Male tiger attacks elephant - New video

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Katherine Adriane Kathcy : He was go for the person not elephant

Simon Cowell : The tiger wasn't going for the Elephant he wanted the snack out of the Elephants backpack.

Mechi Y : Man, imagine walking that trail.. I didn't even see that mf.

Naveen Bahukhandi : person 1 : "Lovely yaar" person 2: "chup reh sirf video le".. so funny

Tiqerboy : The tiger isn't interested in the elephant, he's interested in what's on top of the elephant.

Souvik Sinha : Although so smaller than the elephant ... the tiger makes the biggest land animal trembling on its knees

DEBDUTT BHATTACHARGEE : That elephant can easily killl the tiger

james rabbit : must be a den full of cubs near there!

Mr. Pillai : Just love the way that guy says "MY GOODNESS !!!" at 0:17. It really comes out from way below his stomach.

pranav r : Both Tiger and elephant are afraid of each other

Feeling Savage : Tiger knows it can't take an elephant. It wanted the person.

asianthor : A Lion would never, ever do this. This is why the tiger can and would beat a cowardly lion any day. Tigers are known to hunt and kill full size crocodiles, Indian bears, pythons, and even man.

aujourd8 : Imagine someone walks some trail and some domestic cat would suddenly charge out of nowhere, that person would react the same way the elephant did; on the tiger second attempt, the element of surprise is gone, and the elephant is actually the one who's charging.

Aly Merchant : Elephant won't come back on this track..

rav singh : Tiger wants the cherry on the top 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

prasanth pr : Tiger comes for that person....not for elephant.....I have seen a video tiger attacking a Human sitting on elephant

sarath santosh : best part "chup re video le" 😜

Sabari Nath : tigers roar is like a car engine roar

ყõυ ῆჯན : Tiger is the most elite killer than lion...they don't affraid of any thing...

monolithe00 : Are you sure it's a male? can't see it on vidéo, perhap a female who protect baby? should be more logic

biplob shrivastava : This gay's voice in video is just shit!! (lovely yaar....)

Ujjwal Sharma : Rahul = Lovely yaar, Modi = Chup reh sirf video le..

Pro fessional : doesnt matter how big or strong the tiger is, an adult elephant would stomp the tiger to death lol

Nasir Ali : Elephant is the real king the strongest animal on earth not scared of any thing he can even flip lorries and pull trees tiger couldnt scare the elephant

M D : MODI is responsible for this attack

parazels83 : Looks like she is defending her kittens hidden in the bushes.

Islam Muslims are evil Satan Devils : Slow elephant 🐘 and fast tiger 🐯

Carlos Amaral : The tiger was just bluffing. They know elephants are way stronger.

George Lewis : Elephant don't play any games

Fancy Name : That is called charging, not attacking.

Elestro Air-soft : Territorial display.

ajay babu rajam : Tigers's jaw and paw power is more enough to kill that elephant.

BlackBolt² : People saying the tiger was going for the person on top of the elephant, seems more like this tigress was charging to drive off the elephant since it most likely had cubs nearby. Charging an elephant practically from the front is suicide. Definitely had cubs close by.

bboykee : why is elephant so scared? Tiger has no chance against him. the only thing the elephant should be scared is human.

tomtalker2000 : That elephant would have DESTROYED that tiger if need be. All it would have to do is pierce it with it's tusk or better yet kill it with it's weight.

Dibya Ranjan Pradhan : Tigers are more dangerous than lions

Shoibal sami mustafa : The voice in the background ruined this amazing video.

Give it to meh dont give a shit : Tiger is a savage , and was obviously just protecting its territory because he has cubs somewhere nearby

Hello Newman : Who else laughed at the way he said my goodness?

Javier Charlier : So tiger, what’s your end game here?

Doug Morgan : Tigers are friggin' tough as nails

RHL : I want to know what was running through the mind of the guy riding the elephant, the tiger could have easily reached upto the guy with a leap and done a lot of harm to him

PJ Mo : An elephant was my first car as well

Sabin Pun : It would be lot interesting, if that man had fall down from the elephant. :D

sonam kaur : the elephant God of hindus just pissed

Ben Dover : That poor tiger is going to end up in a curry now

SuperToykid Nidhi : Shame on the elephant

waynie007 : That roar of the tiger wow

Dario : totally fearless! best creature on earth!

Amer J : Great video , the tiger was clearly after the guy on top !