Jets Fighter in Low Pass - Shocking Spectacors
Jets Fighters in Low Passes Shocking Spectators

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WARNING!! Volume Down! Fastest low flying jets. Extreme sonic booms and low flying planes. Planes flying at insane speeds. Breaking the sound barrier. Faster than the speed of sound. High powered aircraft doing amazing things.Planes flying very low and very fast.


RICO : When America gets oil at 95% off

ѕкαяf : *_Don't mind it, CJ is just destoying PT Boats_*

John Marston : I respect these pilots... Stealing a jet from military base without dying I mean what a champ

Arrowed Albatross : "Come over." "Can't, airforce training." "My parents aren't home." Pilot:

Shlump gang let ya nutsh hang : When you successfully steal the jet from the military base without dying...

Terran Republic : -Jets Fighter in Low Pass - Shocking Spectacors- Leaked: GTA 6 at 4K, insane graphics!

Peterson Hang : 2:41 Wow, that one was pretty low

Space Sushi : 2:06 : Me when I finished my math test

FBI : Me escaping from Fort Zancudo in GTA.

Machally : The second one has the dopest sound i have ever heard 00:11

Benasaurs : I like to imagin that this is just one person flying around being a d*ck.

AI Johan Gerrison Bot : 1:28 - "God... That *scared* the sh*t out of me...." 🙂

Ren Raven : In america: jet flies high *_IN SOVIET RUSSIA: JET FLIES LOW_*

The Ego : X-Wing Fighter, "hold my beer."

Roys Y Bijumon : Well im pleased since there was no background musics

Aerron .Baksh : for those who haven't heard actual military jet engine sound. they're freaking loud

Ouais la cité : 2:36 when you steal the plane at fort zancudo in GTA V

Rocky Intertidal : That poor bird @ 2:22 will never visit Chicago ever again.

priyansh bhadauria : 0:46 The people standing their deserve an Oscar for acting so cool

m4rk83 : No matter how many times you see a jet, you cant help but be amazed by them! The sound, speed is just amazing!

James Reilly : A THUD in a low flyby...yup those folks got their bells rung real propper😂😂

Keystone State : All I can think of is Will Smith in Independance Day .. " I have GOT to get ME ON-A THESE!"


Your Mom : These mf's piloting multi-million dollar airplanes and I can barely parallel park.

MaskedMan : Naah, that's just CJ playing with the Hydra he stole from the Aircraft carrier.

Orlando Wells : As a kid... I always wanted to be Rick Hunter of Robotech and pilot the V-Tech Skull-1 fighter Jet... "OH" And marry FDS1 Commander Lisa Hayes as well...😁

John Doe : 0:11 sounded like a gun from star wars haha

John McMahon : What a dream job to be one of these pilots even just for a day. Amazing skills.

Usein Gamer : 0:43 SOLOTÜRK ❤🤘🐺🤘❤

• Angel • : *WARNING* *Dont Wear Headphones*

Jammel Sanders : People: OMG!!!! Airforce pilot: Am I a joke to you!

Mr. Outlaw : Most of those planes were apart of the Blue Angles

VIshal GAminG tUtoRiaLs : Cj drives hydra from area 51

Mh R : I bet driving a car is a real letdown for these pilots.

The Grimwiz : When you spawn by pressing JUMPJET on San Andreas and this

HonzaBrambor : 0:32 "Honzo , mysliš si že maj v tech dodavkach zbran?" :D

Muhammed Abrar Khan : Gravity: you cannot escape from me.. Jet: try to grav my smoke lol


WhyteLis21 : "If birds can fly that low, I'm sure we can too." - Man made planes. 😁

Vincent Paul Taag : When fighter jet pilots got bored.

I'm Super Fat : How dare they fly so low! Don't they know I'm wearing a wig!

Davve 54 : 0:56 my boy playing thunderstruck in the backround

antonakis12z : It's good when these are friendly..

willthevill : Jet fighter pilots when they see a group of civilians: I am speed

Noshin söderqvist : Everyone: *oh look how sweet that cat is* The dead bird: am i a joke to you?

Clash Royale : 1:00 It should have been insanely loud 😲 Heard that once, windows almost broke^^ Nice low flyby GG Pilot

dotdot dot : When you steal a military jet in GTA

Ned Stewart : Me in GTA...

DoubleDeckerAnton : Sonic boom...and we're not talking about Guile from Streetfighter II...💪😁👍