Joe Rogan Comforts A Very Sad Pauly Shore Supercut Edition

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Gents Scents : Pauly's looking pretty good for a 75 year old

Tim Travasos : It's sad because Pauly really doesn't know why no one wants to see him anymore.

jason gonzalez : “You’ll figure it out cocksucka” comforting words we all need to hear time to time.

Sayed Batshon : Pauly is proof that you can catch down syndrome.

Paid Troll Trolling : Pauly "I used to star in films" Shore

Christian Palmer : Dude i lost it when joe started laughing at him 😂😂😥

Enforcer 88 : This was basically the actual interview.

Tunesquad : Perfect edit. Is he that delusional? He talks about his old movies like he made The Godfather

Xavier Paquin : Rogan is slowly morphing into some kind of stocky fantasy dwarf

Negative Vortex : I'll personally kill you if you ever stop making these hahaha

Nick Bloom : Thank you. I always hated Pauly Shore, everything he has ever done is garbage

Sam Warren : Did Pauly like never get wind that his entire success was built on nepotism? He got gigs at one of the biggest comedy venues because his mom owned the place, not because he was ever any good.

O K : He wheezed too much juice.

karl jonson : "Mmmmmm..."

Andrew Blackmon : "I started mtv" stfu

Ray Der : The first laugh from Joe followed by that hmmm in the next shot, had me laughing my ass off.  Shame there wasn't a wider variety of footage for his reactions, but solid production.  The music, the timing, the zoom in, that "but anyways.." ending lol

James Burrus : I don't even like the JRE podcast anymore but I watch every supercut you make lmao

Joe Rusche : Brutal edit man...Fatality

Mark Rooney : Joe; why did it dry up ? The star; One of the reasons , was I was so big Joe: hahaha

Hey, Internet. Eric here : Maybe Joe keeps laughing because Pauly looks so much like Richard Simmons here

Tim : It was sad to see how delusional the Weasel is. That he thought he was a movie “star” 🤣🤣🤣

The Whip Set Productions : This is too good hahahaha!

utUBEr00001 : He was a mc at a musical festival I went to. He was booed every time he came on the mic.

I Mir : “But anyways....”

Hamez sb : Please feature Graham Hancock!

hyle : #SavePauly

cruxx : But anyways....

Jeremy Montes : JRE#1088 Bryan Callen you should definitely do one with this episode haha use the pig oink part definitely it comes in around the 03:01:44 mark of the video. Hahaha there's also a part where they are talking about cow milk and goat milk and Bryan comments on how the milk is thick creamy and delicious hahaha have a good day PINGTR1P

MrHEC381991 : Pauly "do you know who my mother is?" Shore.

Benjamin Hynes : Hahahah you just keep delivering. Excellent

MisterWite1 : Awwww... the world was much simpler when Pauly was a "success". Miss those days.

Dane DeMuth : This was such an awkward podcast hahaha.

Txpjfan : Why can’t I stop watching this?!

Marco Castro : lmfao! ! exhausted after a day of snow removal n for a sec getting bummed out,and this vid had me howling laughing! awesome work sir! thank you! jus when I needed it

D Ceased : Everything he's done stinks. He's a loser stuck living in the past. He should be glad Adam Sandler is putting him in anything.

julius Ceasar : "You'll figure it out cocksucka " *laughs at him* lmao.

Glitter : He has pictures of jimi hendrix and racist criminals behind him because he thinks it makes him cool.

DarkRenaissance2012 : Thanks PING for providing the air that we breathe ~

Adam Jensen : Pauly Shore is a mess.

Skywalker StyleAwkward : I LOL’d every time he LOL’d at his pain 😂😭

Sen. Skyburn : Can’t stop laughing

G.R, Dray : Pauly sad cause his dildo was stolen.

Jesse Campbell : For real though Polly was the man for like 12 years, MTV and movie after movie. It was a good time.

Adam Edwards : This came out so good.

Teddy Bear : The Military? Jury duty? Are those porn movies?

Bruce Lee : I was just thinking to myself yesterday “why isn’t Pauly Shore staring in more films?” ... then I just shrugged it off and thought “Ah that Cocksucka’ll figure it out!” 🤔

La Vida : Pauly Shore is a douche. I've met him. This video is hilarious.

Based God : I know this is a joke but that guy is so pathetic he looks and sounds like a guy going through his mid life crisis.

Miguel Torres : you’ll figure it out coksucka - joey diaz

overthehill91 : Pauly Shore was "so big?" For what? Bio Dome and Encino Man?