Living in My Car for a Week (what happened)

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Joey Vallone : I don’t know what happened to the audio at the end? It seems not all the way lined up with the video... anyways, the reason this only ended up being four days was because I had a family emergency and needed to go back home. Otherwise, I would’ve totally done it for a whole week.

Katie Carney : ❤️❤️❤️ This. Is. AMAZING!

YoungGenerationGaming : This felt so incredibly professional! I felt like I was watching a proper television series! Twas fun to follow your experience, the final night stressed out me out a little XD And just as a little editor note: you did AMAZING! However the clip directly after the final night, when you talking about how you went to school an chic-fil-a, it wasn’t synced properly. But other than that slight mistake, everything was entertaining and I hope everything goes well! Edit: I was typing out my comment after first loading the video, and did not see Joey’s comment when I pointed out the mistake XD it currently looks like he posted his comment about it, and then I completely ignored it and decided to call him out XD

Athena G : Great video, Joey. Stay positive!

Jazmin j : SO was someone tapping on your window?

androcles x : You need to put the back seats down and so you can lay down flat and hang curtains for privacy 👍🏻 that's how I'd do it anyway

Lisa Piekos : So glad you made it through your first night. I have been watching Katie's videos and she has inspired me to travel and stay in my car while doing it. Keep up the videos.

can we hit 1k subscribers with 2 videos : I live in my car too in California hmu if u wanna meet up we can be parking neighbors lmao

Reba Miran : Stay positive man....I know it must be a challenge but I’m going try it out for a week as well..❤️ and yeah Katie is the best

Marian McAfee : Prepare your car and yourself before you arrive to sleep for the night. When you park, the windows are ready and so are you. Looks less obvious.

Sadie Ann : Keep up the videos this was so fun to watch❤️

Lea Fleur : i like your video a lot!!✨

Yadira Bonilla : the idea is not crazy at all... it's actually very smart and that's just you being responsible! you made a great decision. good for you! :)

Susanne : Oh my god who was window tapping you?! Who even does that? 😅 I would freak but it is so cool that you are doing this! Subscribed and I hope there is more to come! You seem so sweet and i admire you for doing this!

Marian McAfee : Congrats! Excited for you. ‼️

Robin Vale : More videos!!!

Living In Your Car 2018 : This dude is a example of weapons grade stupidity