I Tried Living in My Car for a 7 Days (and this what happened)
I tried living in my car for a week and this is what happened

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I tried to live in my car for a week and in the end, I decide if I want to do it permanently. What are your thoughts on living in a car? YOU GUYS! I’m so proud of this video. Not only did it change my perspective on everything but I also spent a lot of time editing. I’ve never spent so much time on anything in my life. If you enjoyed this PLEASE support the video and comment/share/like. Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! I really appreciate it. Katie Carney's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/katiewasheredotcom Follow me around! Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/joeyvallone97 Support My Channel! paypal.me/jvallone97


Katie Carney : ❤️❤️❤️ This. Is. AMAZING!

Marian McAfee : Prepare your car and yourself before you arrive to sleep for the night. When you park, the windows are ready and so are you. Looks less obvious.

Lisa Piekos : So glad you made it through your first night. I have been watching Katie's videos and she has inspired me to travel and stay in my car while doing it. Keep up the videos.

Reba Miran : Stay positive man....I know it must be a challenge but I’m going try it out for a week as well..❤️ and yeah Katie is the best

Cassie Jones : I need to do videos. I've lived in my car for a week. It is so comfy for me.

YoungGenerationGaming : This felt so incredibly professional! I felt like I was watching a proper television series! Twas fun to follow your experience, the final night stressed out me out a little XD And just as a little editor note: you did AMAZING! However the clip directly after the final night, when you talking about how you went to school an chic-fil-a, it wasn’t synced properly. But other than that slight mistake, everything was entertaining and I hope everything goes well! Edit: I was typing out my comment after first loading the video, and did not see Joey’s comment when I pointed out the mistake XD it currently looks like he posted his comment about it, and then I completely ignored it and decided to call him out XD

雨rain : brahhh, I choke on water tooo! lmao. Thanks for this video. I've been looking for video's of people living in their car for the very first time just to get a sense of how they cope and deal with the emotional side of it. It's beneficial to see how people face these initial challenges!! Helps me feel more comfortable for when I move into my car!! Thanks so much!!!

Jazmin j : SO was someone tapping on your window?

androcles x : You need to put the back seats down and so you can lay down flat and hang curtains for privacy 👍🏻 that's how I'd do it anyway

can we hit 1k subscribers with 2 videos : I live in my car too in California hmu if u wanna meet up we can be parking neighbors lmao

Sadie Ann : Keep up the videos this was so fun to watch❤️

Yadira Bonilla : the idea is not crazy at all... it's actually very smart and that's just you being responsible! you made a great decision. good for you! :)

Athena G : Great video, Joey. Stay positive!

Susanne : Oh my god who was window tapping you?! Who even does that? 😅 I would freak but it is so cool that you are doing this! Subscribed and I hope there is more to come! You seem so sweet and i admire you for doing this!

10,000 Subs For a Pizza : Never seen this before for a small channel

tv : Black Opal is another college student living in mini van I subscribed as soon as you said Yes

Living In Your Car 2018 : This dude is a example of weapons grade stupidity

Marian McAfee : Congrats! Excited for you. ‼️

Arch Angel : 16:04 don’t cry sweet baby stay positive and enjoy your adventures you don’t have to be sad make the best of it

Lea Fleur : i like your video a lot!!✨

Robin Vale : More videos!!!