I TOOK THE $3,000,000 LAMBO TO CARMAX! They offered me......

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quosmo1 : omg so many buthurt pussies in the comments just bitching cause the dude has money, shut the fuck up... dickheads. like you wouldn't want that money.

hp_overload : Thank you all for the support.... WE MADE IT ON THE FUCKIN TRENDING PAGE LIKE WHATTTTT!!!! I'm super grateful for that you guys are awesome<3

Check It Out : Wait till the end of the video, I disliked before the end, then changed it to a LIKE. I thought that you were not going to tell us what they offered it to you for.

hp_overload : Would like to say thank you all for the support!!! This is crazy how viral it went. Video was NOT sponsored by Carmax haha I was just super grateful that they let me do this and how nice and excited they were to have us there. I would like to mention none of the workers felt there time was being wasted they all love cars and we all had so much fun but haters will find any reason to be jelly🤪 Love y’all

EAST COAST REBEL : a real enthusiast, you drove a 3 million dollar car gets stoked over a gt350. sick video gorgeous car seem like a really humble guy

Harry Forbes : 8 minutes and 31 seconds of my life....gone...stab me in the eye NOW!!

Wesley Cunningham : Jesus, I love this channel!

TheGiantswin : $199.998.00 Don’t waste your time.

Gen Joe : As nice as these cars are, I'm happy with my 2007 Honda Civic. :)

mimic 81 : Lame as hell

Iam Meena : You talk a lot of shite, had to stop this video within 30 seconds

tim oreilly : You sir have never held a wrench nor actually got sex from another person without paying for it. Of all the taistless videos yours takes the cake. There were only 600 or so Muirs o0f all makes (p400/ s/and sv) If I am remembering correctly. You drove the thing to Car Max and played some tennyboper music over the music of wht that thing is A FUCKING SIDEWAYS V 12 With ALL THE WEBERS AND HEADERS AND EXOTIC 4 CAM SOUNDS... Pal you cant put a price on that stuff. But any how then at the dealer to get an offer just to waist their time and mine for watching this shallow shit video... You could have showed the viewer while waiting the inter structure of hand made tiny steel and aluminum tubing that made the frame work of leading edge car technology in the late 60s.... Its beautiful. Ya know the frame work under the front and rear body work? Hell you had the rear open and most people viewing have never seen a Muira nor even heard of such a piece of art! Literally the cars were what made the term exotic become a thing at all. The interior is....Exotic and its all really the most amazing Italian hand built EXOTIC car that YOU didn't even show us the engine of.... NO we just got a tour of a late model gt 500 Ford that about as interesting as you on a date with your Mom. The you cranked the Lambo to drive it home and its like 2 seconds in a parking lot at max rpm...1200 ...Bleep back on your super pussy lift and talking about the only thing you're interested in with the car which is how much it costs or sells for or....How rare and hand made is that!? superficial short sided bullshit? Not lame enough for your sorry ass but hey then you showed your true colors by with holding the price offered from us because why? Some special thing that us commoners cant know or should be privy to. You are the lowest form of car enthusiast. You are a reflection of proclaimed to the world value for ego shortsightedness... NOT a purveyor of a very rare and extremely interesting automobile. By the way PAL.... that CAR ON A LIFT FOR PROLONGED PERIODS OF TIME MUST BE SUPPORTED BY THE WHEELS OR ELSE THE kONI SHOCKS WILL LOCK UP and you will have to spend money for them to be re valved or replaced. Hell yours probably are and you drive it like such a pussy you'd never know. I feel better now. Lamest video I have ever seen on You Tube.

thegamerfrominside : So whats the point of the video?

T-Rekt : Take it to gamestop you'll get a whole $23.48

Mauricio Rodriguez : i fell in love with the miura

blaze yamasaki : The miura and gt350 made me think I was in heaven

Tim Stanley : Loved the video! Congratulations guys!

Cr4zy Goose : Wow, what an absolutely beautiful car! 🖒

JULIO CRUZ : I've bought cars at carmax since '98 They've always had a good selection.

Raymond Boeijen : drives a 3 million lambo but uses NCS music smh

bigbusa1 : braggadocious fuck

PeterCaptainObvious : 7:46 they offered $200k for it, save you watching through the filler content

Racerdude777 : I want to know what CarMax would try to get for it

Kevin Z : Some people have way more damn money than they know what to do with and have nothing else better to do than waste others time and money knowing you had no intention of selling to them

Rafael Cruz : the most punchable face...

Eric : I didn't know being a lobby boy at the Grand Budapest Hotel paid so well! For real, though, great video. I had no idea Carmax was actually this legit.

Fred Doggg : You are the definition of cancer

Richard Hyde : OMFG!........some jumped up kid in his fathers Miura......What a total waste of your life to make this video.

Joe T. : 7:46 peeps

dj33036 .dj63010 : This is obviously just an ad for CarMax. How did the guy know he was interested in the Mustang?

Joseph Szweda : Problem. I saw 2 different cars near the end. The last of the 2 is original whereas the one here with the grill appears to be aftermarket or something. I speak from experience.

Milan Thakkar : What was the point

Better than u : I subbed btw

James Cockerham : Did I just watch an ad for carmax?

Laura Hess : Cool video, thank you for sharing! 😊 Seeing all these awesome cars makes me wish more and more that I could afford a new 4×4 SUV for my Dad and I, but it's not happening any time soon because I'm on disability....arrrrgh! I better stop watching car videos I guess! LOL! Anyway, (again) awesome video!

dontknow : they offered 200k

rawdeal xcx : Good endorsement for car max that's the way to make a bit of extra cash 😂

Aron Sabaj : why, when it comes to cars, do they always price it slightly less than its nearest round number? Like $2 makes a difference when they are offering $200k for it.

MikeHunt185 : "Do you know how to open the valves?" "Yes." *Starts Car* "OPEN THE VALVES!"

apex lucifer : Its just 1.3 mil to 1.5 mil car 3 mil whaha is it the one who was the original italiaan job ???? Just dislike its a waste of time

WuShu101 : Why would you even go to carmax? really you'd have a better time selling it on craigslist, than at carmax...lol...nice video, i guess you have alot of time on your hands brah...?? ...lol

63 vettuser : I think thats the coolest video I've seen... thanks for posting

www.GPcarAudio.com : Added an extra 👍

Tronald Dump : I thought Chris Penn died?

jacksprat418 : I could careless how much money this guy has, but ANYONE who pays millions of dollars for ANY car is an idiot.

DonNoDraper : The most they allow buyers to offer no matter what is a 100k I was a buyer for 8 years at cmax & 2 yrs at auto nation bro.

Sticky59 : And the whole point of the exercise was.....?

Holley Hawthorn : I would never take that gem on the street just to test carmax ..

Sosai X : Ugh, it's JagUAR, not JagWIRE. Christ...

TheNikkirock : an 8 and a half minute video about this guy bragging about his car. pathetic.