... imagine living in a world that is pastel in nature and all of a sudden everything is in neon mode... congrats boss!

xd ArttY : He says something *everybody laughs*

Thurga Gandhi : He is kind enough to create a good working environment, the workers are very very lucky

8unnylover : "Is that purple?" "Is that pink?" The most pure questions!

Why Be A Hero : Awwwies 💙❤❤💙💙 yo this just warmed my heart yo

indiecloud100 : Loved this episode of The Office

Carl Hammill : he must be great boss because I have rarely seen co-workers that loving toward boss.