I TOOK THE $3,000,000 LAMBO TO CARMAX! They offered me......

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Dr. Venture : Hmm wonder what they'd offer me for a 1971 original Prototype hand made Pantera DeTomaso.

bradley morgan : best i can do is $350

LIGER ZERO : *$199,998*

Danny Santos : Wasted that guys time for some likes.

aliGol D : Weird I just watched this at 3millipn views as well

【Vocaloid English】 : Guys driving around a $3 Million car and I'm here driving around a $50 bicycle. Seems legit.

Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 : 200K for a 3 million dollar Lambo? Hmm that's real fair of them. No wonder why Carmax's business is doing so well

Clarissa Hill : Proof that you can buy your way into making money on YouTube

Cartoon Panda : The GameStop of cars

_KingCobra_ : Their appraisal was $200k, to save everyone time

C T : lol $199k for $3mil car lol they should have offered $1.5mil to make it legit, btw what do you do for a living

hiddenchildren : If you come to Orlando dealers here probably offer you a Toyota corolla and you still need to put 1,000 down. Deal?

Duder Lebowski : Why does he need to keep pointing the camera at himself and his boyfriend? Point it at the cars....

NatterD D. : He said "CarMax" 47 times in this video. Lame advertisement. BTW, the Lambo Miura S goes for around 1.5 million not 3 mill.

www.GPcarAudio.com : Added an extra 👍

Jackson Duvall : What a douche bag. Shows his car to a dealership just to prove they can't offer anything close to the value. This is when you know that a person didn't rise to the top of the economical hierarchy because of merit or competence. Plus, seems like a regular workweek day and has nothing better to do than show off.

ElGuapo Bandido : Bruh I’ll give him 400 and a pack of Newport’s

Spooky Baker : Why’s he drooling over a Mustang when he has a Lambo? Back ass words

Kerry Vorhis : Stay away from the gold diggers

Josh Halasz : That exhaust sound made me nut

trevor : we've reached nuclear levels of faggotry

Spitfire836 : 10 bucks this video is sponsored by carmax lol

Jordan Chabrol : Price at 7:46

Morgan Brown : Software probably maxes out at $199998

john samuel : Hey man u could have got more

Bob Cook : We can only hope that Carmax enjoyed wasting your time as you did theirs.

thatveronicac : Offer at 7:46. $199,998. You're welcome

Bill Kerman : not ashamed to say i masturbated to that car ;)

King Cesar : Shitbait. 199k offered and he didn’t take the deal.

James Cockerham : Did I just watch an ad for carmax?

Joey : Cliffs: they offered $200k

DrewVan Media : If I had a car worth that kind of cash I sure as heck would not be driving it around on any American urban streets... one accident away from being totaled... People in this country pay ZERO attention to their driving anymore...

William Coughlin : You're a tool

Bob Saget : This is a beautiful car... we're those sweat stains on the seat

TANGLDWEB : 3 Mill ??? I'd like to talk with the SUCKERS,.. I mean People you know. I have some Great Ocean Front Property in Kansas you may be interested in lol.

convergist : What was the point of this exercise?

Sam Drake : CarMax offer: Every car in the lot.

Adis Milosavljevic : Find your life purpose. But, very nice car.

T-Rekt : Take it to gamestop you'll get a whole $23.48 Edit: wow these likes validate me

chuckHart70 : Tune in next week when a car theif drives it away...

MunnMash : Thumbs DOWN for making me watch an advertisement. Stupid content. How much did you sell your soul for?! Hope the offer was enough to buy another pointless piece of steel

SyEd AqIb : Keep the car for another 20 years ill buy it This is my dream car

Captain Trips Captain Trips : Can u say dbag

ROGER2095 : Take it to Midas and get a muffler - CarMax will probably give you a better offer.

Tunnel Vision : Never sell

John James : unfortunately they were car jacked on the way home

SgtDuckieFace Gaming : 2:41 showed licenses plate.... illegal

Roger Negrette : 7:00 ew... red sox... Lol

angel ortuno : Carmax is gamestop for cars

Dope Edits : Spilled rich kid