They bought me enchroma glasses

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Justin Bechtel : There is a huge difference between a boss and a leader. This man is a leader, you can tell just by how his coworkers treat him.

Prometheus : The little “holy shit” from him when he put the glasses on for the first time, that’s sweet!

Hello There : Next day he comes to work wearing a bright purple shirt, yellow tie, green pants, and orange shoes

Belvedere HD : You honestly have to be doing something right for your workers to treat you like that...

tea sipper : Logan Paul’s fake colorblind glasses video got 26 million views This real video got 819k views. I’m disappointed in humanity

Myuni : "I hear these don't work" *30 seconds later*

Rena8 : Tony Stark finally realizes what colours to paint his Iron suit (2018, Colourized)

Fjerid : The shit we take for granted man...

BWWKH : Very cool boss. (Greatings from Germany).

Sarah Matti : He can never fire them lol

crazybird : My boss would grab them and send us back to work

•Casserole_Unidentified• : Wish I could get my Dad these. I came home one day to discover he painted all the bathrooms and laundry aqua and the hall a strange pastel burgundy colour saying they were light blue and grey. Never letting him decorate again 😂❤️

Carmen Echevarria : Is that car red? Is that car black? I just felt like a mom longing to hold his son and tell him everything is fine now...

SaKenMadRaj : I remember when my wife bought me a pair... colorblind people who have gotten enchromas completely understand... the way colors pop after putting them on is amazing... imagine living in a world that is pastel in nature and all of a sudden everything is in neon mode... congrats boss!

no body : I no joke saw an enchroma ad before this video

cabello.mp4 : * *logan paul has left the chat* *

Tessa Lonika : He looks like a humble man

Ray : This is better than the office.

Age Of The Witch : Love the giggles in the background those are coOl shades now he can see colors that makes me emotional

No One : I dont know stark works in small industries

Jason rai : He looks like matrix guy

magig thingy : Is it purple? "YEAHHHHH!!!!!"

Annika The German : "We're open till six." LOL XD

Shakaama : I promised myself I wouldn't cry. I always break my promises.

Cassi Collins : The girls talking at the end I feel like she cares the most she tried so hard not to start bawling.

Vaibhav Thamman : I always wonder when a colour blind person cannot see all the colours properly how come they know after wearing those glasses that this is the name of the colour they are seeing, but the truth is they have never seen those colours in their whole life. Or colour blindness can come anytime in a person's life?

eVoX cY : I realy wanted to be colour blind so i could experience this emotion. Knowing the unknown, doesnt get better than this.

Anja M. : If your staff do this for you, you can be proud! It proves you are a good boss.

Ben Jamieson : Wait wot if colour blind people see colour correctly and non colour blind people don't

Sara-Kacy DeBoard : This makes me SO happy. What wonderful employees.

Omar Andres : How does he know what the colors look like

Dave_bed : your such a chill boss what I want to work for you whats your company

Dylan Klebold : My Boss is Sleep Deprived and makes us Confirm to him That the Monsters aren't there

Roman S : You must be a great guy and a great boss. Your employees looked happy to see you happy. :)

Anon Anon : Things we often take warms my heart so much.

Toner C. : What is the job? Seems like 99 percent women. Nice heartfelt video.

Carl Johnson : Damn this is Now Tony Stark work after Thanos Snap His Fingers?

Thurga Gandhi : He is kind enough to create a good working environment, the workers are very very lucky

Moesha-Jane E : Every time I am depressed I watch videos like this.

xenonxi : Tony Stark

Natalia Molina : When I was watching this video an ad for the glasses came on

WrongerWings : Huh this from my home state too. (South Dakota) neat

VauxhallViva1975 : Awesome video. Are these glasses expensive, and so all the workers chipped in to buy them, or was it simply a surprise for being a great boss?

Kaltrina Demiri : Amazing man with amazing coworkers :) Nicely done

who cares eat pizza and get fat : What made me smile was his reaction to everything . The chip bag !!!! This is beautiful!!!!!!

JustWasted3HoursHere : A quick rundown of the different types of colorblindness: *Red-Green Color Blindness* _The most common types of hereditary color blindness are due to the loss or limited function of red cone (known as protan) or green cone (deutran) photopigments. This kind of color blindness is commonly referred to as red-green color blindness._ Protanomaly: In males with protanomaly, the red cone photopigment is abnormal. Red, orange, and yellow appear greener and colors are not as bright. This condition is mild and doesn’t usually interfere with daily living. Protanomaly is an X-linked disorder estimated to affect 1 percent of males. Protanopia: In males with protanopia, there are no working red cone cells. Red appears as black. Certain shades of orange, yellow, and green all appear as yellow. Protanopia is an X-linked disorder that is estimated to affect 1 percent of males. Deuteranomaly: In males with deuteranomaly, the green cone photopigment is abnormal. Yellow and green appear redder and it is difficult to tell violet from blue. This condition is mild and doesn’t interfere with daily living. Deuteranomaly is the most common form of color blindness and is an X-linked disorder affecting 5 percent of males. Deuteranopia: In males with deuteranopia, there are no working green cone cells. They tend to see reds as brownish-yellow and greens as beige. Deuteranopia is an X-linked disorder that affects about 1 percent of males. *Blue-Yellow Color Blindness* _Blue-yellow color blindness is rarer than red-green color blindness. Blue-cone (tritan) photopigments are either missing or have limited function._ Tritanomaly: People with tritanomaly have functionally limited blue cone cells. Blue appears greener and it can be difficult to tell yellow and red from pink. Tritanomaly is extremely rare. It is an autosomal dominant disorder affecting males and females equally. Tritanopia: People with tritanopia, also known as blue-yellow color blindness, lack blue cone cells. Blue appears green and yellow appears violet or light grey. Tritanopia is an extremely rare autosomal recessive disorder affecting males and females equally. *Complete color blindness* _People with complete color blindness (monochromacy) don’t experience color at all and the clearness of their vision (visual acuity) may also be affected._ There are two types of monochromacy: Cone monochromacy: This rare form of color blindness results from a failure of two of the three cone cell photopigments to work. There is red cone monochromacy, green cone monochromacy, and blue cone monochromacy. People with cone monochromacy have trouble distinguishing colors because the brain needs to compare the signals from different types of cones in order to see color. When only one type of cone works, this comparison isn’t possible. People with blue cone monochromacy, may also have reduced visual acuity, near-sightedness, and uncontrollable eye movements, a condition known as nystagmus. Cone monochromacy is an autosomal recessive disorder. Rod monochromacy or achromatopsia: This type of monochromacy is rare and is the most severe form of color blindness. It is present at birth. None of the cone cells have functional photopigments. Lacking all cone vision, people with rod monochromacy see the world in black, white, and gray. And since rods respond to dim light, people with rod monochromacy tend to be photophobic – very uncomfortable in bright environments. They also experience nystagmus. Rod monochromacy is an autosomal recessive disorder.

𝓞𝓯𝓯𝓲𝓬𝓲𝓪𝓵𝓛𝓲𝓪 : why is there a ps4 box lol

glen prajwal pinto : Can I get a job here bc this boss is sweet

Formortiis Warhawk : Im trying to imagine how difficult his work is. I mean, I see three monitors and a macbook, and he happens to be COLORBLIND. Actually nvm, I cant possibly imagine. Bless this man and the workers who gave this mam some color in his life.

WolfPrideProductions : "Is, is that purple?" Can we just appreciate how beautiful that question is.