Steelers vs. Buccaneers Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

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Nathan Moboto : I hate the new roughing the passer rule. What is the point of getting to the QB then???

Matthew Eats. : Next year its gonna be flag football

The Fate of Slate : This video has 401K views. This is significant because Vance McDonald just made somebody set up their retirement plan

Caleb Davis : Yall ever see that commercial where the dude gets juked or something and he looks in the puddle and the announcers like "Your gonna be on sports center" 😂😂😂😂

Joshua Lawson : Leave a like for Conner!

Javian Johnson : Bucs might make the playoffs. But this overall was a GREAT game

FortNite Temple : As much as #FitzMagic was all over the place and had 3 picks. He also almost singlehandedly brought them all the way back. Connor McGregor needs to stay in at Quarterback!

Kryptic : Why won’t the Bucs just admit that Jameis is a bust and keep Fitzmagic for the rest of the year.

Nate J : Panthers fan here. Pittsburgh doesn’t need greedy Bell. Connor looks like a beast.

Ranger Willis : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick has more children than Dak Prescott has touchdowns

xXBDawkinsXx : Fitz is literally doing everything. He has no run game, no defense, and a mediocre o line. Hits receivers are good except for Goodwin who dropped 2 td passes and fumbled

TheRealMVP : Am I the only one who thinks Fitzpatrick was playing great? Even with 3 picks.


Caleb Davis : Not a Buccaneer fan but still love ya fitz 😂

Adhy Nugroho : That stiff arm was roughing the tackler!! Savage af!!!

Nicole S : Yall over here excited about football. I'm excited about that new Lil Wayne and Rob Level Album

Subscribe Me For No Reason : One of the greatest stiff arms I've ever seen. Defender was manhandled and put down like a boy who got in the way. A beautiful thing.

0987754 9086 : that stiff arm revitalized our season

Justin Revell : Wow amazing game I'm a Steelers fan and I got to say you guys were inches from coming back and beating us!! In all tho y'all are a better team than us we just barely hung on their lol gg bucs hope u have a great season!!!

Htown Lifer : one of the greatest stiff arms in NFL History happened tonite

Jeffrey Watson : I believe the bucs can do it this year. They only lost by three despite throwing 3 INT. (From a fan from Orlando)

Kavron : I'm telling ALL OF YOU, Don't underestimate these BUCS. I am a saints fan, but the bucs are dangerous now.

Javian Johnson : You’re probably here for 1:20 You’re welcome

Giants/Mets/Blazers : This was a great game from start to finish. Tampa fans need to keep their heads high because you have a nice team on your hands. Cut down on the fumbles and forced long balls and you will go far lol.

Government Lizard : Fitzmagic has one bad half and people trashing him. First qb to throw 3 straight 400+ games in NFL history. Smh

Stay Withit : Has tampa ever heard of running the ball? Cause them the game

k1llzOn381 : It looks so painful to see Big Ben run


Noah Minjares : What a fkn game though DEAR NFL WHY CANT ALL GAMES BE LIKE THIS

Escocivo 30 : Fitzmagic turned to Fitzception Half way than back to Fitzmagic in the end.

McrUk : McDonald is a BAAAAAAAAD man

James Brinley : TB quarterback was the best player the Steelers had that

Jim Bradford : Fitzpatrick 3 ints in a row, still almost come back?

Chris Kenney : big Ben is playing his ass off

Aydo Mac : What a game!! 🔥

1.3B • Views : That was the most epic stiff arm ever!!! And I love the reaction from his team and the stadium

Aaron Cena : Vance McDonald = BEAST

Vapor Frog : Chris Conte got stiffed arm to the 7nd Dimension then never came back the same

Dimarov : That wasa an awesome game

Rubio 84 : Despite the loss, there is still no way you bench Fitzpatrick

Lopez Maravilla : steelers in the playoffs this season.

June Hodge : Now where are all them haters on the Steelers now? I told yall dont sleep on them boys. Steel Curtain💪💪💪

woozy ASMR : that moment when you realize he's not Aaron Rodgers.

NerolNiethsreg : Now this is the Fitzpatrick we all know. This is who he is - throws pick after pick after pick with the slightest pressure on him. Anyone can have good numbers with clean pockets and all day to throw. He's not terrible by any stretch - he's a serviceable QB but people need to pump the breaks. He's a turnover machine as clearly evident in the first half of this game vs a pretty bad Pittsburgh defense. Wait until late October early November when the bucs are under .500 partly due to "fitzmagic" and his play but that's if Winston doesn't get the start. Not to say the bucs won't be in the same position with him at the helm. Either way they aren't gonna do a thing even if they do somehow beat out an overrated Atlanta team for the division.

Kristopher Garcia : Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Browns have a better record than the Patriots

Ahmad Abdullah : Too many turnovers Tampa....and that terrible run defense in the 4th Qtr? Horrible. A few stops there you get the ball back and you let them run for first down after first down, Geeezzzz!

that guy : F I T Z T R A G I C

A fucking bird : I saw a comment saying it won't be long untill Fitzpatrick starts throwing picks.

John Michael : I think this is all the Steelers needed to get back on track.