Jets Fighter in Low Pass - Shocking Spectacors

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Ned Stewart : Me in GTA...

Shlump gang let ya nutsh hang : When you successfully steal the jet from the military base without dying...

Spiff Kid : 0:12 you can literally hear the “nyooom”

Harshdeep Dwivedi : I did not know how NPCs in GTA feel before I watched this

Marques Smith : I'm amazed how far we've came as humans with technology in today's world... From the wheel to this, incredible

The Bodycam Channel : RIP headphone users.

100k YaYa : 2:22 that bird almost got smashed

iTsBlue : 3:25 I found Larry David

webmillions : 1:00 you can see the sound barrier being broken at the tail of the jet.. 🤘🏻

#1LamboFan : Her: baby come over Me: but you live on the other side of the ocean Her: I'm home alone Me: 00:12

HarunRahmi : 0:43 Turkey "Solo Turks"

Baxter the dog Literally : Mom: honey were going. Me:I don't want to go. Mom: But were going to mcdonalds. 0:50

guy dangerous : What you hear in this video is nothing compared to the sound and shockwaves that happen in real life if a jet flies this close

warnutztheloser : 4:19 Dude trimmed the trees

metra force : *GTA 6 looks great for jets*

David Rojas : 0:58 anyone gonna mention how badass that was with that song playing in the backround

Przemyslaw Kulbacki : Geil ich liebe so zu fliegen ist Mega geil

VIP3R YT : 2:22 When Its 7:54 am and your and school starts at 8 am

G.A.M.A : Dammm that must be fun..

Matrix GamingHq : Just a normal day in Los Santos

WILLY KRÜPP : Es wird darauf hingewiesen, dass die Luftstreitkräfte der Welt aus dem Erbe der "Argentine Pilot Masters" der Malvinas-Inseln 1.982...!!! gelernt haben ...

master power : That's me and my honda civic. Muffler only.

Soccer Stars : 0:57 AC/DC

Bennett Yardy : How bout that timing between the AcDc song and the jets sonic boom. 1:00

s k : 2:03 when your girlfriend says "I'm home alone"

KingDev : Transformer Real Life confirm

Den Remy : Negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full.

Syrtech : Jeez even though it’s just a video my ears are aching. I can’t even imagine how loud it would’ve been actually being there lol

Mh R : I bet driving a car is a real letdown for these pilots.

1anakin 20 : Meanwhile, the US army...

MrSoldier : 0:58 acdc thunderstruck

Syrtech : Smell the jet fuel

Diffused : That Sonic boom at 1:00 is awesome.

Deep Sidhu : 2:04 fastest 🔥


Malcolm Bickley : With the Flogger going along the road I would be more worried about something falling off and hitting me.

Bilge Adam : 0:44 TÜRKİSH ARMY

Elektro Nation : As soon as I saw this i was like "Aww hell yeah let me get my popcorn because this is going to be good

Bandit : Insane to think humans thought making a spear was groundbreaking technology and now we have this.

WILLY KRÜPP : Note-se que as forças aéreas do mundo, aprendeu com o legado do "Piloto Argentino Masters" nas Ilhas Malvinas 1982 ... !!! Bravo para eles ...

Antonio Carlos : Hey Men 🇧🇷 BRASIL 🇧🇷

WILLY KRÜPP : Megjegyzendő, hogy a világ légierői, az 1982-es Malvinai-szigeteki "Argentin Pilot Masters" örökségéből tanultak ... !!! Bravo számukra ...

WILLY KRÜPP : Отмечается, что военно-воздушные силы мира, извлеченные из наследия "аргентинских летчиков-мастеров" на Мальвинских островах 1982 года ... !!! Браво для них ...

WILLY KRÜPP : Nota quod in aerem viribus orbem, didicit legatum de "gubernatoribus utebantur Argentym Masters" in Malvinae Insulae 1.982 !!! Euge ... illis ...

WILLY KRÜPP : Je třeba poznamenat, že letecké síly světa se naučily z odkazu "argentinských pilotních mistrů" na Malvinských ostrovech 1982 ... Bravo pro ně ...

venian646 : The second clip was so cool, the way it just moved straight above the water.

WILLY KRÜPP : Ich bin froh, dass die Luftstreitkräfte in der Welt "etwas" von den argentinischen Piloten in den Malvinas Argentinas gelernt haben ... 1.982 !! Sono contento che nel mondo le forze aeree abbiano imparato "qualcosa" dai Piloti argentini nelle Malvinas Argentinas 1.982 ... !!

That One Doggo : "Come over" "I can't" "My parents aren't home" 0:12 / 0:50

WILLY KRÜPP : Daar word opgemerk dat die lugkragte van die wêreld, geleer uit die nalatenskap van die "Argentynse Pilotmeesters" in die Malvinas-eilande 1982 ... !!! Bravo vir hulle ...

Pombo : E pode?