Rusty Deadlocked Vise - Perfect Restoration

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ddoyle11 : God, that was satisfying to watch.

Mat Broomfield : The man's craftsmanship and patience are absolutely incredible!

Sardar Asad : Who Find Restoration Videos As Satisfying Videos?

Kavan arshadyaran : When i wanna go to sleep i watch a restoration video. it calms me down.

Tom Foolery : This channel is single handidly putting psychologists out of business.

Frederick Dunn : This takes me back to my days studying metallurgy, you are a highly skilled metal worker and I appreciate that you spent your valuable time on this rather than simply buying a new one. It must have some sentimental value? The quality and appearance of that green paint!!! I could not be more impressed. Thank YOU for recycling the old and making it new. Inspirational.

Роман Медведев : Русские смотрят и думают "круто" но если бы кто то из их окружения непосредственно делал бы такую вещь подошли бы к нему и сказали, " ебать, тебе делать нехуй."

Tarcizo Gabriel da Silva Júnior : How can anyone dislike this?! 🤔

Mister Spock : WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! GREAT JOB!!! side note. This video is MUCH better than anything on television!!!

Johnny Caretaker : Now that I got my fix I can go to sleep. Thank you! 😴

Crowfield : You should do a video where you restore faith in humanity

Horny Fruit Flies : I'm supposed to study for my Zoology test tomorrow... This has nothing to do with Zoology.

Richard WILSON : I was expecting you to use a sandblaster to clean the entire piece

James Honey : She's too beautiful to use now! Just put her on the coffee table and admire her.

Kenneth : Satisfying like looking into a bonfire...

HENRY THE RC CAR : This restoration makes me happy 😊

King Of Sludge : You should have another channel with a foundry to melt down the metal shavings and to cast them into whatever you please

МОЯ ПОРТУГАЛЬСКАЯ ЖИЗНЬ : Крутяк!👏 Выглядят лучше чем швейцарские часы!👍

aeropilot : Penetrating oil, not WD-40 (wd = water displacement) 🙂

Jeffrey Chernes : Beautiful work. Approximately how many hours did the job take you?

Michael 732 : I don't know why watching this was so satisfying but it was very enjoyable.

Southern Born : GREAT job . Most people know days are to damn lazy to restore ANYTHING . I have lots of my family's items . My great grand father was a blacksmith . For you young people that spend 98% of your life on a damn cell phone , he made tools , anything a person needed made of iron /metal  . It is almost a lost art know days .

G B : What do you do with all the stuff after you fix it? Amazing work.

john vincent : Who are the 6 thousand clowns who did not like this? Apparently, such fools know nothing of craftsmanship and true mechanics.

Bad Uncle : That vice is like “I’m brand new”

my mechanics : Questions a lot of people are asking: 1. Are you romanian? I'm from switzerland 2. How to fix it on the bench? With 3 screws, two in the front and one in the back. 3. How long did it take? I worked on it for a week. 4. WD-40 is no penetrating oil. Yes, i know now thanks. 5. Why not sandblast before grinding? Sandblasting does hurt/damage the material, it takes material off. That's why i would need to tape the surfaces anyway. 6. Oilstone without oil? You can use it wet or dry, no problem. You find more infos in the description. Thank you for watching :-)

Big Tema : Тот самый случай, когда не прогуливал уроки труда!

TeaVantage : That restoration was a thing of beauty! Absolutely enjoyed watching your work! Made me want to find an old vise like that to restore, except I don't have all those milling machines you used. I can really appreciate the amount of work you put into that restoration - GREAT JOB!!

Nameless Dude : Does bacon grease work 😂

Ник Баргузин : Бросил-бы в соляру на сутки и все!

Pjcat Ham : This actually made me tear up, crazy right? Well my Dad was a not a wealthy man, I come from a long line of poor farmers (18th Generation Canadian to be exact) he would be so incredibly proud of himself for figuring out how to restore an old rusty something-er other, he was completely self taught, only went to grade 8, then had to work to help support his family as his younger brother had polio. He drove heavy machinery his whole life, and could take apart any motor from any vehicle and put it back together. He managed to finally build himself his dream garage complete with a pit, a wood burning furnace, a major hoist, so he could get his tractor trailers in there, it could fit 2 - 18 wheelers in nicely. He passed away 15 years ago, he was only 64.whenever you saw my dad he always had a cigarette in one hand and likely a donut in the other. The cigarettes killed him, far too early. My oh my how he would have loved this video. He died in 2003, just before you tube took off, such a shame, there are so many things on YT he would love so so much. Sorry for the corny comment. This was wonderful to watch.

Апп Арысрр : Из говна конфетка)))

Ivy Aquila : anyone know how long this restoration might have taken?

Ozan Guvenc : This is a other one

J Ph : Should have used electrolysis to remove the rust to begin with then do all the dressing with oilstones and files.

SJT : Why am I watching this 😂

Quick Edit : W O W 👏👏👏👏

rXHrzn : I can smell WD-40 over here haha

SIGMA Intégrale : That made my day. :-) Very satisfying watching quality work.

Matthew Peterson : Did you try to heat up one part of the stuck together pieces? Usually the thermal expansion is enough to break the rust connection loose.

Andrew R : Someone get this man a rachet

Сергей Капустин : Проглотил килограмм металлических опилок, и, вуаля! =D На самом деле завораживает. Медитативное видео.

Ralph Reinhardt : Outstanding job sir!!! Looks friken great,ready to go another 50 years or more.👍👍

Spicy Meme Lord : He's German that makes sense. Germans are great at engineering, and handy work.

Mario Loro : Fantanstico!!!!

fruitydudexD : You don't understand how much I appreciate that you DIDN'T put garbage ass music on this video. That makes you a god amongst men

trerom trerom : Молодец америкоша!

Chris Ramsey : Things you do to get out of the house and away from the wife, restore something that you can use on projects to get you out of the house and away from the wife! Good job!

Doug L.64 : THIS is called WORK. Something all too forgotten.

Иван К : Говняха