Bill Burr - That one time he had a Pot Brownie on the Plane

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Bill recounts the time he ate a brownie before going to the airport. If any owner of clips, used in my compilation, has a copyright issue, feel free to contact me by Email and add title COPYRIGHT ISSUE. I will remove the clip, video or come to an agreement. CONTACT ME:

Comments from Youtube

trybal007 : Unless you know the dose, always be ready for bed within 30 mins. I gave a friend a cookie and told him to only eat half, he got impatient and eat the whole thing. He woke up 18 hours later.

fazijs : Chocked on my food, crying from laughing and almost drown from my drink. Now that's a good quality youtube video! Props for uploading this!

Max Orbit : Edibles will ruin you. 35 years ago, before pot got as good as it is now, I ate 12 pot brownies. I full-on hallucinated like I was on L or something.

gunfuego : LoL people forget edibles take longer to kick in...... Wait up to 2 hours before doing anything at all, everyone's metabolism is different......

TheRedGameboy : this when Nia "drugged him"?

Austin Thornton : I ate a 1/4 of a 500mg thc rice crispy as my first edible and after not smoking for awhile. Figured I take a bite then go to bed since I can't sleep for shit. Long story short I need to go to the dmv the following morning and could barely crawl out of bed. Made it there and was wobbling so I sat down and could still barely sit up straight. This was in front of like 20+ people. I was blown completely

sibsbubbles : Edibles can be the most intense ever; basically they can have that potential to just ruin it for you and for a while too. I went with muffins myself. They weren't mine but figured what he hell. Man that was a mistake. I had no idea how strong these could get. Ate 2 of these things- they were the mini bite-size ones- with a friend. Onset: 1 hour. I nearly vomited by hour 4 from spins. Trying to function through an airport feeling like that would be miserable. Total time was like 12 hours. Definitely not my bag/approach. I can see how this may sway people away from it permanently. However, I do remember not hitting it for a while after my run-in with edilbles.

Victory : god I now that weed brain hangover feeling , not planning to have one ever again

Twain Driver : Gotta be careful with those edibles - ideally the potency is labeled per unit, but not always. Being too greedy/ambitious can send you to places you may not want to go and the intensity can make it difficult to sleep it off.

Lymbe06 : Great story but my personal fav must be Louis CK doing the circle outside a comedy club somewhere. He got so high that he was feeling like his hands were not hanging down correctly so he had to assume different positions.

Prathik Manikonda : is this at a university?

Gagandeep Singh : Wasted so many hits of pot on this 5 minute video

barry goldwater : Feel like he made this shit up, what non marijuana user would eat a bunch of thc brownies and jump on a plane. Also sounds like Rogans edibles on a plane story.