Trailer Park Boys - Ricky Ravioli
I mean nobody wants to admit they eat 9 cans of ravioli but I did Im ashamed of myself

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When Ricky eats 9 cans of ravioli


Michael LaPointe : I love how Julian was sleeping yet his drink was still made and had ice In it lmao clattenburgs a genius

IamThatIam : I love how they find ricky laying spread eagle on the drive way

Preston Table : The first can doesn't count

Dillon : ravioli, ravioli, ricky is pased out in the drivewayoli

eueueu eueueu : "Isn't there a book or something you can read to figure this out?"

Charles : "(quote entire clip)"

boondoggle1000 : After all these years, I love the fact that Julians glass of rum & coke forever stays full, haha!!

ConvictedAshes : Damn 9 Cans is a Feat. That's almost 8 & a half pounds. During my Drunken Munchie fix, I ate 6 cans. I puked after I ate the 7th so that doesn't count. I felt like less of a human & I wanted someone to kick me in the Balls.

CorporalPoon : the guy in the chair

duder elduderino : nobody wants to admit they ate 9 cans of ravioli.

Dre For Tre : "You just had a bunch of drinks there Ray" "When?"

Truth Teller : "The first can doesn't count." - Ricky

Jane Lennox : "...and then I just kept eating." Story of my life.

Aaron Barrett : hash driveway ftw

shanegiggie : if I dont get some liquor in me im gunna snap!!

Trapster8722 : I know I'm late to the party but I have been binge watching this show and just got to this episode. Aside from South Park this may be the funniest show ever.

Gforcebond : loved the ending "isn't there a book you can read to figure all this out?" LOL

Antti Peltolahti : this has to be THE best tv show ever!!!! greets from finland

xasthurhead : 2:10 "AAAAhhhhhh!"

buddytheweim : Christmas liquor lol

Jayo Caine : The best quote in this scene isn't even the 9 cans of ravioli. The best quote: Well isn't there a book you can read to figure this out

Maelstrom : The first one doesn't count ahahahahaha

MrDeadInMyPocket : I once ate two family size cans of Spaghettios. Made me throw up. I guess you don't chew Spaghettios because they pretty much looked exactly the same in the toilet.

Riley Cline : I'm doing the ravioli challenge tomorrow. 9 cans in 2 hours.

IllegalCharacters : hahaha ray breaks and calls Bubbles 'Michael'

christopher pesqueira : Hey buddy do you have any Liquor?

triplekorn : the first one doesn't count

CreedyBeets : the 1st one doesn't even count

Stewart Hayden : Well isn there a book or something you can read to figure this out ? LOL haha!

11gingin : hahah, rickys holding his heart saying "boys theres something wrong with this thing"

Jason G : I love the sound the ice cubes make all the time. Hilarious

Jeff Wright : Who else remembers the real Ricky ravioli from the kids placemats and menus at Olive Garden?

Matt C : Who gave you a drink of liquor the other day, Julian! The guy in the chair!

K2 Mally : This may have been the lowest point for the Trailer Park Boys. Can't sell the driveway. No liquor. They're hungry. Ricky are all the ravioli. And Ray's house is burnt down.

D. B : Wasn't there a book or something you could read to help you figure this out?

My Art Page : meatball, meatball spaghetti underneath ravioli, ravioli give me the formuoli

Funky Fettucine : what's in the pocketoli

justin mcguire : lol christmas liquor

Peter : God this show is hilarious. Ricky is the best.

RATED4EVER : 1:45 - 1:58 LOL!!!

LeginNoslen : Hes layin there with an opened can of ravioli. Fucks sakes Ray, put blue n' blue together.

RandyLahey54 : Still one of the best scenes in the whole series

Gus Goose : "Isn't there a book you can read to help us figure this out?" Hahaha...

Swan : “The guy in the chair” I totally forgot about that line

Jessica Howell : the first can didn't count lol

Ben Severson : Probably my favorite moment of this show

iTellIthOwItIs : I miss Ray sooo much 😕

Sam Sammy : They’re acting like ravioli is the same as lobster or truffles lol

SuperSparrow45 : Ravioli Ravioli, what's in the pocketoli?