Steelers vs. Buccaneers Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

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Nathan Moboto : I hate the new roughing the passer rule. What is the point of getting to the QB then???

Matthew : Next year its gonna be flag football

The Fate of Slate : This video has 401K views. This is significant because Vance McDonald just made somebody set up their retirement plan

TheRealMVP : Am I the only one who thinks Fitzpatrick was playing great? Even with 3 picks.

Joshua Lawson : Leave a like for Conner!

Caleb Davis : Yall ever see that commercial where the dude gets juked or something and he looks in the puddle and the announcers like "Your gonna be on sports center" 😂😂😂😂

Javian Johnson : Bucs might make the playoffs. But this overall was a GREAT game

JMTrickShots : I think this is all the Steelers needed to get back on track.

Nate : Panthers fan here. Pittsburgh doesn’t need greedy Bell. Connor looks like a beast.

Htown Lifer : one of the greatest stiff arms in NFL History happened tonite

0987754 9086 : that stiff arm revitalized our season

Caleb Davis : Not a Buccaneer fan but still love ya fitz 😂

FortNite Temple : As much as #FitzMagic was all over the place and had 3 picks. He also almost singlehandedly brought them all the way back. Connor McGregor needs to stay in at Quarterback!

Subscribe Me For No Reason : One of the greatest stiff arms I've ever seen. Defender was manhandled and put down like a boy who got in the way. A beautiful thing.

Ranger Willis : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick has more children than Dak Prescott has touchdowns

xXBDawkinsXx : Fitz is literally doing everything. He has no run game, no defense, and a mediocre o line. Hits receivers are good except for Goodwin who dropped 2 td passes and fumbled

Javian Johnson : You’re probably here for 1:20 You’re welcome

1.3B • Views : That was the most epic stiff arm ever!!! And I love the reaction from his team and the stadium

Kryptic : Why won’t the Bucs just admit that Jameis is a bust and keep Fitzmagic for the rest of the year.

Aydo Mac : What a game!! 🔥

Stay Withit : Has tampa ever heard of running the ball? Cause them the game

Giants/Mets/Blazers : This was a great game from start to finish. Tampa fans need to keep their heads high because you have a nice team on your hands. Cut down on the fumbles and forced long balls and you will go far lol.

McrUk : McDonald is a BAAAAAAAAD man


Adhy Nugroho : That stiff arm was roughing the tackler!! Savage af!!!

k1llzOn381 : It looks so painful to see Big Ben run

James Brinley : TB quarterback was the best player the Steelers had that

Jeffrey Watson : I believe the bucs can do it this year. They only lost by three despite throwing 3 INT. (From a fan from Orlando)

Justin Revell : Wow amazing game I'm a Steelers fan and I got to say you guys were inches from coming back and beating us!! In all tho y'all are a better team than us we just barely hung on their lol gg bucs hope u have a great season!!!

Escocivo 30 : Fitzmagic turned to Fitzception Half way than back to Fitzmagic in the end.

Kavron : I'm telling ALL OF YOU, Don't underestimate these BUCS. I am a saints fan, but the bucs are dangerous now.

woozy ASMR : that moment when you realize he's not Aaron Rodgers.

mdimarov : That wasa an awesome game

Vapor Frog : Chris Conte got stiffed arm to the 7nd Dimension then never came back the same

Rubio 84 : Despite the loss, there is still no way you bench Fitzpatrick

Aaron Cena : Vance McDonald = BEAST

Noah Minjares : What a fkn game though DEAR NFL WHY CANT ALL GAMES BE LIKE THIS

Jim Bradford : Fitzpatrick 3 ints in a row, still almost come back?

Lopez Maravilla : steelers in the playoffs this season.

Government Lizard : Fitzmagic has one bad half and people trashing him. First qb to throw 3 straight 400+ games in NFL history. Smh

Jonathan Cantu : Ryan Fitztragic

Clamp Gawd : Anyone notice Juju got bonked on the back of the head

that guy : F I T Z T R A G I C

platinumhunter : thanks Steelers I'm happy Buccaneers lost

Kristopher Garcia : Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Browns have a better record than the Patriots Thanks for all the Likes

June Hodge : Now where are all them haters on the Steelers now? I told yall dont sleep on them boys. Steel Curtain💪💪💪

A Fucking Bird : I saw a comment saying it won't be long untill Fitzpatrick starts throwing picks.

First Last : They better keep Fitzmagic forget that Winston guy

JakeupSnakeup 1 : Thank u steelers