Male tiger attacks elephant - New video

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Simon Cowell : The tiger wasn't going for the Elephant he wanted the snack out of the Elephants backpack.

Naveen Bahukhandi : person 1 : "Lovely yaar" person 2: "chup reh sirf video le".. so funny

Katherine Adriane Kathcy : He was go for the person not elephant

james rabbit : must be a den full of cubs near there!

Aly Merchant : Elephant won't come back on this track..

Mechi Y : Man, imagine walking that trail.. I didn't even see that mf.

Mr. Pillai : Just love the way that guy says "MY GOODNESS !!!" at 0:17. It really comes out from way below his stomach.

aujourd8 : Imagine someone walks some trail and some domestic cat would suddenly charge out of nowhere, that person would react the same way the elephant did; on the tiger second attempt, the element of surprise is gone, and the elephant is actually the one who's charging.

biplob shrivastava : This gay's voice in video is just shit!! (lovely yaar....)

ყõυ ῆჯན : Tiger is the most elite killer than lion...they don't affraid of any thing...

pranav r : Both Tiger and elephant are afraid of each other

Tiqerboy : The tiger isn't interested in the elephant, he's interested in what's on top of the elephant.

rav singh : Tiger wants the cherry on the top 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Feeling Savage : Tiger knows it can't take an elephant. It wanted the person.

DEBDUTT BHATTACHARGEE : That elephant can easily killl the tiger

bboykee : why is elephant so scared? Tiger has no chance against him. the only thing the elephant should be scared is human.

Ujjwal Sharma : Rahul = Lovely yaar, Modi = Chup reh sirf video le..

asianthor : A Lion would never, ever do this. This is why the tiger can and would beat a cowardly lion any day. Tigers are known to hunt and kill full size crocodiles, Indian bears, pythons, and even man.

parazels83 : Looks like she is defending her kittens hidden in the bushes.

Sabari Nath : tigers roar is like a car engine roar

Doug Morgan : Tigers are friggin' tough as nails


Elestro Air-soft : Territorial display.

Ben Dover : That poor tiger is going to end up in a curry now

Carlos Amaral : The tiger was just bluffing. They know elephants are way stronger.

Faisal Alanezi : Strong cat🐯

p stylo : It would be lot interesting, if that man had fall down from the elephant. :D

Javier Charlier : So tiger, what’s your end game here?

Life Pleer : sissy Asian elephant

Nilabh Goyal : Those guys makes dramatical noice

Dallas W : That is called charging, not attacking.

binslick1964 : That's an Asian Elephant . African Elephants are bigger and more aggressive. A tiger has no chance with adult Elephants.

Captain Cat-Father : The thing on top of that elephant looks like an orang utan lol

sonam kaur : the elephant God of hindus just pissed


RHL : I want to know what was running through the mind of the guy riding the elephant, the tiger could have easily reached upto the guy with a leap and done a lot of harm to him


3,955,950,56 4 : My goodnessssss

garpthehero333 : Wah gi Wah

Amer J : Great video , the tiger was clearly after the guy on top !

ajay babu rajam : Tigers's jaw and paw power is more enough to kill that elephant.

Dario : totally fearless! best creature on earth!

B. Walker : Tigers like, I just want some Indian food bra

el indio : Even the elephant has paralyzed this power or Roaring Tiger ..Scary

Bogdan Nicolae : This is far cry 4 ultra graphics,right?

Nikhil : My Gooooodnesssss!!!

Shoibal sami mustafa : The voice in the background ruined this amazing video.

waynie007 : That roar of the tiger wow

George Lewis : Elephant don't play any games

Give it to meh dont give a shit : Tiger is a savage , and was obviously just protecting its territory because he has cubs somewhere nearby