"The Karate Kid" Mr. Miyagi Borrows Black Belt
Im not sure why but I think Mr Miyagi stealing the belt is one of the best parts of the film

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Rolling Thunder : "buddha provide"


Wacky Corn dog boy 364 : Oh he borrowed it for 34 years ok

[VGN]Murder,Inc : It's a movie people ! Entertainment. Don't take it so serious.

Rafael Straks : I started Taekwondo when I was 12 it took me 5 years to get my first degree black belt

Eric Ruiz : One of my favorite scenes. ūüėĀ

92EEM : CSUN!!! I go there!

ShaiyaStudios : Mr Miyathief

lilPopper :

Kenny Vang : You cant beat hollywood, if hollywood wants it, they will make it. They key to Hollywood's perfections is....Montage!

Lyon Barrera : I'm sure perhaps Mr. Miyagi give the belt back and made peace with the owner and perhaps in the mid-events of the karate kid part 2 he and Daniel buy a black belt for the gi. Mr. Miyagi is not a bad man he is a wise and kind man with a pure heart and was able to resolve conflicts.

Gilberto Antonio Quintero Morales : Jajaja, ese Miyagui todo un loquillo, agarrando una cinta negra

Gabriel Appleton : "Borrows".

Pugglen : They still don't show where they borrowed the belt from. I'd say Miyagi just said it was lost and they had a spare.

MrParkerman6 : "Borrows"

Duke Lee : Smooth.

Captain Howdy : Miyagi was slick....

Warren Chu : Daniel-san entered in the black belt division after just a few months of training. It took me 7 years to get my black belt! The same amount of time to get my masters degree in physics (which was from Cal State Northridge, CSUN, where this was filmed.)  In fact, my karate sensei, Fumio Demura, played Mr. Miyagi in the fight scenes. I remember sitting in the back of them in 1985 watching one of Fumio Demura's karate tournament. I thought that was unreal. Pat Morita once said that it was Fumio Demura who taught him to speak with a Japanese accent! Also, the teacher would never call his student so-and-so "san". My teacher never called me "Warren-san"! Hahaha.

Kama : Borrowed?! Yeah right! He was a damn thief! At that moment all his credibility as a Karate teacher went down the tubes....

MrParkerman6 : Nowadays cameras would be everywhere. Miyagi would be taken out back within five minutes and really be shown 'sand the floor'. More like 'kiss the curb'.

Paul Kim : How can Daniel all of a sudden be a black belt when he's a slow, weak, and an untrained fighter? All he learned was painting the fence, sanding the car, wax on wax off, catching a fly with chopsticks, etc. within a few weeks but he's automatically black belt? That's nonsense! It's dangerous for an untrained or unexperienced boy like Daniel to be in the highest level in the karate tournament. He could get hurt! Yes, he did learn a lot from Mr. Miyagi but he's not qualified to be black belt. It takes like 5-7 years for him to become a black belt. Personally, I don't think Daniel was qualified to be in the karate tournament since the black guy at the desk said the Home Division is only for brown belt or higher.