StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Stephen Hawking | Full Episode

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National Geographic : Stephen Hawking was arguably one of the greatest physicists of our generation. What are some of your favorite moments from Neil's interview with Stephen?

Harpinder Dhillon : *RIP STEPHEN HAWKING*

Q_Scope_Long Horn : May you lay in peace Stephen.

Harpinder Dhillon : Why This Video Is Not Available In *India*

Jay Littleton : Thank you NatGeo for making this available for all to watch.

Ian Katz-Mager : Thank you for making this available to us without paying for the episode. This is a dignified gesture that will return good will and sincere appreciation from the fans of Dr. Hawking.

Aleatha Vogel : I only have one comment: More scientific, astrophysical talk and less comedian.

Amy B : We’re all star dust anyway so return to the stars Dr. Hawking!

Ricardo Pena : It’s sad to see such an intelligent, determined, and funny man go. The scientific community, no, the world has lost a wonderful asset. You will be dearly missed Dr. Hawking.

Derek Madarasz : He had a beautiful smile while floating weightless on the zero gravity plane, it was easy to see the pure joy in his eyes. RIP to an extraordinary human.

pabobfin : I am happy that he was atheist and so outspoken about that.

Jose Jimenez : "People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining" - Stephen Hawking. This is my favorite quote from him. Thank you for your great contributions to humanity.

StudyingForLife : I have never been so confused yet be able to understand something in my life.

Wade : RIP the stars and beyond

Astronomer Ninety-One : RIP He died on pi day

Kimmy Awesomeness : I am heartbroken I never got to meet Stephen, but his work and legacy has left no one untouched. People come and go, but it is their ideas that are immortal, which will, in turn, inspire others to grow into new geniuses, and the cycle continues. Thank you, Stephen Hawking, for being such an inspiration by not letting forces out of your control stop you from doing what you love. You will live on in your work and in the lives you have touched.

bullsi20 : The “comedian” completely threw off the groove of this show. He is trying wayyyy too hard. It’s extremely obvious, obnoxious, and disrupts the timing and flow of this amazing interview and discussion...

Willow Graal : *Press F to pay respect*

Kimberly Thornton : May Stephen hawking rest in peace.

Myles Bishop : I'm sorry I'm not ok with Hawkings answer to what was before the Big Bang. Something sparked it all, Someone allowed something to be. But who am I right?

korey311 : Never thought I would see Neil look confused. RIP Stephen Hawking

Obiwan Kenobi : Rest in physics Stephen hawking

Andrew jaya Kantono : RIP Dr. Hawking

DogeeWhyPlay DogeeWhyPlay : Rest in peace Stephen Hawking

frnky : *Rest in peace*

Melvin olive : Scientist and mathematicians need to become politicians!

idk : Sad that we lost a brilliant mind but his work and findings will live on.

Will : Stephen Hawking brain was secretly uploaded to the cloud.

Ryan Toemmes : When I look up into the heavens and see all the galaxies spread afar millions and millions of light years away.... I know we aren’t alone... If we are here on earth as humans... They are out there undiscovered as Aliens on their own worlds.... I have a feeling they are communicating with us by some advanced method but we can’t listen with our technology as is... Think of it as being Exploring Space in the early 12 th century running around the world in Viking ships... Advanced Technology changes everything... We are at that point of space travel as were the Vikings exploring new worlds on earth long ago...


Richard Ingame : my ex wife was full of negative energy, that time traveling she wolf!

Cullen Hart : We are so lucky to have been alive during this mans lifetime. I wonder if hes left or right handed? Im curious if hes a righty using his logic side of the brain i wonder what he would be like if he was a lefty using the creative side of his mind.

Laura Iriarte : Professor Stephen Hawking: your mind blow my mind, your strength inspires me, your heart touched my soul, God bless you. Rest in peace.<3

Syd Alan : ..... Certainly not Donald Trump.... lol that made my year 2018! RIP S Hawking.

Ann : RIP Stephen Hawking, you will be forever missed. Thank you for your discoveries.

ibeg0ht : "Certainly not Donald Trump" haha get em Stephen. I like the smile he gave when he said that too.

Chris schlong : Why the end of the show hella sound like it was foreshadowing his passing? Like from the part where he asks for "something to take with us" all the way to where he says perhaps our bodies don't matter just our thoughts and dreams.

jim peterson : the average human I.Q. just dropped by 100. lol RIP Stephen Hawking your insight and understanding to life and beyond will never be forgotten. return to the stars as we all will one day.

literally every damn dee video : The goat

Gut Instincts Podcast : Gravity is a Theory. Not proven at all actually. It's all Electro Magnetism / Energy / Mass & Density.

loopje : lmao the woman hates michio

Lexa Terrestrial : further into the future - the sun might swallow the earth.. it will expand so much and just suck the earth up... they don't mention that. So yeah we can likely survive the next 100 years.. but the next billion...? yeah we better start colonizing space

WebZ : Goodbye Stephen, have fun floating around in space.

Cakes for good : Rip Stephen Hawking

Jason Glisson : Thank you for sharing this Neil. Watching it now. Hawking was an amazing individual and a brilliant mind.

AlwaysWrenchin : your incredible

infamous420 hip hop : R.I.P STEPHEN

Muffinmanerino Ealgerino : Disarming North Korea... looks like Hawking was wrong about Trump lol

Yocelin Guzman : Never give up.

Adam Cochran : How do we make a black hole?!