Meow!! BY G.A Rossini

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koechiaki777 : played at cat funerals everywhere.

Cam Cami Cam-cam : now that's what I call catssical meowsic! . . .get it cause I. . . I'll just show myself out now. . .

irongoose99 : "No description available." Ya, sounds about right

02ellimacaira : You sure do find great stuff on the internet just by searching 'meow'.. XD

Crystal OBrien : This is a composition written by Rossini. I think the boys did a great job and it's actually a beautiful piece of music with humor purposefully part of the piece.

Stranger : Cat video without cats. :D

Verdandi : I must say they are really good mimicking cats xD

Pawcce Fawce : Where can I find the lyrics to this?

Since Darling : Now this is what I call art.

hotgaard : Such adorable boys from Les Petits Chanteurs a la Croix de Bois. Régis Mengus can't help smiling. I don't know how Hyacinthe can keep such a straight face throughout this precious performance.

Virginia Piery : This is too funny and cute!


4BestAngelSisters ★ : 1 word: Meow!!!!!!

Kadü van Stelsel : I ship these two cats

cassie foster : its it funny and beautiful =^-^=

Jeff Tjebkes : Meow meow meow!!!!!! 😹😸😺

Sofe durban : I want to know the name of the black haired boy! He looks sooo cute tbh

corelli : Its funny but these kids have amazing voices

Minecraftgirl78 800 : They aren't even smiling

Bree Flores : They have good voices

loveslimegreen : All hail our great lord ceiling cat

Ritual Lobotomy : This is an amazing work of art, even though it sounds funny. The boys have wonderful voices. The only thing, this is NOT Rossini. This is not his work. It was simply incorporated in his opera Otello.

David Kirby : Only the wit and genius of Giacomo Rossini could have pulled this off so successfully. A fitting tribute to the musicality of felines everywhere and to all cat lovers.

Kaenwith : The appear to just be singing phonetically, I don't think they know what the word mean.

miza masturah : MEOW!

Naomi Nakashima : Meeeeeooooooooww

Benjamin Byström : LoL

Lenka midnight : wait, what?

DarkMennoch : Wow, I didn't know the church did meowmix commercials.... damn.

Raffhell Hadden : MMMMMMMMMMMMiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu LOL.

Tatum Lee : 0:48 best part

piepatrick123 : Song name??? pleb nu darud sundsturm i beg

Carl Ap : Wierd yet talented

Angel Doods : i wonder how old these boys are now? or probably same with my age. this video looks like it was taken long ago

1020036邱偉綸 : meow meow

hotgaard : Regis is now a very talented opera baritone, but I have not been able find Hyacinthe's biography. Does anyone know what he is doing now?

spiritual moonshine : Hahahahahahaha omg i love it that's too funny 😄😄😄😄😄😄 and they've got beautiful voice like a angel ❤

gAYSHIPS aREYaYSHIPs : 😂😂😂😂 🐱 I need to learn how to sing this lmao 😂😂 cuz I love cats and I'm meowing kinda a lot

Dj Strawberry lemon : lolollollool

Mark dela rosa : The Kkk

Jack Theluth : I like how they get all dressed up for this! XD fail

Shreeya Zutshi : I love how the second lead guy-- the one with the brown hair, is really amused by this and smiles at 2:07

breezy : I'm meowing to the like button ! (Just for future reference, I hope this video goes viral to all the cats around the world because all the cats can come together with those two boys and sing away their related song) :D

Richard Antigha : now i must get a cat

theleo3883 : So damn funny! 😂

agnes : i dont wanna live on this planet anymore...

Brenden Estell : Those tones they hit though

basstacna : miaaaaau miuaaauuuuuu miau miau!!!!! :v hello kitti like this!! :v

Emmanuel Gordon : Blonde kid : Poker Face

Unicorn : So that what you do in church?