Jets Fighter in Low Pass - Shocking Spectacors

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The Bodycam Channel : RIP headphone users.

Mh R : I bet driving a car is a real letdown for these pilots.

bradywalker414 : Just a casual day in Los santos really, but with less explosions

Man O' War : 2:29 when you just escaped Fort Zancudo and are heading to the city.

BigWilki123321 : 0:12 - That's some sci-fi shit right there.

JoshPlays YT : 0:50 when shes home alone

cricket lover : 2:34 that was great

HarunRahmi : 0:43 Turkey "Solo Turks"

Justin Case : At 1:01 breaks the sound barrier! BADASS!!!!

TheMarkcu24 : Flying these jets has to be the most bad ass job you could possibly have.

cardo718 : These videos do not do justice for real life fly overs.  I have experienced numerous fighter jet flyovers while I was on the ground.  The sound vibrates the air and you can feel the sound waves go through your body.   While serving in the US Marines, our ground unit,  had just bedded down for the night after conducting maneuvers in the Arizona desert.  We were sleeping in cots.  Two fighter jets buzzed us at about 1 am, we had been asleep for about an hour.  The pilots timed it, knowing when we usually hit the sack.  They were flying so low to the ground we did not hear them coming.  They were just under mach speed.  Marines were falling out of their racks, hopping around in our sleeping bags, grabbing our rifles out of instinct.  There was a lot yelling and cussing going on.  We lost about an hour of precious sleep, except for some of the old salts, they were used to it.   Just the pilots showing their love for us grunts.

Jack Countryman : 0:45 if you jump it would clip your scalp

Midnight Vibes : 2:23 When your squad is leaving for the party and you haven't gotten ready yet


Patrick R. : When she says she is home alone: 0:12

SixStringLove Guy : Back when I was a ships company on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, it was a brand new ship and it was heavily featured. We would have these one day cruises where you could bring your family on board for a day out on the ocean. They would mostly be in the hangar bay and flight deck where they could watch planes taking off and landing and they would have demos of helicopters shooting buoys and dropping rescue dirvers and that kind of thing. One of my favorites was when everyone was focusing out on the water, behind them an F-14 Tomcat would crank up to Mach 2 and come in from behind. All the sudden you would see the Tomcat come 100 feet off the deck in total silence, because it was outrunning the sound of it's own engines. But boy...when the sound did catch up, the boom it generated was just stunning. Scared the bejesus out of the civilians.

• Real Betis • : 1:30 that scared the shit out of me 😂👍

Robin 255 : 1:00 You can see the sound barrier.

arch angel : Respect to the pilots....awsome skills luv it

Stevenowski : You can always tell the Russian planes from the American planes very easily. The Russian planes have the diesel fuel plume behind them! 😉😂

Frosk hilarious : 2:03 the fatest jet for me

Gamer Guy : Gta online real life😂

MERT - : 0:44 Turkish Pilot 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷👍🏻

Melih Krbs : respect for soloTÜRK :) 0:46

Shithead McGee : I could literally watch 0:49 over and over again on repeat forever. :))

Ajoo 129 : Chill bro, they're just playing GTA

Bri Zack : 1:28 wish I could've seen it without him jumpin & 2:05 is meeeee

Rhonda Baker : Just That Loud & That one of a Kinda Coolest .🤗

JourneyOnSka8s : The new battlefield game looks very realistic....

Robert Usher : 00:57 You've been... thunderstruck!

Freddie Karlsson : Pause 0:46.. feels a bit risky?!!!!!

BagasLZ : He will get speeding ticket

Ryan Schildhauer : Yo the vid at 3:19 was stolen from my mom's Facebook, the bald guy in the vid is my grandpa...

Fly XO : That blue angels trick is classic. They distract you while another jet buzzes you from behind. Incredible to see in person.


Raktim Chatterjee : Lovely..!! the sound of these supersonic jets are enough to have your ears blasted..!! Awesome shots..!!

Rocky G : I can do this on BF2 😃😂😉😎😃.

Donald Schmenk : 0:43 soo low

Ernie Flannel : I went to an air show once. I saw lots of air.

Onur Karagül : 0:30 - Czech Republic 0:43 - Turkish Captain Yusuf Kurt - Waddington airshow

ჄႫႴ჻ : (2:35) is that the f111

zzodr : SU24 drivers know how to get down and dirty

Bandit : Insane to think humans thought making a spear was groundbreaking technology and now we have this.

EckerC : 0:45 ese es loco piloto turco...

Nathaniel de Labry : My ears are bleeding

Romeo W : 3:00 not a low pass but a landing approach.

Matar Extreme PC. : priceless

Valerei Renfro : Someone's been watching Top Gun too many times.

Musicmann1022 : I love it! as long as my hair has not been cut too short, I think those pilots are bad mother-bleepers. Wish I had the baseballs.

Emirhan Taban : 0:44 he's name is SoloTÜRK ! ❤🇹🇷❤