Maximbady vs Timstar Looking For a Girlfriend

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Timstar : I'm still looking for a Girlfriend


Avinash Patil : This guy is the funniest black dude on the internet.

Landen Banks : Dam, he's way more buff than I thought

Innocent Gentleman : *United Nation of Virgin United*

Adelle Ramcharan : I can't get over how much I laughed at this. My sense of humour is stuck in junior high school fml

Ritwan Ahmed : I am lookin for a guolfriend please tag her RIGHT NOW!

NIXA KEN : "You will be a flat pancake and die".

CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!!!!! : The little microphone taped to your chest has me dying 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

The Transit Guy : @1:33..if u did not hav a chest ,how would u hav a heart dat will pump blood to yor DING DONG....😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

The Death Trap : eat chicken breast = get real man breast + 11 pack, thank you for that lesson my dude lol

Jesus Valencia : *D I N G D O N G*

hatim soudani : massive bonnah

Steliana Jasmine : He sticked the mic on his chest 😂

jb botha : I swear i heard my dog giggling behinde me😂😂😂😂

Redgie Encinares : This guy should be my ethics teacher

MR Foxer : _"You have 4 options"_ *shows 5 fingers*

The Starboy : U have lungs and six intestines ):

kittensandkats mk : Ooooooooooo shirtless Bady 😍

IAmSevenSinz : Badybuilder.

EL Productions : I’m apart of virgin united

Brandy Turner : sexy.. I want chicken breast man. ❤😜😉💋💋💋

Chloe Rose : I showed my mum this video and a lot of his other videos and my mum thinks he's most funniest guy ever he is he's the best guy at comedy and stuff lmao!!!

BHD amry : Chakalakalakalaka booom booom! Wtf Made my day 😂😂😂

E : 2:45 This is where I died forever

UltraSmurf : 4:52 do you hear that? That’s a dead meme

Sayed Nadimul Ahasan : manbreast from eating chicken breast what the hell lol

Galaxius : 4:52 This is not de wie to do it

Foxy plays games : He has a 4 pack not a 6 pack XD

ADZY 9090 : I thought he had birdshit on his chest from the thumbnail

The Sims 4 Supernatural Petition : *Shaka laka laka laka ding dong* 😂😂

ツ expensive gurl ツ : The next Kevin Hart.

Iwon't tellmyname : This video was basically an excuse for Bady to show off his body.And I like that.

Rose tongimvu : *My man said* "CHAKALAKALAKA BOOM BOOM!" *I'M SCREAMING😂*

calvin gustafsson : Ksi vs rice gum confirmed

TANG INA JKING : My god that asian guy thinks his good looking and only 14 and i have a bigger chest than you...that made me think that all my workout paid of

Heather Sawyer : This guy is so freaking hilarious

Zaslavski RYW : "this is my breast,from eating chicken's breast" 😂😂😂

Hazaa Alawadhi : “I want a gayelfrend”

Jaezy Haqeem : First time seing bambam opens hes t shirt tho😂


Slayer_094 7 : I will be his girl lol

Sophia Mishinski : his accent makes it 10000000 times better. Don't lie.

music taste good : Lungs and intestine ... Lmao

Jagdish Dhaygude : As a skinny guy I got very offended

Kat Alday : MaximBady, I would be honored to be your girlfriend! A great sense of humor is SO SEXY!! 😉😊

Håkon Thomasen Fjellstad : I’ve only watched a couple of your videos and I’m already crying😂😂😂😭😭

abrox : "You don't have cheste, they'll be touching your lungs" holy moly hahahah

Jc Christ : sellotape to hang the mic genius!

aran : dogs are already our girlfriend