They bought their boss Enchroma Glasses

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who cares eat pizza and get fat : What made me smile was his reaction to everything . The chip bag !!!! This is beautiful!!!!!!

SaKenMadRaj : I remember when my wife bought me a pair... colorblind people who have gotten enchromas completely understand... the way colors pop after putting them on is amazing... imagine living in a world that is pastel in nature and all of a sudden everything is in neon mode... congrats boss!

Shakaama : I promised myself I wouldn't cry. I always break my promises.

Age Of The Witch : Love the giggles in the background those are coOl shades now he can see colors that makes me emotional

cheekyoziechick : aww they love their boss.. He'll go home and see how badly decorated his house is..

Whoami691 : This how you know you're a great boss...

RJ Spear : You must be a great guy and boss. So cool to watch people who are colour blind wear this glasses for the first time.

BWWKH : Very cool boss. (Greatings from Germany).

Gabi Koonings : Now go to a zoo, or preferably something with a lot of birds, they have more bright colors, botanical garden, a car show, fireworks show.

WolfPrideProductions : "Is, is that purple?" Can we just appreciate how beautiful that question is.

Wasup Doc : What a great gift for your boss, you really made his day. So good.

ricoRIC0paco : How was the sunset?

Ailin Ell : He must be a great boss. What kind of organization they work in I wonder 😀

broadwaymelody33 : It took about 4 hours for my cousin’s to work. We thought it didn’t work but then he said “wait hold on it’s like morphing?!?!” lmao

Lyle Stavast : great kids...

equarg : "Your gonna be able to pick out your own ties now!" 😂😂😂😂 How many times did he come to work with bad ties on? Has he ever seen that insane "Rush Limbah" tie? As a normal sighted person it hurt to look at it!

darkovilos : Boss is a ladies man in a good way.

Janet Dillingham : There’s a certain giggle that means “something truly amazing is going to happen and I’m a part of it’s happening”. It is the sound of pure joy.

Slavka Skye : You look like Tony Stark with those glasses. :D

Norbert Pecheq : He should to increase their salaries to all of them now!

Desperado-LP : congratulations !

Andrew Ongais : I wanna work with those people and for "the boss."

Amy 7244 : If someone has been colorblind their whole life how would one know the colors so easily

Jose Luis Roiz : lets go outside!.... all brown and beige lol

Raymond Renfrow RayRen98 Tribute : He was crying on the inside, not on the outside I can tell. Such a precious moment.

pyro lopez : His first reaction...Your all fired lol jk

Spazz Matazz : I can watch these all day long. I only wish I could have gotten a pair for my dad years ago.

Aron : They love him he must be a great boss

giggleherz : Jesus said that even King Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as beautifully as the flowers in the fields. These videos are the best of the best on you-tube, how many times would you ever see a grown man cry at the sight of a purple flower. TY for sharing the magic with us, cheers from Canada

Gbriel Bárnadà : a happy environment is always productive

Lawliet Ryuzaki : I would have a similar reaction as you if my vision was 20/20 lol. I have blurry vision.

Putri SN : This makes me so happy

Kevin Roberts : That's an awesome thing they did for him, and the young lady in the jean jacket is beautiful!

DigiV : you are so loved by your employees, a sign that you treated them well, great boss👏

Cheri Emery : Oh, the things we take for granted! This was an amazing gift by people who obviously love you. I hope you have enjoyed your colorful adventure. (isn't green magnificent?) :)

indiecloud100 : Loved this episode of The Office

who cares eat pizza and get fat : Wow

Saartje05 : How do they know what the colors are if they can't see them?

Nickolas Solis : I didn't know Ed Norton was colorblind

Kevin Yeoh : I'm confused, how do color blind people know what red, purple or any other color would look like?

Phil Connors : My only confusion is, if he has never seen color then how would he know what people green and blue look like.

Ticky Tocky : I was looking how to fix the starter on my 98 explorer, why am I here?

Sex : The only thing I miss in my life right now is a boss like you.

Forrest40PF : Congrats! Great reaction!!!

Carmen Echevarria : Is that car red? Is that car black? I just felt like a mom longing to hold his son and tell him everything is fine now...

IrishNoodles : *Edward Norton?*

Carla Garrett : you must be a well loved boss! congrats, and how come you didn't cry.

mahchymk93 : You're all fired

ContactingTheDead : *God bless you Ronnie!*

Peter H : Awesome. This video made my day 👍😁