Trailer Park Boys - Ricky Ravioli

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ConvictedAshes : Damn 9 Cans is a Feat. That's almost 8 & a half pounds. During my Drunken Munchie fix, I ate 6 cans. I puked after I ate the 7th so that doesn't count. I felt like less of a human & I wanted someone to kick me in the Balls.

Brandon Clark : "i mean nobody wants to admit they ate 9 cans of ravioli..."

BackwoodsWanderer : ravioli, ravioli, ricky is pased out in the drivewayoli

Michael LaPointe : I love how Julian was sleeping yet his drink was still made and had ice In it lmao clattenburgs a genius

Preston Tate : The first can doesn't count

Charles : "(quote entire clip)"

eueueu eueueu : "Isn't there a book or something you can read to figure this out?"

IamThatIam : I love how they find ricky laying spread eagle on the drive way

duder elduderino : nobody wants to admit they ate 9 cans of ravioli.

boondoggle1000 : After all these years, I love the fact that Julians glass of rum & coke forever stays full, haha!!

Dre For Tre : "You just had a bunch of drinks there Ray" "When?"

CorporalPoon : the guy in the chair

Isosceles Kramer : "...and then I just kept eating." Story of my life.

Truth Teller : "The first can doesn't count." - Ricky

Gforcebond : loved the ending "isn't there a book you can read to figure all this out?" LOL

Antti Peltolahti : this has to be THE best tv show ever!!!! greets from finland

MrDeadInMyPocket : I once ate two family size cans of Spaghettios. Made me throw up. I guess you don't chew Spaghettios because they pretty much looked exactly the same in the toilet.

shanegiggie : if I dont get some liquor in me im gunna snap!!

Trapster8722 : I know I'm late to the party but I have been binge watching this show and just got to this episode. Aside from South Park this may be the funniest show ever.

Jayo Caine : The best quote in this scene isn't even the 9 cans of ravioli. The best quote: Well isn't there a book you can read to figure this out

Riley Cline : I'm doing the ravioli challenge tomorrow. 9 cans in 2 hours.

Aaron Barrett : hash driveway ftw

buddytheweim : Christmas liquor lol

Wolf Green : who gave you a drink the other day? the guy in the chair!

IllegalCharacters : hahaha ray breaks and calls Bubbles 'Michael'

Maelstrom : The first one doesn't count ahahahahaha

CreedyBeets : the 1st one doesn't even count

Funky Fettucine : what's in the pocketoli

Jeff Wright : Who else remembers the real Ricky ravioli from the kids placemats and menus at Olive Garden?

christopher pesqueira : Hey buddy do you have any Liquor?

xasthurhead : 2:10 "AAAAhhhhhh!"

Mitchel Mills : who do you think is the biggest alcoholic, Julian, Ray or Mr Lahey?

triplekorn : the first one doesn't count

D. B : Wasn't there a book or something you could read to help you figure this out?

Matt C : Who gave you a drink of liquor the other day, Julian! The guy in the chair!

justin mcguire : lol christmas liquor

Alice Seraph : 12 people are ashamed they are 9 cans of ravioli

11gingin : hahah, rickys holding his heart saying "boys theres something wrong with this thing"

iTellIthOwItIs : I miss Ray sooo much 😕

My Art Page : meatball, meatball spaghetti underneath ravioli, ravioli give me the formuoli

Peter : God this show is hilarious. Ricky is the best.

Alexander Cone : roses are red, blasphemy is unholy.... 1:46

Jared Isenhart : Me and my friends just tried to eat 9 cans. Took 3 of us

RandyLahey54 : Still one of the best scenes in the whole series

xXMapleVodkaXx : Ravioli ravioli whats in the Rickyoli

zerocool gonna hack u : When ever im broke or sad i watch this hahahah They have it mutch worse 😂😂😂

RATED4EVER : 1:45 - 1:58 LOL!!!

Dr Lee Percussion : Is there any other canned ravioli other then chef boyardess? LOL

The BigG : Roses are red The pope is holy I mean,nobody wants to admit that they eat 9 cans af ravioli

Jessica Howell : the first can didn't count lol