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Mayra XD : Hello julian, I loved the video, I'm from Argentina and I know you from the series that you did "the bureau of magical things" that was also very good😀❣

Manja Dmitrovic : Omg! Here is my fav actor 4ever:YOU!! 💖 You are soo cute!! Have you got snapchat??? ❤❤ I💖U

Elder Maxson : I found you Julian! It's me, Poppett from Cadets and CSHS. Wow man, this is really high quality, literally better than most industry level documentaries

Mayra XD : My favorite actors are you and your sister ❤💜💓❣💕💓❤

Petra Kaksa : You are my favorit actor you are so cute and your sister is so beautiful my bff Eva like you too your smile and hair are si cute i like Dara in bureau of magical things 💗💗