DOOM: Behind the Music
DOOM Behind the Music

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In this 2017 session, Doom composer Mick Gordon provides a detailed look into the compositional process, production techniques and creative philosophies behind the hell-raising soundtrack to the 4th installment of the seminal first-person shooter franchise, Doom. GDC talks cover a range of developmental topics including game design, programming, audio, visual arts, business management, production, online games, and much more. We post a fresh GDC video every weekday. Subscribe to the channel to stay on top of regular updates, and check out GDC Vault for thousands of more in-depth talks from our archives. Follow us on Twitter Check out our Facebook page for GDC exclusives Visit our site:


Ben Nxe : He morphed metal with chainsaw. That's so metal.

Ash Green : May I just point out that Mick Gordon has the perfect evil genius face

Kill me Please : Evil genius face: check Meme lord: check Master of jams: check He has become the Evil Musical Meme Man

beefknuckles : I emailed Mick via his site a few months after the game came out to congratulate him on a job well done. Very surprised when he responded at length and sent me a bunch of links to check out more of his work. This guy is super humble and really deserves all the success in the world.

tehsma : This will go down in history as one of the most perfectly executed game soundtracks. The guy NAILED IT.

Dumpster Jedi : This seems like a Ted talk, but it's actually about something I care about and what they're saying isn't stupid.

MeTheGreat : Before playing DOOM : This soundtrack is weird. Too much random noise, don't really like it, not much of a tune. After playing DOOM : This soundtrack is the best soundtrack ever made.

Moraco Mole : 44:30 Proof that people would rather look for the Devil than Jesus

Vincent Goeminne : "What music do you listen to?" Me: Chainsaws "What?" Me: Yes

eat@medve's : im glad we didnt had to burn down mick's house

Michael Vicente : I'm not into sound, I'm a 3d artist artist, but this was super interesting, I love how passionate the guy is and it really translates into the music. I have to admit the music is freaking badass, I'm listening to it at work lol.

Dark GT : "Jesus love you..."

Theodore : > I love synths Damn Institute

Connor Williamson : "I love synths." I'm calling the Brotherhood, expect a Fat Man at your doorstep within the week.

qwasd0r : This guy is a pioneer, I hope more games pick up this style.

Meridia's Beacon : "Hey Mick, can you pass me some d i s t o r t i o n ?" "yeah no problem my dude just give me 1 sec oooooohhh oopsy" "Mick, what... Did you do?" "I created the DOOM OST" "Mick that's just a lot of distortion and bass" "Yes what about it?" "I freaking love it dude please make more"

Rodrianius : When all those Articles popped up about the 666 and Pentagram hidden by him as a complete Joke, which arguably could have been an easter egg, but then you remember ALL kinds of people have access to the internet... It can't even affect a Human, since it's a soundwave, not a spoken subliminal message Some people just can't take a joke

wolf829 music : I pray doom eternal has this level of incredible dedication to the music

Radcaster : Holy shit the "Doom Instrument" is incredible. I hope we see a version of it as a VST one day.

Jimmy Gunawan : This guy is a storyteller technical musician, great presentation!

Bring me Peter pan : I've played a lot of games over the years, heard a lot of in game music, but as a metal head I was so excited and happy to hear stuff like this in an AAA game. Funny when I bought doom the next day I went out and bought a new pair of gaming headphones, they had a battery powered audio boost and bass booster thing and I always had it cranked through this whole game, not just because of the music but the guns had such a powerful sound to them it just made it all the better and more enjoyable.

Blubby : congrats to mick gordon for showing a spongebob metal mashup in front of a live audience

a boi without vision : Holy shit immediately i want to do some of the things he's talking about here

Blaine Burns : people get upset about the 666 and pentagrams in the spectrograph more than the actual gameplay

Fabian Valenzuela : This guy should do a collaboration with Trent Reznor.

KILLD0ZER : "...contains leads to Satan and your children are listening to this..." THE GAME IS RATED FOR ADULTS IN (tell me if I'm wrong) EVERY SINGLE MARKET IT WAS PUBLISHED IN. If your children are playing this game against your will, you are a bad parent as they shouldn't be able to purchase it on their own. If your children are playing it with your permission, you have no say.

Benjamin Schubert : Fascinating. Surprising there was no mention of the drums though. To me they were a huge driving force because they made the sound even heavier.

moyno85 : Fkn weird, the second this dude started talking I was like "oh, he's from Queensland". Never really realised we had our own accent.

ketchupkatsup : Mick Gordon is a national treasure and one of the most influential composers working in the vg industry today. To be a primary guitar player and create a score for Doom without the use of it's trademark guitars, and have it go beyond your expectations... i salute you.

Filthma : Oh holy shit. I was told that the menu music was sampled from a chainsaw but I didn't realise it was the chainsaw from the original Doom. That just clicked so hard in my head when Mick mentioned it, I can so hear that.

xephyr88 : Where are all the Meshuggah comments

Tyler Menard : I grew up in the 90s. Industrial, metal, industrial metal, prog metal, early djent and aggrotech... This soundtrack took everything I adore about the sound engineering of that time, added modern techniques, and cranked it up past 11. This is my my everything, and I'll try to incorporate this process into everything I do. I can see your time with Fredrik Thordendal on the Wolfenstein: New Order OST had a lasting effect. \m/


pixelasm : Change the process, change the outcome is a super valuable lesson. Also the process he went through is mind-boggling for me as a non musician. The outcome is awesome too, very fitting, new but also reminiscent to the DOOM franchise.

Gauthier Jeanty : really loved the detail he goes into ! mick doesn't take his audience for idiots, that's nice

Sam : this video instantly made me interested in sound design

benbear50 : He's such a geek, and I love it

Stan Rock : You know who makes their game music with no guitars? A SYNTH.

Sir ForeverAlone : "NO GUITARS" - Am I the only one who finds this insulting?

OVVNAGER : Hope he collabs with Celldweller

Aubrey Ladan : I love it when I watch things like this and the break down makes the result even cooler then it originally was.

MBOmnis : Wow, Mick is almost as enthusiastic about his work as Hugo Martin.

palad1ncz : passion meets quality work

Cezar Grey : After hearing a few of his tracks for doom. I'm truly blown away. He is simply brilliant. The dynamics of the pauses, heavy bass and haunting synths. I'm glad I found this cause I can appreciate the music more.

Akshay Ravi Kumar : No guitars?! Yeah the soundtrack *"BFG Division"* disagrees.

MR. DUMPLING : God damn. What a fantastic presentation. Most lectures just give you a super-generalized overview, but he really went in depth with his presentation and really satiated that nerdy musical sound designer side of me.

-RD- Salind : A pure sine wave sent to Hell. #genius

thelittlesagg2 : Wow, this guy is amazing. Great talker and great musician. Respect. Can't resist breaking my neck off every time I listen to the DOOM soundtrack.

Aviator : I know nothing about sound design or creating music for games. This talk is brilliant, he explains everything so well, his energy and passion are infectious and he's got some great humour in there too. One of the best talks ever, really interesting stuff.