DOOM: Behind the Music

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andersdenkend : I haven't played that new Doom, and wasn't even interested in its music very much. But seeing this now, I really start to appreciate it. Very great work and overly enthusiatic dude.

beefknuckles : I emailed Mick via his site a few months after the game came out to congratulate him on a job well done. Very surprised when he responded at length and sent me a bunch of links to check out more of his work. This guy is super humble and really deserves all the success in the world.

AChimpKnockinAbout : 1 minute in: This guy is a bit... much 5 minutes in: He sure knows what he's talking about though 10 minutes in: Actually he seems pretty cool 30 minutes in: WHO IS THIS GENIUS?

Ben Nxe : He morphed metal with chainsaw. That's so metal.

zerobruno89 : "I'm a moth... and that's a really big fucking flame" Mick Gordon 2017 Best one liner EVER

Bring me Peter pan : I've played a lot of games over the years, heard a lot of in game music, but as a metal head I was so excited and happy to hear stuff like this in an AAA game. Funny when I bought doom the next day I went out and bought a new pair of gaming headphones, they had a battery powered audio boost and bass booster thing and I always had it cranked through this whole game, not just because of the music but the guns had such a powerful sound to them it just made it all the better and more enjoyable.

tehsma : This will go down in history as one of the most perfectly executed game soundtracks. The guy NAILED IT.

Ash Green : May I just point out that Mick Gordon has the perfect evil genius face

MeTheGreat : Before playing DOOM : This soundtrack is weird. Too much random noise, don't really like it, not much of a tune. After playing DOOM : This soundtrack is the best soundtrack ever made.

Theodore : > I love synths Damn Institute

Moraco Mole : 44:30 Proof that people would rather look for the Devil than Jesus

Neurotyczny Kot : I'm glad "no guitars" idea was gone... wtf Doom w/o guitars.

Connor Williamson : "I love synths." I'm calling the Brotherhood, expect a Fat Man at your doorstep within the week.

Talon One : So much work and equipment that went into this music. And its completely worth it <3 Also, allowing failure is REALLY important for projects. So much damage is done by only playing it safe.

Dark GT : "Jesus love you..."

Radcaster : Holy shit the "Doom Instrument" is incredible. I hope we see a version of it as a VST one day.

Kill me Please : Evil genius face: check Meme lord: check Master of jams: check He has become the Evil Musical Meme Man

Sir ForeverAlone : "NO GUITARS" - Am I the only one who finds this insulting?

qwasd0r : This guy is a pioneer, I hope more games pick up this style.

Rodrianius : When all those Articles popped up about the 666 and Pentagram hidden by him as a complete Joke, which arguably could have been an easter egg, but then you remember ALL kinds of people have access to the internet... It can't even affect a Human, since it's a soundwave, not a spoken subliminal message Some people just can't take a joke

Incendere : We don't deserve Mick Gordon

Michael Vicente : I'm not into sound, I'm a 3d artist artist, but this was super interesting, I love how passionate the guy is and it really translates into the music. I have to admit the music is freaking badass, I'm listening to it at work lol.

P5k : How come he has cat pictures for every example? Is this what you do with your money, Mick Gordon? Buy soviet retro synths, flutes made of human bones and order lots of pictures of cats fiddling with music equipment?

My girlfriend is a Trap : This guy is a genius.

Marcus Jones : Conclusion: nine inch nails helps people become better musicians xD

Lucas Reehle : This seems like a Ted talk, but it's actually about something I care about and what they're saying isn't stupid.

Jimmy Gunawan : This guy is a storyteller technical musician, great presentation!

Fabian Valenzuela : This guy should do a collaboration with Trent Reznor.

Oscar Nemo : 43:52, and I'm in tears. Mick's hilarious. Also brilliant.

NO : "jeeesuuuss looovveesss yyouuuu".

Stan Rock : You know who makes their game music with no guitars? A SYNTH.

a boi without vision : Holy shit immediately i want to do some of the things he's talking about here

eat@medve's : im glad we didnt had to burn down mick's house

Artec619 : My fucking god this is amazing. I can't seem to get enough of Mick talking about his musical process

Chris McGraw : Whoever wrote "no guitars" in the brief should commit seppuku.

Kevin Walter : Nice. I can't tell if this dude took a bump before the presentation or if he's just that excited. lol

Shad R. : Mick sure knows how to keep an audience entertained.

DeMZIrus : Awesome talk

ketchupkatsup : Mick Gordon is a national treasure and one of the most influential composers working in the vg industry today. To be a primary guitar player and create a score for Doom without the use of it's trademark guitars, and have it go beyond your expectations... i salute you.

pixelasm : Change the process, change the outcome is a super valuable lesson. Also the process he went through is mind-boggling for me as a non musician. The outcome is awesome too, very fitting, new but also reminiscent to the DOOM franchise.


Akshay Ravi Kumar : No guitars?! Yeah the soundtrack *"BFG Division"* disagrees.

Tyler Menard : I grew up in the 90s. Industrial, metal, industrial metal, prog metal, early djent and aggrotech... This soundtrack took everything I adore about the sound engineering of that time, added modern techniques, and cranked it up past 11. This is my my everything, and I'll try to incorporate this process into everything I do. I can see your time with Fredrik Thordendal on the Wolfenstein: New Order OST had a lasting effect. \m/

Benjamin Schubert : Fascinating. Surprising there was no mention of the drums though. To me they were a huge driving force because they made the sound even heavier.

benbear50 : He's such a geek, and I love it

G. J : really loved the detail he goes into ! mick doesn't take his audience for idiots, that's nice

palad1ncz : passion meets quality work

Fossil98 : A lot of industries would benefit by implementing what this guy says.

Plib Housen : this video instantly made me interested in sound design

OVVNAGER : Hope he collabs with Celldweller