Men in Black The Series (intro)

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JaxBlade : I'll always remember that Iconic Swagger walk :)

Zen Brown : The coolest thing Will Smith ever did without having anything to do with it

Ramk0core : Ah the 90's cartoons. Back when it was required the intro theme to be just as badass as the show itself.

mechashadow : Am I the only one who couldn't get the Aliens dancing in the suspect line out of my head since I was a kid? Way more memorable than that strut..

Ricardo Parente : This show. Look, this show, it was amazing. As a kid-teen, watching this, I did not only get my nerdy side satisfied, I also got a ton of lessons, like "Never assume, never judge, Listen and Learn". One episode that hit the nail was The Alpha Syndrome, where one alien had one of his hearts stolen - his species has two, but can survive with one just fine - and *J* says something like _'So he's cool, we take the afternoon off.'_, to which _*_K_*_ replies _'You have ten toes, wake up with just nine, how would __*__you_*_ feel?'_ The, again, same episode, *J* comments on how many Agents are assigned to the case, thinking he's some one important, and *K*, obviously, goes: _"He's an alien, they're all important"_ Brilliant.

Joydeep Singha : When cartoon network used be dark.

Michael Campbell : This series was SO underrated...

Kokoboi : the height of human achievement

Sonion ring : This looks like one of those extremely violent anime OVAs from the nineties.

Joan Ardon : Dayum, this song is so groovy and mysterious at the same time, super chilling...

Smol Loki : I love the art style.

Sirdavitian : That shit was so good!


Ryan Cox : I would watch the show just for that opening.

Chris P. : 0:30 Agent L was sexy

ZDeadfallout Xx : 0:10 My Swag O' is broken One of the reasons I was in love with this show

Mizuumi-san : damn 90's.... feels like yesterday

menslady125 : :'(....I MISS MY CHILDHOOD!

Daisy Malarkey : This looked so dark and badass for a kids tv show, and I'm glad I got to grow up watching this 🙏

Ярослав Пережогин : Как же это было охрененно! Особенно ёбаный синтезатор в середине ролика! Он блять божественен!

Beastmodebrony And wwe : Holy, shit the nostalgia. God I miss the 90s

Ejhecatzil Inukaze : This show was really good

Reid Gerholdt : I kinda wanna see the men in black fight xenomorphs.

batman4587 : They need to put all the episodes on DVD already.

Joydeep Singha : I miss these cartoons.

spectreshadow : This intro is soo dammn badass

The GloryXros : Back when we could get quality Openings for cartoons that didn't cut it off at a ridiculous 30 seconds....

TheBigBadGRIM : Why does this remind me of the Batman Beyond intro so much? :P

Mgtow Messiah : Damn time needs to slow down. I miss the 90's!

please unsubscribe : Gotta love that creepy late 90's/early 2000's cartoon vibe.

CvnDqnrU : Too cool for me to handle

RM r : ilove that sexy walking of k and J

Caramel Coke™ : criminally underrated my god-!

Rosonett : This was my childhood, and the first time I came across with something related to Aliens. I just love this show

kiesha86 : coolest intro ever

tnerb tnerb : Easily one of the best cartoon intros ever put to screen.

WolfgangLMclain : Can I get an hour long loop of this?

Judas McSwell : give me.. sugar

Akai Appuru : Кто пришел после выпуска Культаса пересматривать интро?)

Seph Angelo : This is what kids deserve to watch, not no Spongebob or Steven Universe crap. Better overall characters and storyline.

jon kidd : this was the shit

Suman Raju : This was such a badass intro back in the days

Scerttle : Friggen rad opening with friggen rad music.

DaveSwayer : What a great theme, definitely kills Will Smith MIB soundtrack!

Chelsea Kirk : What's with J looking all serious? Lol

nia wilson : that intro is epiccc!!

Sam McSamfin : That line up Bit😂

King of Hearts : This Intro is like telling you fear the unknown.

Kyle Jones : I miss this show so much.

Devin Casebeer : I miss when kids shows were dark and violent like this.