I TOOK THE $3,000,000 LAMBO TO CARMAX! They offered me......

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Gratz : Yes! Today was the day we were waiting for!

Angel306723 : *200k, Thank me later*

Mario Armani : Fuckn click bait

Jadorim Simoro : The GameStop of cars

DarthPug Gaming : Too all the haters, you clicked on the video and you knew what you were going to watch. And cars arent just a machine to get from point A to point B for everyone, some people truly love cars and have a passion for them, telling him to get a hobby is useless because obviously cars are his hobby, and if you are giving him crap for liking cars and having expensive cars then that probably means the closest thing to a hobby you have is going on the internet, clicking on videos that you know what will happen and then complaining about it. No one is telling you that you have to watch the video, and if its something you dont like, then dont click on it, its much easier then watching the video then spending 5 minutes complaining about it in the chat. You shouldn't be hating someone because their passion is cars and they spend their spare money on them. Just like gamers might save up for a video game or console, people who love cars will save up for cars and mods to make them better.

www.GPcarAudio.com : Added an extra 👍

john samuel : Hey man u could have got more

ufvj217 : you should do a video with Doug DeMuro


Quagigitymire : If someone came in to intentionally waste my time I would have given the same bullshit offer, but only after having them stand around wasting their time as I play solitaire or some shit I claim to be research and calling a bunch of people for quote info.

brett sharog : Car max is just a different kind of pawn shop

Grumpy ol' Boot : I went to Carmax in a friends RatRod, and before I even managed to park it, a guy came running out and shouted "Not appraisable" at me, and motioned for me to leave again - I had a good laugh on my way home. :D

LivingProofFitness : What does this dude do for a living?

Brendon Boyer : Id honestly rather have that Camaro

huge forehead : This is my dream car

Oscar Elenes : Is this Finch from American Pie.

Spinster Jones : *God that is a nice car*

demilishing : Video maker is a douche bag and his friend is a bitch boy 5:48

Martin Quin : 3 million dollar car, 200k house

NICK : A Miura S is about $500,000. I wonder where he got the $3 Million number...

BangBang : Guess you got your 5k likes lol.

kengerw00 TV : That Camaro looks sick af!

_KingCobra_ : Their appraisal was $200k, to save everyone time

Dark Mugetsu : Doug DeMuro: This is a Lamborghini Miura S, one of the most Iconic cars in automotive history and it is said to have started the revolution of rear engined supercars back in the late 1960's I've borrowed this Lamborghini Miura S from a viewer who runs a youtube channel of his own named hp_overload which you can follow by clicking the link in the video and this car is expensive, how expensive? well the last Miura that sold at auction sold for over 2.5 million dollars .... I'll start with a walk around and today I get to drive it then I will give it a Doug score.....

Eightosaurus Spelunk : Lol... Everybody hating on this guy. He seems nice and he shows us cars we can't have and are part of history. Just enjoy and stop wasting your life being jealous.

cats400 : *Walks in looking for a Corolla, buys a Miura instead*

Kylen Haffner : Those are so freaking rare

Dr. Mtz : Nice car but it’s exhausting to be worried in a restaurant, club, etc; knowing that ur car it’s vulnerable Parked somewhere. I prefer to be relaxed with my ford tempo hahahaha just kidding!

Joe T. : 7:46 peeps

The One : wow the guy with the orange lamba has no soul ..... look into his eyes ..... nothing !!!!

R/T Life : Carmax is the gamestop of car dealers

SuperMechguy : Monetize this man! Best car max video EVER!!!!

Marco Perez : I played real racing after watchin this 💀

Roblox beast : We we're waiting for this momment

Jacob Ponic : How is this guy so rich

Latitude : CarMax will work with anyone...unless you're Doug DeMuro

Anime Aunty : It's very interesting to c the responses from people about someone that lives n an income bracket that they can't comprehend. I have lived at poverty most of my life but have come to kno some people of means & find that most spend a great deal on altruistic causes. Those of us who r poor only c our own struggles. The wealthy struggle too, just not financially & most spend more on causes than we will c n many lifetimes. They r mostly just normal people with average conscious' & become moved by the plight of others just like the rest of us. We just do not get to c the ways they try to help people around them. It was a major & life-view altering education for me when I researched this topic.

Kamran Metzler : Dude you need thousands and thousands of subs

sander elvsaashagen : holy shit! cars in america are dirt cheap compared to the prices in norway

KaizaGraal : Thats a beautiful lambo

Sloppy Beaner Boi : Hey man nice video just a tip I would use some less generic music for background music and less jump cuts just constructive criticism great video man 👍

Kyle anonymous : GameStop of the car industry

kawininja91 : This guy has to be related to Finch from American Pie.

Neil Whitmore : Was I the only one looking at the challenger?

TooMuchMedia : 5:50-5:56 I cringed so bad it literally hurts

Sieg Braun : Just one more time, because I'm so forgetful; where did you take it? What's the name of the company that sells these cars? No really, one more time, if you don't mind. I think it's 'car' something. Or is it something 'max'. I'm sure I'm close.

Winter Soldier Airsoft : Take it to GameStop, they'll probably give you about 20 bucks for it

Kyle Keogh : I’m here when this video has 2,000 views. This is going to blow up haha... That Miura is awesome I need to see more videos on it

Z28 Monte Carlo : Idk why everyone cums over mustangs the Camaro ZL1 is wayy nicer and faster.. and the guy likes the redsoxs!

lee nevin : *$199,998* if you're interested