Rusty Deadlocked Vise - Perfect Restoration

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my mechanics : Questions a lot of people are asking: 1. Are you romanian? I'm from switzerland 2. How to fix it on the bench? With 3 screws, two in the front and one in the back. 3. How long did it take? I worked on it for a week. 4. WD-40 is no penetrating oil. Yes, i know now thanks. 5. Why not sandblast before grinding? Sandblasting does hurt/damage the material, it takes material off. That's why i would need to tape the surfaces anyway. 6. Oilstone without oil? You can use it wet or dry, no problem. You find more infos in the discription. Thank you for watching :-)

ddoyle11 : God, that was satisfying to watch.

1 2 : Наставте лайки, пусть америкосы думают, что я написал что то умное)

rainhard schulz : Das ist eine toll dokumentierte Restauration. Sehr aufwändig gemacht mit grossem Werkzeugeinsatz. Die Möglichkeiten hat nicht jeder Mensch in seiner Werkstatt. Egal. Hatte große Freude beim Zuschauen und am Ergebnis. Jetzt hält der Schraubstock noch mal 100 Jahre . Vielen Dank

Dov E.T. Ó'Cuinn : That vice is worth about $600 new. Not a bad use of time.

Finder Outer : This should be on pornhub

Frederick Dunn : This takes me back to my days studying metallurgy, you are a highly skilled metal worker and I appreciate that you spent your valuable time on this rather than simply buying a new one. It must have some sentimental value? The quality and appearance of that green paint!!! I could not be more impressed. Thank YOU for recycling the old and making it new. Inspirational.

sdcostumeguy : Wow I really enjoy these videos. Thanks for doing these. Already watched 4 in a row start to finish tonight

fruitydudexD : You don't understand how much I appreciate that you DIDN'T put garbage ass music on this video. That makes you a god amongst men

sergei Makeev : Отличная работа. Молодец !!!

sheldon jessup : You are very patient!

K1ngjulien_ : don't know why youtube recommended me this and why it later showed up on reddit but I am not dissapointed! Very nice work!

Mystic Books : 200 years from now, somebody will be repeating this exact same process. And somebody will be saying the exact same thing I said.


канат исенбаев : Блин, смотрел и не отвлекался даже, молодец, мастер... 😊

Hourani : I have an exam tomorrow, and I'm watching this...

Michael 732 : I don't know why watching this was so satisfying but it was very enjoyable.

Patriot Ukraini : Как я отреставрировал тиски на которых и муха не еблась,ай да молодец))))

robert zerrenner : Nice to have 100k in extra equipment lying around in the garage.

Pavel Mecer : 1:20 if you can mill that than you could mill a new vice as well

Martin Mráček : Why was it so satisfaying to watch it, is something wrong with me ?

The Buttpod : This was incredibly engaging and very satisfying to watch.


Mark Wood : I would have never thought I would be so entertained by the restoration of a vise. But I am. Nice...

Ömer Furtun : I vote you Vice President

Alexander Kerswell : Idk how this video has dislikes. Like honestly, Theres nothing offensive in this video! Theres just random people out there that just have to give a video a dislike because they're retarted and a meany

Bernie Bernie : Thank you sooo much for not putting SHITTY music on.👍🏻

Tikke : Restoration is cool

A.L. Stoots : I'm 10 minutes late meeting my wife for dinner...and I'm sitting here watching this

RedSlimeball YT : It looks like a hand doing the OK sign or the peace sign

notsosilentmajority1 : Great job !! Great video. You did a fantastic job on this restoration and have a bit more skill and access to certain tools than a lot of people may have. With that said, have you/do you ever soak items like this for a day or so in vinegar or some other sort of liquid? Do you think that can be helpful for people that may not have the tools that you have? Is there anything you would suggest using for a pre-soak? I have seen some videos in which people swear that vinegar and other items do a great job in helping to restore tools and other items. This could be helpful to people that don't weld or don't have access to a welder or even the ability to create their own helpful tools or create missing parts. Just curious about your knowledge/opinion about this. Thanks very much and once again, great job and great video.

SJT : Why am I watching this 😂

koushikyoku : Schönes restaurieren, wobei manche Maschinen wird nicht jeder bei sich in der Werkstatt vorfinden. Hat Spaß gemacht zuzusehen 👍🏻

Иван Смирнов : Молодец 💪

namco003 : I'll log that under the 'oddly satisfying' category. I started watching the silent preview for three minutes before clicking the video and fully investing the other fourteen. This has been coming up all week. Glad I didn't skip it finally. Great Job!

Jacob Woods : It's 2am and I'm watching this... whyyyyyy

Bryan Struwe : Awesome job but I hate you for having all those cool ass tools & I don’t. #foreverhating😜

PressPlayOnTape : Sehr schöne Arbeit, chapeau! So eine Werkstatt hätte ich auch gerne, muss mich leider mit dem Carport-Schuppen begnügen...

P. he.R : Is this what ASMR is btw?

Leo Tang : You are an artist, so much attention to the details..!

Lenny Online : I'm a piano tuner and piano restorer from Los Angeles. I don't do this kind of thing but it is delightful to see your meticulous process.

Jason Joy : So... You threw it away after? You sold it? You dropped it on a toe?? What the hell happened after??? Don't keep us in limbo like that you crazy maniac!

World wide : You deserve a subscribe

Qannabis Queen : I have no business watching this, yet i enjoyed watching it so much.

Maximus ! : It's a work of art now. I wouldn't ever be able to use it again. ..

Поол Епаал : Это про то, когда коту делать нех.. , он яйца лижет. И делает это с любовью ☝️ видосу - лайк👍

Nizar DELLELI : Just shut up and watch !

No Fun Intended : This video gives me hope that I can fix my broken family.

Richard Mahan : I applaud your use of muscle and hand tools instead of going directly to the biggest grinding device. The results speak to the value of this approach. Thank you for honoring the tool on which you were working.

Mark Bowden : Mixed emotions....... fascinated and in awe, but realising I've crossed a line into that age group that is in awe of a vice restoration..... well done!