Male tiger attacks elephant - New video

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El Gurรบ del Hierro : uaaaaa my gutnessssssss

SLvG_Stroke Berbee : Elephant: imma back the fuck up. Elephant: go away bitch

kickofdeath90 : The tiger wants that fucking cherry sitting at the top lol

Naveen Bahukhandi : person 1 : "Lovely yaar" person 2: "chup reh sirf video le".. so funny

James Swaggerty : That tiger is like - "your so lucky there's an elephant under your ass."

Simon Cowell : The tiger wasn't going for the Elephant he wanted the snack out of the Elephants backpack.

Mechi Y : Man, imagine walking that trail.. I didn't even see that mf.

james rabbit : must be a den full of cubs near there!

Aly Merchant : Elephant won't come back on this track..

Kurios Kaleb : the dude would have been fucked if the elephant stumbled to the ground

aujourd8 : Imagine someone walks some trail and some domestic cat would suddenly charge out of nowhere, that person would react the same way the elephant did; on the tiger second attempt, the element of surprise is gone, and the elephant is actually the one who's charging.

Tiqerboy : The tiger isn't interested in the elephant, he's interested in what's on top of the elephant.

Mr. Pillai : Just love the way that guy says "MY GOODNESS !!!" at 0:17. It really comes out from way below his stomach.

Katherine Adriane Kathcy : He was go for the person not elephant

biplob shrivastava : This gay's voice in video is just shit!! (lovely yaar....)

bboykee : why is elephant so scared? Tiger has no chance against him. the only thing the elephant should be scared is human.

Ujjwal Sharma : Rahul = Lovely yaar, Modi = Chup reh sirf video le..

amrit maan : Tiger wants the cherry on the top ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Ben Dover : That poor tiger is going to end up in a curry now

ั‚ะฝั” skullั‡m : *_Oh my god shit_*

Dr Jerome Balewa Azikiwi MD, PhD : Every animal respects size

Doug Morgan : Tigers are friggin' tough as nails

Life Pleer : sissy Asian elephant

goyal goyal : Those guys makes dramatical noice

Artix Artixian : it should have f'ked the eleph

parazels83 : Looks like she is defending her kittens hidden in the bushes.

pranav r : Both Tiger and elephant are afraid of each other

Alex Cacares : Tigers are assholes. So aggro. They need to chill like seriously. All they do is be pissed off and kill people and animals. Fuck anyone trying to preserve these monsters.

DEBDUTT BHATTACHARGEE : That elephant can easily killl the tiger

3,955,950,56 4 : My goodnessssss

garpthehero333 : Wah gi Wah

Sabari Nath : tigers roar is like a car engine roar

sabin pun : It would be lot interesting, if that man had fall down from the elephant. :D

Faisal Alanezi : Strong cat๐Ÿฏ

B. Bailey : Tigers like, I just want some Indian food bra

Feeling Savage : Tiger knows it can't take an elephant. It wanted the person.

el indio : Even the elephant has paralyzed this power or Roaring Tiger ..Scary

You nxt : Tiger is the most elite killer than lion...they don't affraid of any thing...

Nikhil : My Gooooodnesssss!!!

Kartik Sharma : watch the tails of both animals..becomes stiff as fuck.i can understand the tiger's tail acting like a balancing rudder.while the elephant probably just wants to protect its own from being bitten off haha.i guess.

asianthor : A Lion would never, ever do this. This is why the tiger can and would beat a cowardly lion any day. Tigers are known to hunt and kill full size crocodiles, Indian bears, pythons, and even man.

binslick1964 : That's an Asian Elephant . African Elephants are bigger and more aggressive. A tiger has no chance with adult Elephants.

Java Python : in other words he's saying leave me the FUCK alone!!!

Ninjatrosity TV : One thing I love about tigers is that they ainโ€™t scared of shit, even though he was probably tryna come at the dude on top of the Elephant he still attempted to go at em

PJ Mo : An elephant was my first car as well

George Lewis : Elephant don't play any games

Eddie G : can u imagine walkin alone on that trail or in that tall grass wit that big mf lurkin, yo ass is a goner

Norwegian733 : Just mock charging as it cant do shit.

BasicZ 223 : Ark survival in a nutshell

boo bye : Do you think a single lion would make an elephant back the fuck up... nope!